• I agree.  This is unfair to Fillmore and Harrison who should be above Bush.  Heck, even Harding is probably should be above Bush.

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    I agree.  All he needs to do is show up and he will win re-election.  He might not be getting money figuring that other GOP Senators might need it more than him.
    The only thing that could hurt him would be getting caught in bed with a dead hooker or a live boy, and I am not so sure a dead hooker would really be a game-ender.
  • rep. Tauscher can do whatever she wants, but if you think Nancy Pelosi it going to bring this to the floor in the first 100 days, I think you would be mistaken.  

    The Public is expecting the Democrats to focus on the economy, and the Democrats need to follow through.

    I have a feeling something will probably happen before the summer break when things are slowing down.

  • What I mean by that is Obama can not just make a Presidential decree.   He needs to direct Congress to spend time working on that legislation.

    At this time Obama needs to direct Congress to legislate on the economy.  He needs to be telling them what new initiatives they need to pass.

    the statement is not contradictory.

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    Because DADT is now an act of Congress, it will take an act of Congress to overturn it.  With the economy in major turmoil, Obama needs to spend his time working on getting economic changes made during the first 100 days.

    If you look at the polls, the public is firmly behind his vision.   We need to get these changes done now while the GOP is on the defensive.  After he spends a few months on the economy, than he can focus on other issues, including DADT.

  • You are the one who had to add the "So much for no drama." snark at the end, which of course is one of the many rallying calls of the PUMA.

    If you strictly wanted to post this as a recent news story, you could have done so without the snark.

  • Exactly.  Why are we putting a PUMA post as the top story here.  The fact that this has been handled so quickly shows there is no drama.   Drama would have been other stories breaking and then the withdrawal after 8 days of bad news.

  • I was this vicious against Bush.  I think the crimes that he and Cheney committed were High Treason.  I do think that the two of them should be hanged in Lafayette Square and their bodies left to rot, but we all know that is not going to happen.

  • BTW I still believe that you are innocent until guilty.  Blago is still a free man and has every right to remain so.   However, I think that leaders of our nation need to be held to a higher standard than average citizens.  Therefore he should resign his office while this cloud hangs over his head.  Especially when the charges against him are of corruption and abuse of power.

  • The issue is now that Burris is also a craven scuzball politician, undeserving of any praise.

    Two weeks ago he was all for getting rid of Blago post haste, now that he has a Senate appointment he wants all that to slow down and keeps up the issue that Blago needs his day in court.

    give me a break.  Anybody who considers themselves progressive should be disgusted with the actions of Burris and should not want him respresenting them.    We need honest and ethical leaders, not sleezy cockroaches like these two bozos.

    Again, I will point to Spitzer.  What he did was far less offensive than what Blago has done and Spitzer did the right thing for New York by resigning.     This appointment will be an albatross around the necks of the Senate Democrats if it goes forward.  If Burris has any integrity he will withdraw his name from consideration by the end of the day.  

  • We need to stay united AGAINST this appointment.   Nobody should be seated who accepts an appointment from Blago.  Not only will that person be irreparably tainted, but so will all Democrats who support them.

    This is going to be the perfect opening salvo from the GOP against the Democrats in 2010.  

    I am sorry, but Burris can not be a good guy if he is so happy to accept an appointment from Blago.     He should have said, Thanks but no thanks and done so publically.

    I am sorry, but I will not work with corrupt people, even if they are Democrats.  We need to keep showing the American people that we do not accept this garbage.   Our people take responsibility for their errors.   See how Spitzer resigned, but Vitter refused to.  

    We need to keep the stink of corruption fully on the GOP and away from us.

    So no go on this appointment.

  • I agree.  I know it is tough for those small businesses who gave goods and services and are waiting to be paid, but it pisses me off that Mark Penn is in line for $5 million.  What good did he do the Democratic Party, or Hillary this campaign?

    With the economy in the shape that it is in, it is disgusting that he is still up for this much money.  And you wonder why people hate politicians.

    Are campaigns allowed to accepted directed funds?  Can the donors say that the money they give needs to pay off any vendor put Penn?

  • I agree.  Obama has made it clear that this appointment should not stand.  So I guess that Rush thinks this will make Obama racist?   Maybe because Obama's mother was White, Rush does not think Obama is Black enough.

    Anyway, if Burris really wanted to gain support, he should have told Blago NO.  The fact that he gladly accepted it and even appeared at the news conference with Blago shows to me that he might not be all that upstanding.  This is pretty much a guaranteed way to give this seat to the GOP in 2010.

    At this point, if Burris wants the seat, he should run for it in an open election.

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    Yes I would.  If he has any integrity he will say that he would not accept an appointment by Blago.  This is not that hard to figure out.

    If he is such a good guy, let the appointment take place after Blago is impeached and have it done by the new governor.

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    Anyone who accepts an appointment from Blago should not sit in the Senate.   The Democrats should make it clear that they will refuse to seat him.   Who cares what color his skin is.   If he accepts an appointment from Blago, then he is obviously morally bankrupt and has no business taking over this seat.


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