• Thanks for the contact info. I just happen to be staying in a hotel in the Palm Springs area tonight. I'll swing by Bono's office and pin her vote down one way or the other. For others in the Palm Springs area, the contact info for Rep. Mary Bono (R - CA 45):

    Contact Information
    Web Site: www.house.gov/bono
    E-mail: Contact Via 'Web Form.'

    Washington Office:
    405 CHOB
    Washington, D.C. 20515-0545
    Phone: (202) 225-5330
    Fax: (202) 225-2961

    Main District Office:
    707 Tahquitz Canyon Way, Ste. 9
    Palm Springs, CA 92262
    Phone: (760) 320-1076
    Fax: (760) 320-0596

    I'll also stop by Rep. Sanchez's office and pin her vote down on Monday. To paraphrase an old Chicago political expression, "Pin them down early and pin them down often."

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    Do you have any specific information on the California House delegation? I'll be paying personal visits to anybody with offices located in Los Angeles or Orange County.

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    I expect the Democrats to cave in and allow Corporate America to steal the right to control the internet because that's what Democrats do. A few Democrats will pay lip service to doing the right thing. Enough Democrats will vote against whatever legislation the GOP and their corporate bosses write to make it look like they tried to stop it.

    The bottom line is that the Democratic leadership is just as corrupt as the GOP. The Democratic leadership is just as bought and paid for by corporate America as the GOP.

    The Democrats will cave in and  allow this legislation to pass, because that's what Democrats do.

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    Bob Casey is wrong on a number of potent social issues. It is just as proper to oppose Casey as it is to oppose Lieberman. Since when does a religious zealot get a free pass by putting a (D) after their name?

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    There is no room for compromise with religious zealots who wish to impose their narrow Anti-abortion beliefs on the rest of us. Bob Casey is not an acceptable choice for Senator from Pennsylvania.

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    It is not wrong to call a reglious zealot a religious zealot. What's wrong is being a religious zealot and attempting to impose your narrow religous beliefs on other Americans. It is just as wrong to be an Anti-abortion Relgious Zealot in the Democratic Party as it is to be an Anti-abortion Religious Zealot in the Republican Party.

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    Is there any issue that Hillary doesn't pander on? I don't believe the woman has a sincere bone in her body.

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    We could dig a moat along the American/Mexican border and fill it with flaming oil. Immigrants and drugs could never cross the border and all our problems would be solved.

  • We'll see how the vote goes Alice. Sitting back and letting the GOP majority hand pick a few corporate Dems off to pass this legislation will not be good enough. I'll be looking for very active opposition from my "friends" in the Democratic Party. Color me highly dubious.

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    I'd love to shake the hand of the man or woman who coined that expression. This simple statement of fact is a powerful tool to remind politicians that they are accountable to their constituents. As always, the key is registering disenfranchised voters and mobilizing them to vote.

    The working poor are a potent political force for progressives. We just have to motivate them. They need a reason to participate in the political process that neither party is offering. The GOP has mobilized poor religious Americans with bogus social issues. The Dems could easily counter with a whole host of social issues if they wanted to.

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    I'm skeptical that this is a direct quote from J.S. Mill, but have a 3 for the quotation anyway.

  • I'm talking about a simple matter of opposing fascist Republican legislation. Remember back in the good old days when there were actually naive fools who thought the Democratic Party was capable of genuine political disagreement with the GOP?

    What has Hillary or Emanuel done to demonstrate they are capable of acting as an opposition party?

  • I guess diversity of opinion is limited to DLC Democrats who agree 100% with Emanuel and Clinton. You're either with Hillary or you hate America. Is that about right?

  • What is the "positive message" you are referring to? Name three pieces of fascist GOP legislation that either Emanuel or Clinton have tried to stop.

  • Of course! It's all about the money. Silly me. I thought issues that affect the lives of all Americans had something to do with it. What was I thinking?


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