Downing Street Blogswarm Update

Courtesy of Shakespeare's Sister:

The big news is that there has been another leaked British document, confirming that it was "necessary to create the conditions" for the legality of the Iraq War.

The memo can be read here

The Times' coverage

Shakespeare's Sister's take on the new memo.

The Heretik has a round-up of those already writing about the issue

Freiheit und Wissen's round-up

There's a great editorial in the St. Petersburg Times

And Billmon has good advice regarding actions to take in tandem with contacting the media here:.

Here's my previous round up and summary of After Downing Street basics.

After Downing Street is a must read to keep up with current developments.

Because it's such a great story that was overlooked during the Howard Dean brouhaha, check out Kagro X's post F James Sensenbrenner. And I Mean That.

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