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    Possible, but unlikely.

    It's more likely the still modestly true stat that more moms stay home than dads... and those dads'll vote after work.

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    The gender ratio was 59% female, 41% male.

    Steady, folks.  The smart money still says it's going to be a late night.

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    Fairly light crowd this morning at the public school across the street.

    I was able to vote several times!!!

    No voter suppression here, my friends!

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    And a repeat of last year's electoral college/popular vote split due to enormous turnout generally.

    Ohio and Florida will go Bush.

    This baby could end up in the courts again, the way the polls look.

    The weekend polling is so unreliable, it's almost impossible to get a real read.

    The Fox poll was the most amazing of all -- what are they up to... maybe trying to scare their base to the polls?


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