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    What's the point of targeting Lieberman if we are going to sit back and allow another GOP suck up into the Senate?

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    I thought Russ was a tad too serious and should work on his sense of irony. He's still far warmer than Wes Clark and shows promise for becoming the Anti-Hillary, Anti-DLC nominee in 2008.

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    Senator For Life Clinton is a shoo in to become the first woman Majority Leader of the Senate in 2008. More power to her for reigning in Bill's twisted ambition for his spouse and seeking her own future.

  • Scroll down to Interpreting Horowitz's various projects:

    Several foundations pour millions ($13.7m through 2003) into the Horowitz projects, and these range from ultra-right-wing The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, John M. Olin Foundation, to the notorious extreme-right-wing Scaife Foundations [14].

    Why would these foundations support Horowitz's hateful and corrosive operations? There is one clue in the funding list where one finds the John M. Olin Foundation contributing $15,000 to "support a public opinion study directed by Frank Luntz." Now, Frank Luntz is a pollster and propagandist for the Republican Party and Fortune 100 companies, but in addition, one of his main preoccupations is defending Israel's image abroad. Luntz is a proponent of what Zionists call hasbara, i.e., an aggressive propaganda campaign to whitewash Israel's image in the US [15]. So, from the funding sources we can surmise that pro-Israeli propaganda is one of the purposes of Horowitz's projects.

    Furthermore, given the nature of the right-wing funding groups
    behind his projects one can theorize about the projects' purposes, and these can be categorized as: (1) pushing the envelope and narrowing the political spectrum; (2) an echo chamber effect; (3) smearing critics of the US imperial role and Israel; (4) a ratcheting of smears, and (5) "mirror flak".

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    Chris Bowers, Kos and the blogosphere did not fail. They made a mistake in judgment that even in retrospect can be viewed as pragmatic. Let's be realistic. The blogosphere does not have the resources or the power to buck the influence and resources of the Democratic Party establishment.

    Rahm Emmanuel is the loser. Emmanuel put his credibility on the line and his candidate lost.

    Bob Casey will be the next major failure of the Democratic apparatchiks. Precisely the same result is highly likely in Pennsylvania. When Casey loses to Santorum the DLC will be politically humiliated and will have no one else to blame.

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    Since there is no law authorizing illegal wiretapping on American citizens, there is no law to consult. That is absolutely a settled matter.

    How could censure backfire?

    if the surveillance program remains popular

    Remains popular? That is an errant assumption. Is there a constituency of Americans who support illegal spying on American citizens?

    If something bad is happening, pass a law to stop it.

    Congress cannot pass a law. A law can only be "passed" with the signature of the President. Why on earth would Bush sign a law that confirms he is a criminal?

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    Just think. We could look forward to President Jenna, President Chelsea and President Not-Jenna.

  • Tucker Carlson is an ass.

    What did asses ever do to you? What a despicable insult to the noble gluteus maximus, which after all performs a vital and necessary function.

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    Just a thought.

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    Congress could secure an undeniably superior level of protection for the justice's immortal souls.

    Any spawn of Satan succubus who dons the black silken arrogance of the judcial caste is doomed to eternal damnation. That's why they are invariably in such miserable wretches. They know they have sold their soul for an earthly pittance, which explains their foul demeanor.

    Antonin Scalia is a direct descendant of the Prince of Darkness.

    I'll check out your sequential approval voting experiment. Any voting system with a name like that can't be all bad.

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    I'm sure that Feingold will be delighted to see me. Why are Democrats upset at being called spineless? Do they still think it is some kind of secret?

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    John Stewart: "Why are Democrats running away from censuring Bush?

    Russ Feingold: Censure is a mild resolution for a President who has ignored Congress and made up his own law.

    Feingold: You have to call Republicans on their mistakes and the rule of law.

    JS: What's the real issue?

    RF: We don't know everything about Bush's wiretapping program. There is no valid legal reason for wiretapping Americans and everybody knows it. You can't just make up your own law.

    JS: Censure feels like an attempt at accountability. Even if it's just symbolic I appreciate your effort and I hope your colleagues allow you to eat at the lunch table.

    RF: We need public financing of elections.

    JS: Here's my idea. We go back to the Supreme Court and say that money no longer equals free speech.

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    Kevin Phillips has been leading the charge against faux conservatism for quite some time. I recommend any of his books for a refreshing and genuine conservative critique of what passes for conservatism in contemporary American politics.

    It is high time conservatives realized their movement has been hijacked by corporatist imposters. Now if we could just get the faux Democratic corporatists cleaned out of the Democratic Party it may not be too late for America to recover from the Clinton/Bush dynasties that have deformed American politcs.

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    The poverty rate fell on average 0.58 percent each year of Democratic administrations, while poverty rose on average 0.036 percent each year of Republican administrations

    So called "anti-poverty" programs are for the benefit of bourgie middle class Americans, not the working poor.

    The slightly over one half of one percent reduction in poverty during Democratic administrations is largely an incidental side effect of other policies of the Democratic Party. Aside from the Great Society during the Johnson administration the attention of the Democratic Party to reducing poverty has been primarily lip service and feel good symbolism.

    Most "anti-poverty" programs are actually programs to provide middle class jobs to government employees so they can buy middle class homes and nice cars. Very little "anti-poverty" money trickles down to the working poor and destitute.

    A perfect example is food stamps. Working poor and destitute Americans who receive food stamps are not allowed to purchase tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo or laundry detergent with their food stamps. The result is that many of the poorest of poor Americans have poor hygiene. Because they have bad teeth and smelly clothes the rest of us can look down our noses at them in contempt and feel superior to people who have been described as the lumpen proletariat.

    The record of the Democratic Party since Clinton is replete with hostility towards the working poor. Clinton's pledge to "end poverty as we know it" resulted in increased contempt for working poor Americans and furthered the Republican agenda to politically marginalize poor Americans.

    MBNA Joe Biden's "Bankruptcy Reform" bill demonstrated that the Democratic Party has been just as effectively captured by corporate interests as the Republican Party has been. The contemporary Democratic Party has absolutely nothing to offer poor Americans except lip service and precious little of that.

    The Democratic Party has not even proposed any substantive support for middle class Americans or unions in the last twenty years.

    Buddah Challenge I: Name three programs that the Democratic Party has even proposed in the last twenty years to help either the working poor or unions.

    Buddah Challenge II: Name three programs that any of the current crop of Democratic presidential nominees have proposed as a plank on their websites that specifically address the needs of poor working class Americans.

  • Caring about patients has everything to do with supporting universal health care for all Americans. Whatever work physicians and physicians groups have done has been incredibly ineffective hasn't it?

    The medical profession has been corrupted by material self interest and is incapable of policing itself to control medical malpractice. The discipline system for doctors is a pathetic joke entirely deserving of ridicule. For every good doctor who is working to reform America's cruel health care system there are ten feeding at the trough and rolling in the filthy lucre of exorbitant fees.

    Nurse's are underpaid and overworked. Doctors, as a whole, are overpaid and exceptionally greedy.


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