Harry Reid vs. John Ensign, Round Two, in 2008

Democrats taking over senate control sets up an intriguing rematch, of sorts, in 2008.

I'm not sure it's well known that John Ensign of Nevada is slated to be chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, meaning he'll be in charge of raising cash, recruiting candidates, and in general directed to reclaim the senate.

That puts Ensign head up against Reid, trying to oust Reid as majority leader. The two faced each other in 1998, a stride for stride race with incumbent Reid holding on by roughly 400 votes, including a long statewide hand recount, paid for by the GOP before punch card recounts were equal protection atrocity.

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Sorry, Bush and Rove, fear has declined since September

Are you scared?

Pollsters don't ask that basic question. Actually, they do, with slightly more finesse.

I realize we don't like Strategic Vision (R) around here, but they've had one question that has fascinated me all year:

"Do you expect another terrorist attack within the United States in the next six months?"

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NV-GOV: Gibbons' accuser to defend herself in press conference

This is just the break Dina Titus needed. I've been anticipating it ever since Jim Gibbons' wonderfully stuffy officer and a gentleman presser last Thursday. A blurb today in the Las Vegas Review Journal says lawyers for Chrissy Mazzeo indicate she will hold a press conference Wednesday to defend herself.


If Mazzeo comes across as sincere, specific and credible there is potential for huge ongoing coverage and further scrutiny of Gibbon's version of what happened on October 13. Titus was basically hamstrung by the issue, unable to use it effectively in commercials since Mazzeo declined to press charges. The final debate last Friday was after the story broke but not televised in Las Vegas, and with only vague reference in one question to the incident. Titus has been lagging in the womens vote and independent vote compared to Democrats with poll leads, so this issue potentially impacts both areas.

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