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    The vital issue  before the electorate and for this discussion is whether of not Bush's Iraq war is justified. If Bush's war is not justified, then continuing to fight an unjust war is not justified.

    The position of the Democratic leadership and most of the delclared Democratic nominees is immoral and unjustified by any genuine ethical standard you care to apply to Bush's Iraq war.

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    What I said was that the Democratic party SHOULD NOT change its platform or make decisions regarding war/peace to appease the extremely small, pacifist segment of the population.

    If your unwarranted assumption is correct. then there is no  reason to worry about losing the anti-war voters or blaming Nader for Gore's loss in 2000.

    I respect the view of people who believe ALL war is wrong,

    Very few democrats believe that ALL war is wrong. That is a classic strawman argument that lacks any merit. The issue is not whether ALL war is wrong, but whether Bush's Iraq war is wrong.

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    Go ahead and rate me harshly if you want to though.

    Your wish is my command. You now have ten troll ratings and are close to earning many more. If your point was so clear, try explaining it again my replying to my comment directly. If you think your troll rating was justifed, try explaining why a direct quote from your comment deserves a troll rating.

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    I pulled a direct quote from your comment. If you have a problem with my reply, you should try making substantive comment. Your troll rating is being returned ten fold.

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    But to say the Party doesn't have a right to still be pissed at the folks who voted for Nader in swing states is just wrong.

    "The Party" may be pissed at Nader, but that is a red herring for any cogent analysis of the 2000 election or the upcoming election in November. Gore lost the 2000 election because of Al Gore.

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    If your comment was worth saying, re-post it.

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    I'm still so pissed off at the Naderites and their intellectually dishonest 2000 presidential campaign that helped throw the 2000 election to Bush

    Gore lost the 2000 election for all kinds of reasons. Gore ran a politically incompetent campaign. Tipper didn't help. Gore didn't carry his home state. Gore had Lieberman as a VP candidate. Gore allowed his campaign to be manipulated by the M$M. Etc., etc., etc.

    Al Gore was the fundamental reason Al Gore lost the 2000 election. Any other analysis or conclusion is bullshit.

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    Some war is justified, in my opinion.

    Are you suggesting that Bush's Iraq war is justified? Are you suggesting the is some sort of parallel between Iraq and Darfur? Do you have any idea what you are talking about or are you just blabbering?

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    Again, if you want to be part of the problem, and not part of the solution, that's your choice. For clearly continued GOP rule doesn't achieve your goals.

    That is a false dilemma jiacinto. Progressive and Environmental democrats are not limited to voting for a Republican or a Democrat. The Democratic leadership is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Supporting the Democrats will not help the environment, will not lead to Health Care for All, will not lead to an improved Supreme Court, will not help middle class Americans or the working poor in America.

    The Democrats are not the solution, they are the problem. Unless the grass/netroots demonstrates that they are willing to walk away from the table they will never have any influence of power in the Democratic Party. Any democrat who cares about health  care, the environment, a woman's right to choose or opposes the Iraq war should vote Green in November. It's time to send a message to the Democratic Party. November is the perfect opportunity to do so.

  • and brings us to our second point. maybe the reason no big papers and talk shows didn't broach the subject of colbert's appearance really was because they just didn't get it.

    You give the M$M too little credit skippy. The M$M "gets it" just fine. They intentionally blackout negative coverage of Bushco, because they are on the same side.

    The M$M will not cover Colbert's stinging roast for two reasons:

    (1.) It makes Bush look bad.

    (2.) It makes them look bad.

    This is not rocket science. One of our DFA members played excerpts of Colbert's roast and the deafening non-response from those in attendance. Colbert violated a cardinal rule of the M$M. Never report anything negative about Bushco. The M$M will have no part of either reporting negative stories about Bushco or reporting about those that do provide negative coverage of Bushco.

    In short, we are dealing with an intentional, coordinated and premediated news blackout of anything that may help the Democrats regain power of even a single house of Congress this November. The payoff for the M$M is locking up control of the internet, just like they control the airwaves and cable news outlets. When it comes to corporate control of news the M$M Octopus has wide ranging tentacles in every aspect of news coverage of daily life in America.

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    I hope this movie makes it to the Left Coast.

  • Exactly. Who gives a tinker's damn about what anonymous "friends" think about the price of tea in China or anything else? If they want their views to be taken seriously they should make their complaints publicly.

  • Lieberman Is Evil. Not lambasting Joe Lieberman would be worse than not lambasting Bush. At least Bush is honest about being a Republican.

  • One man's opinion is another man's propaganda.

  • until they start acting and voting like Democrats, disband the DLC and stop blocking real Democrats in Democratic primaries. That will probably be several centuries after hell freezes over.


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