• The Democratic Party doesn't have a backbone, because it no longer has a heart and a soul. The Democratic leadership has sold out to corporate America, right along with the GOP.

    The Democratic Party doesn't need a platform or priorities. What the Democratic Party needs is a clean sweep of DLC and Blue Dog Democrats. We can't [Take Back America https:/secure.ourfuture.org/tba06] until we Take Back The Democratic Party:

    My answer is that only a political party as large and resourceful as the Democrats could have the power to re-institute exit polling, and catch scams like the voter-list purges Jeb Bush used to steal the 2000 and 2002 elections for himself and his brother.

    And the Democratic Party can only do it if we, in massive numbers, join it, embrace it, and ultimately gain a powerful and decisive voice in its policy-making and selection of candidates.

    We can only take back the Democratic Party by opposing Democrats like Lieberman, Emanuel and Clinton.

  • I'm calling Bullshit! The Cegelis/Duckworth primary proved that the Democratic Party leadership is more committed to corporate donors than the grass/netroots. Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton and the DLC are the enemy of progressive reform.

  • What's the point of taking back the House or the Senate if the Democratic Party is being run by DLC Democrats?

  • Six House seats! Wow! Six more votes in the House and $1.35 will get you a bus ride in Los Angeles.

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    The "Middle Class" is too vague, undescriptive and amorphous to grab the attention of voters. Republicans will also pay lip service to helping the "Middle Class."

    The natural Democratic demographic is working men and women who are struggling to support themselves and their families. The cost of putting a roof over your head, feeding your family and providing for the future of your children is being highlighted by the rising cost of a gallon of gas. Working Americans are working harder and longer to provide the very same level of financial stabliity, or financial instability, that is necessary to keep their heads about water.

    Another potent issue is time to spend with their family. Surveys and polls of American workers consistently show that they would trade less pay for more leisure time. Check out Table 2 and Table 3 of this 2002 Harris poll. In 1973 the median hours worked was 41 and median leisure hours were 26 per week. In 2002 the median work hours were 47 and the median leisure hours were 20. Americans are working more and enjoying their life less.

    Unfortunately, I don't believe the Democratic leadership gives a damn about working Americans. When push comes to shove Joe Biden Democrats and Corporate America pull the strings of the Democratic Party.

  • Why not? Emanuel and Clinton are both yesterday's news. For some bizarre reasons of their own they have chosen to march to the beat of the Conservative Reactionary Wing of the Democratic Party.

    Out with the old. In with the new.

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    They should see Annatopia before she's had her morning coffee.  

  • I had a little chat with Patrick Henningan, the Director of the California EDD last week. I don't believe I will have any more difficulty receiving my unemployment checks. I'm wrapping up a few loose ends and then I'm going to be showing a few self important assholes the highway to hell.

    Current list of pending victims include a landlord that is too stupid to own property and the Anaheim City Attorney. I have two telephonic notices of eviction on my cell phone. The Anaheim City Attorney is OK with that and told me "If you think you have a righteous law suit against Anaheim go ahead and sue us." I thought that was very sound legal advice and am in the process of filling out and filing an administrative complaint.

    Then there's the owner of a small hotel in Cypress who decided to "refuse service" after I had paid for my room and checked in. Of course I'll have to implead the city of Cypress, because the Cypress cops I called agreed with the hotel owner that the hotel owners could "refuse service" even though I already had luggage in my room. I also have an administrative complaint I am working on against Cypress.

    My biggest problem at the moment is that my hotel doesn't have WiFi. Fortunately, there's an independent coffee shop about 1/2 mile from my hotel that leaves their WiFi on after they close.

  • The sensible centrists and party apparatchiks are convinced that their muddle of the road triangulating will win back the House and/or Senate in 2006, but I have yet to see a poll indicating a Democratic gain from the unpopularity of Bush, the GOP and their record of corruption.

    Democrats continue to avoid giving the voters an alternative vision  or brand identity that will motivate voters. I think there is a very realistic possibility of a very low turnout this fall. The DLC NABA Strategy gives voters absolutely nothing to vote for.


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    Please read Deja Vu Times Two and don't ever let this happen again.

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    Comments like this remind me why Republicans don't have a copyright on being bat shit crazy.

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    Please return to Remedial Logic For Dummies Class, place the Dunce Cap on your head and sit in the corner for an hour or two.

    You constructed a false dichotomy between Dennis Kucinich and Bush. Until you complete your atonement you are no longer allowed to participate in this discussion.

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    If you listen to Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, God is totally bat shit crazy. That would explain why God Hates Shrimp. Anyone who has ever eaten at the Red Lobster is going straight to hell.

    Of course we could always blame it on the fishermen. It's their fault for catching the damn things in the first place. I say let shrimp be shrimp!

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    Nice diary Nuevo Liberal. I see you still can't spell your own name correctly. I guess nobody's perfect.


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