Florida Democrats' Fundraising

Sorry, I've already posted today but this is something I've got to share. I'll post later on why the Florida Democratic Party is the most needy state party in terms of reform later. But today, I'd like to showcase their 2003-2004 fundraising:

Check out this link:

http://www.publicintegrity.org/partyline s/overview.aspx?act=con4&cycle=2004& amp;col=1

Out of all the contributions raised in Florida, only 30% was raised for Democrats. Only Mississippi and Wyoming were worse.

Florida is probably the most critical swing state and is the key to winning elections in 2008 and beyond. Only 30%! the Florida Democrats need to get their friggin' act together. Jesus.

UPDATE: In 2005, the FDP did better, but in the final quarter of 2005, Democrats raised over a million dollars (good for the FDP) but the Republicans raised 7 TIMES that amount.

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