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    Is running for governor on a "pact with parents" in Texas.  I think that is really smart.  Check it out.
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    Pragmaddict from my blog, Corked Bats is there.  he will be liveblogging.  Stay tuned.

    Also, be sure to cover Chris Bell's speech.  The DeLay slayer just declared for TX Gov.

    Disclosure:  I want to work for the man.  

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    I have invited the soldiers and vets at Taking the Fight to Karl to Liveblog the speech tonight.

    Here is the announcement.  

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  • comment on a post WHO IS CHRIS BOWERS ????????? over 9 years ago
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    If you have soldiers in the family or are a soldier, send email here.  We're compiling soldier statements.
  • Hi O, I haven't forgotten that I promised you a post on the religion panel.  I will have it soon.
  • Umm...no, I think many people argued that this specific war was wrong.  The anti-war movemnet this time was very pragmatic in their position on the war as far as I could tell.  

    Chris's point is that we (regular Americans) aren't actually fighting this war nor are we willing to fight it--war "supporters" and liberal "hawks" included.  He is dead right about that.

  • Maybe it is a Texas thing.  I think I may have met you.  Were you at the breakfast?
  • I will second that.  MyDD is really big but the posts and comments are among the most intelligent I have seen in the blogosphere.  You have built a great community and we really appreciate it.
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    I tend not to like the "content is king" argument from really big bloggers who have received nasty emails.  I think there are other factors alive in widespread readership besides brilliant writing (most blog writing, after all is not beautiful--it is just informative and generally informal).  

    I am not big enough to have received angry mail about how I am supposed to link to someone.  Maybe I will and then I will understand.  But, for now, I think that big bloggers could find a more interesting way to think about "blog success," what it means now and what it may mean in the future.  

    Jerome said a great thing about the size of blogs at the blogger breakfast at DemFest.  He said that you should never be upset at the traffic numbers of your blog because you never know who you are reaching.  In addition, your blog may be specifically targeted and has no intention of drawing a wide audience.  It seems like the other side of that is also true---luck happens.  Great writing is not always the reason why blogs take off.  

    Creativity in some form almost always is.

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    I am Dem Fest blogging all week at Corked Bats.  Itr was great meeting roses, Othniel, annatopia and Charlie from Pink Dome this weekend.  Bloggin, bloggin, bloggin...
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    sweet.  thanks anna!
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    But do you think that we have as many potential natural Democratic conversions out there as the Republicans did then?  What I mean by that is after Civil Rights, the South was primed to go Republican and much of that major shift happened in 1994.  I don't see the same kind of structural shift pushing in the Democrats' favor this time around, so I think our potential for gains, while it appears to be there in current numbers, is much less than Newt's was then.

    Do you see it differently and why?

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    Sunday, June 19:

    Breakfast with Jerome and Kos: Jerome Armstrong of MyDD.com and Markos Moulitsas Zúniga of dailyKOS.com will be our special guests for breakfast, which will be held at the Student Union on the Huston-Tillotson campus. Join friends new and old from Blog for America and the progressive community for good food and live, in-person conversation! The menu is: fruit salad, scrambled eggs, country fried potatoes, bacon, ham, sausage, biscuits and gravy, assorted breads and pastries, coffee, hot tea, and assorted juices. There is an additional cost of $16 per person for this event. Please click here to register and pay. Attendance will be limited to 200 people and reservations must be made in advance.


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