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    Obama is no friend of progressive Democrats. Obama is a DLC/Rahm Emanuel tool, which he demonstrated by actively campaigning and fundraising for Duckworth. Now he is doing the same for Lieberman.

    Your false dichotomy about Dennis Kucinich is equally unpersuasive. You know nothing.

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    You are far too kind dayspring. I haven't heard Kerry defending or campaigning for Joe Lieberman. Kerry is the rock of Gilbralter compared to Obama.

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    Democrats really suck, but not nearly as much as Republicans.

    If the Democratic Party was honest, they would even have to admit that those ten words define their real program. The Democratic leadership has utterly failed to boldly criticize the politicaly failure commonlyl known as the Bush administration, they have failed to offer the American people a positive alternative to the GOP's failure.

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    Where in the world is Carmen Electra?

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    Is Hillary trying to out Lieberman Joe Lieberman? What Democratic primary demographic is Hillary appealing to by following Marshall Whitman's lead on a hawkish foreign policy7

  • Your description is quite accurate blues. The sense of entitlement of developers and other wealthy welfare recipients meshes with the bureaucratic insensitivity of the bored children of upper middle class parents.        

    Your comment about teaching the children is quite interesting. I've been getting noticed by the Latino High School crowd, because I stand out from the rest of the homeless Americans with a 2003 Hyundai, $75 cigarette lights and $25 Cross ink pens. I'm actually quite fortunate compared to most homeless Americans.

    I look at the families with children lining up for dinner and have to cringe at the thought of trying to deal with children on top of everything else. My situation is a cakewalk compared to theirs.

  • I wish you good luck

    Thanks Curt. It's all over but the shoutin'. I contacted the Governor's Constituent Services office and they put me through to the office of the head honcho of the EDD. I talked to a top staffer and my first check will definitely arrive by Tuesday, more likely Monday. I've received permission to immediately fax, rather than mail, my next claim form and suspect I might even receive my second check for $880 next week as well.

    I was led to a paralegal who is more knowledgeable in Landlord/Tenant law than any attorney I have talked to. Neither the landlord, City of Anaheim or the State of California have a defense. There is very little question I will be filing suit against all three later this month.

    I'm going to suggest that we move straight to settlement. There is absolutely no question about liability.

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    Following my usual practice when publishing a smackdown diary, I will be sending an email to Governor Deadbeat on Monday morning to inform him and his staff of my dissatisfaction with the performance of his EDD. Since I am unemployed and the director of the EDD is obviously too incompetent or too stupid to run his department properly, I anticipate applying for his job in the very near future.

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    throwing elections in order to "send a message" to the party simply DOES NOT WORK.

    It may not work immediately, but the only way to change a political party is to damage the status quo politicos. In point of fact, the only way that a political party has ever changed has been in reaction to outside forces. The Democratic Party contained a sizeable contingent of Dixiecrats in the 60's. The party wasn't changed by polite requests to do the right thing. It was only the moral force of MLK and more radical forces that compelled the party to change.

    In point of fact, a political party has never been changed from within.

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    And didn't you love the Sherrod Brown quote in the AP piece?

    It just takes us off discussions we ought to be having in this country on issues that really matter in people's lives.

    Feingold is getting exactly the same treatment Howard Dean did during the primary and after he was selected to chair the DNC. So called Moderate Dems are much better at opposing Democrats from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party than they are at opposing Republicans. Then after they all take potshots at Dems who have the political courage to actually stand for something, they accuse liberal and progressive Dems of starting a circular firing squad for having the temerity to respond to their attacks.

    The Democratic Party leadership is a bad joke told ad nauseum. Did you hear the one about why the Democratic chicken couldn't cross the road?

    He got stuck in the middle of the road because he couldn't remember if he was coming or going.

  • The Dems and MyDD should fall in line behind Rahm's national security credentials with his extensive background in investment banking. What do Rep. Murtha and Gen. Zinni know about national security and military preparedness anyway?
     The mess in Iraq was so unpredictable.
  • From the L.A. Times article:

    A Fox News poll this month showed the war in a statistical tie with spending and taxes as voters' top concerns heading into election season. And 50% of respondents to a recent Newsweek poll said they would like to see Democrats take control of Congress; 34% said they would like to see it remain in Republican hands.

    Query: Are voters concerned that taxes for billionaires are still too high?

    The time is way over due for Democrats to start filibustering tax cuts for billionaires or at the very least make a few objections to unanimous consent in the Senate.  Dems should be hammering GOPers on excessive tax cuts for the wealthy, out of control pork barrel spending and Bush's incompetent mis-management of his little war in Iraq.

    I've been a little busy lately. Has Harry Reid shown any willingness to oppose Bush and the GOP on anything yet?

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    Westley is like a Cream Cheese Bagel.

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    Both sides are an embarassment to flaming bags of poop.

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    But the thing is, I had no other information about the race from Cegelis's side.  I can't just fly to IL-06 and check out the district, I can't afford it.

    I have the same problem with your criticism of Michael in Chicago that I do with Jerome not blogging about Warner. Since Jerome stopped providing information about Warner there has not been a credible or authoritative source of information about Warner. I can slam Warner to my heart's desire and there is no one capable of defending him or his positions.

    In the case of a House seat the problem is even more magnified. What other source of credible information should we rely on if candidate supporters, either paid or un-paid are suspect? The local paper? The NY Times? Maybe the LA Times will start covering House races in the Mid-west so I can stay informed. Right.

    Michael in Chicago was placed in an untenable position by the false dilemma and unreasonable standard that Jerome has set by refusing to blog for Warner. His answers were both accurate and sufficient about his role in the Cegelis campaign. How was Michael in Chicago's role, insights or opinions any more suspect than Emmanuel, the DLC, Obama or Durbin? Why should bloggers be held to a higher standard than paid political operatives for the DLC and Democratic Party?

    Are we supposed to believe that none of the anonymous DLC trolls who participate at MyDD and Dkos are paid staffers? Give me a break. The standard Jerome set by not blogging for Warner compels bloggers to compete with one hand tied behind their back.

    I complained vociferously when Jerome was intimidated into not blogging about Warner even though it is highly unlikely I could ever be persuaded to support Warner. We need to allow paid staffers to compete on an even playing field with paid Democratic Party staffers.


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