Early Voting

Polls have already opened here in Georgia, although in limited quantities, usually one per county.    They have now been open for 2 weeks.
I am planning on going out to vote on Friday as I am off of work that day.

I wanted to open a diary to see who else is going out to vote early?  

I think that this is going to help us out a lot because it cuts down on lines at the polls and also give people more time to resolve problems, especially now that Georgia requires photo ID to vote.

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More troops needed in Afghanistan

Wow, have you seen MSNBC.com today?  Breaking news is  that the commander in Afghanistan is saying that he needs more troops "as quickly as possible" 

While it is a bad thing that Bush/McCain have mishandled the war on terror, this is a good thing because it shows that Obama really knows what is needed to help solve problems overseas.

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