• But criticism can't be over-the-top vitriol if we expect some sort of party unity down the line.

    I haven't noticed any interest by Rahm Emanuel or the Democratic leadership in party unity.  What makes you think party unity is either likely or desireable?

  • What has Harry Reid done that entitles him to a pass? Bush and the GOP have had carte blance with nearly every single piece of legislation they really wanted?

    Could you please name three accomplishments of Harry Reid's term as Minority Leader?

  • / though I am not a fan of Sen. Lieberman he is far from being the scourge of the Earth./

    So unless a Democrat is the scourge of the Earth we shouldn't complain? Could we raise the bar just a little bit?

  • I'm sure you will be very happy at Free Republic. Why should anyone care?

  • So true. Rahm Emanuel and the DLC are doing their level best to make the Democratic Party into a completely irrelevant doppleganger of the GOP. Ralph Nader was right. Aside for lip service on a small number of social issues, there really is no difference between the Democratic  Party and the GOP.

  • Christ on a crutch. I thought the previous two stupid comments were stupid. Is there a contest going on for the stupidest comment of the month I wasn't informed about?

  • Maybe we should just refuse to accept top down mismanagement of the Democratic party by corporate tools like Rahm Emanuel.

    Your so called Moneyball approach to candidate recruitment is a thinly disguised effort to remake the Democratic Party in the image of the GOP. If we wanted to vote for Republican lite corporate whores, we would be quite pleased with Rahm Emanuel and the corporate whores he is recruiting and supporting in Democratic primaries.

    Since we prefer voting for genuine Democrats who will support Democratic issues, we'll just continue pointing out the defects and political flaws of the current Democratic Party leadership. But hey, thanks for your inane and outdated political analysis. Supporters of Emanuel and the DLC are always good for a laugh.

  • If I have this wrong .  .  .

    Of course you have it wrong. Anyone who attempts to defend Rahm Emanuel's heavy handed tactics against progressive Democratic candidates in Democratic primaries has it wrong.

    Rahm Emanuel is a a corporate tool who recruits corporate whores to run in Democratic primaries. Emanul's actions and conduct are indefensible.

  • Gee guys, if Rahm Emmanule didn't spend his time recruiting "establishment" candidates for Democratic primaries, you might actually think he's doing a good job and then you'd stop attacking him.

    And if my Aunt had balls, she would be my Uncle.

    That might lead the Congressman to believe you didn't like him anymore.

    Which "Congressman" are you referring to? Is there anything about your comment that makes sense or has any relevance to Michael's diary?

  • Didn't know you were a Texan boadicea. For my money this is as big as Social Security. We'll be giving them hell in California. I'm going to be paying Rep. Mary Bono and Rep. Loretta Sanchez a personal visit today. I'll report back on the results.

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    Join the crowd. I've been very active in my Orange County DFA and have checked in on several other local grassroots organizations. I also volunteered about 20 hours on Steve Young's campaign in the special election in CA-50. I'm still a declared Democrat on my voter registration, but I have repeatedly said that could easily change after the 2006 election.

    The diary Chris just posted on an Emerging Democratic Narrative is hopeful, but I am not as patient as a lot of folks. If the power of the Democratic leadership continues to be held by DLC Dems and they continue to force candidates like Casey and Duckworth down our throat I'll probably take a route to change things from outside the Democratic Party. Democrats like Biden, Clinton, Lieberman and Emanuel are too extreme and reactionary for me to even give tacit support to.

    Everybody has to make their own call about how to change the messed up political system we have, but as long as you're fighting the good fight that's all any of us can do. I'm keeping my hopes up that we are close to a political tipping point that will move America into a new left wing political consensus and conventional wisdom similar to FDR's New Deal.

    I'm probaby terribly deluded, but it keeps me reasonably sane.

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    Of course, you'll have to get the elites in government to vote against their own primary mechanism for maintaining their position. Good luck there.

    Spot on analysis Tim. Gerrymandering safe districts and keeping the money spigot open are what politicians do best. We aren't going to get any help from the current Supreme Court on either count as well. Opening up the political process to working class Americans is a fundamental dilemma of American politics.

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    As the people who've spent so much time arguing with them, it's not going to be our job to help them back up. No, it'll be our job to kick them while they're down.

    Sounds like a good time to me.

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    I definitely plan on seeing this film sometime this week. How's tricks?

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    For the record, my previous mild hostility towards another Clinton presidency has morphed into a Dick Morris animosity. Clinton should remain in the Senate and make a play to become the first woman Majority Leader in American history. If Clinton wins the Democratic primary I will be voting and working to defeat her regardless of the GOP opposition.


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