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    I'm not sure that anyone has ever had the ground game that Obama has.

  • Yea, me neither.  I figured that once the craziness of the primaries were over, the site would come together and work toward a democratic victory in November but that hasn't happened.  People just keep bickering about 'PUMAs' or whatever they're called and not really moving forward.  I've mostly given up on this place.

  • Heck, I grew up in NJ and there was plenty of racism there.  No need to go all the way to Texas to find it.

  • I'm not sure which RedState that you've been reading but the one that I've read is as loony as they come.  Intellectually Honest?  Really?

  • Allegheny County as a whole will support the Democrat, I'm sure of that.  Kerry won 57% in 2004 and Gore won 56% in 2000.

  • Wow! Up 12 points in PA!  Sometimes I don't give my state enough credit, way to go guys.  I'd like to see a county-by-county breakdown of those results.  I mean, I know that Allegheny and Philadelphia countys support Obama but how is he doing in the rural counties and smaller cities?  It would make me very happy to so PA prove Carville wrong and have the middle of the state come out for Obama.

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    I'm not trying to elect a black man president.  I'm trying to elect Sen. Barack Obama president.  The fact that he would be the first black president is very cool but not central to why I'm supporting him.

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    Cool photo even though it's still painful to see the inside of that Arena after the Stanley Cup.

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    So, can MyDD go a single day without a Hillary Diary?  Most of the rest of the blogs have moved on and are talking about Obama vs. McCain, the folks actually running for election this year.  Can we do the same or are we going to be talking about Hillary in October?

  • I'd agree.  Living in Pennsylvania, I thought that Hillary ran the worst, most divisive campaign.  My wife who defended Hillary to anyone's jokes or criticism for years, got so turned off by her rhetoric here that she ended up supporting Obama. The last straw was a flyer that we got in the mail that only had pictures of Obama on it and lines from his "bitter" gaff but nothing at all about Hillary and only a little line on one side that said "Hillary for President"  

    I hadn't told my wife at that point that I was rooting for Obama because I knew that she really "wanted the girl to win" (her phrasing) and I didn't want to push her either way.  She surprised me by saying how mad she was at Hillary for being so negative and that she was supporting Obama.

  • I like Bill but he was really a very right of center president. Most of his biggest 'accomplishments' were very Republican: NAFTA, welfare 'reform', defense of marriage act, don't ask - don't tell. I really want a Democratic president that stands for Democratic ideals.
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    This is really one of the silliest diaries that I've read here.  The fact that it's been on the rec list all day is hilarious.  

    She is more resonant, more consequential and a massively more potent force in US politics than she was when this race started.

    That makes no sense at all.  When the race started she was the front runner and perceived as being all but invincible.  Now that it's done, she's the loser who embarrassed herself trying far too hard and for too long to win an un-winnable race.  I started out rooting for her back in the fall and ended up feeling so sad for her that I couldn't bear to watch her speeches without cringing. She spent every little bit of good will and political capital that she had and ended up making a fool out herself and her supporters.

    I'll admit that her endorsement speech was heartfelt and gracious but it only went a little way toward mending the damage that her ego driven campaign wrought over the last six months.  I'm sorry if I'm being a little harsh here but there's only so long that people here can ignore the facts.

  • I keep thinking, "OK, MyDD is finally going to get it's act together and get focused on winning the general", and I keep getting disappointed.  The primaries have been over for weeks now and people on this site just want to re-hash them forever.  I'm not sure if it's tragic or farcical but whatever, it's a sad state for one of the pioneer sites of liberal blogging to be in.

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  • Umm, I hate to break this to you but Sen. Clinton is not actually running anymore. Did you write this diary three months ago but forgot to hit "post" until today?


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