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    One, he can enthuse this country's youth into both believing in the political process once again and in the value of voting.

    Believing in the political process? Nobody with half a brain believes in the political process. Belief in the political process is not going to inflame the political passions of America's youth.  

    Two, Obama can win the Mountain West and Southwest states

    Which positions on which issues will carry the Mountain West or S.W. states for Obama?

    Three, Obama can also achieve a higher degree of perceived or real political reunification of this country

    Pure political pablum. Name one substantial voting bloc that cares about political reunification.

    Four, Obama represents newness but, more importantly, NEW HOPE and such will be an undefeatable combination in 2008.

    Newness? New hope? Is that like "Morning in America"?

    Obama's biggest problem is exessively high expectations.

  • I haven't had time to review the entire series Paul, but your analysis lays bare the way the M$M manipulates the issues and public opinion to suit their own personal agenda. Democrats need to start focusing on what's really going on instead of what the M$M and other Republican operatives say is going on with the American people.

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    Gotta run. Internet access is very limited, so I can't say when I will be able to put up another diary, but I'll try to post an update weekly.

  • Is there a rule that all incumbants have an immunity from a primary challenge? Is Joe entitled to be Senator for life?

  • How is it an attack to ask that the loser of a Democratic primary support the winner of the primary?

  • As chummy as Hillary and Newt have been they could flip coins to see which one is the V.P. and which one gets to be President. It would be a terrific fusion ticket. I'm certain that Thomas Freidman would adore the idea. What more could we ask for?

  • What a ridiculous notion. Why on earth would you want to restrict Democratic candidates to actually being Democrats? I suppose you want Democratic candidates to support the Democratic platform as well? What kind of silly nonsense is that?

  • I should point out however that you were the one who started our ratings flame war when you zeroed out a Tryptophan Coma comment that I made on a Thanksgiving gratitude diary.

    (I am on a clunky computer at my bank so I cannot provide a link to your ratings offense)

    I have never burned anyone who did not both ask for and deserve getting burned. I learned a long time ago that you can´t please everyone so I don´t even try. Thanks for the good thoughts anyway.

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    Thanks to all of the well wishers and contributors. I have not had a chance to call Stewart, because last night my cell phone stopped accepting a charge. I went to Radio Shack and bought a new $29 phone and topped it off with $20. The Radio Shack employee programmed it incorrected and it is attempting to link to a Sprint network even though I am a Virgin Mobile customer. Very strange.

    Homeless Americans like me are a neglected minority that cuts across all ethnic and social strata. I will be writing some diaries about my experience in the coming weeeks. For now let me say that I saw a brown skinned man pushing a dark skinned woman in a wheel chair through the food line late last night. Elderly white males in wheel chairs are a common sight. I would guess that 25% of homeless Americans have a psychiatric condition that requires psychotropic medication. Yesterday a disoriented woman in her thirties asked me if it was Saturday. Alcohol and drug use are almost as rampant in the homeless community as they are in so called polite society.

    If you would like to understand the problems facing homeless Americans allow me to suggest a visit or a short stint as a volunteer at a homeless outreach program.

    You get out of life as little or as much as you put into it.

  • After all it is all about me.

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    By a very peculiar coincidence my Mac G4 is also working just fine Winston. Do you understand why anyone would settle for anything less than a Mac? I don't get it myself.

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    Are you one of those radical FDR Democrats? What kind of insane electoral policy would encompass standing up to Bushco and standing on principle? That's ridiculous Winston. We have to accept GOP assumptions because jiacinto and HSTruman say we do.

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    Why should the Democrats embrace the radical left?

    Who do you consider the radical left jiacinto? Howard Dean? Russ Feingold? Anyone to the left of Joe Lieberman?

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    This is the last time that I'll respond to you, as you're really not worth dealing with.

    I appreciate that. Feel free not to respond to my insightful comments with you irrelvant and misleading replies.

    Here's hoping that you someday are lucky enough to kiss a real boy/girl and that you then lighten up.

    Your social skills are not an example I choose to follow. Thanks anyway.

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    Gore lost because he ran a crummy campaign and deserved to lose. Blaming Nader is the worst form of political scapegoating and only allows the Democratic leadership to ignore the need for genuine reform of the Democratic Party.


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