Democratic Decision Calculus: 2008

Remember this come nomination season, 2008: the key question for you deciding who to vote for in the primaries is not whether or not this or that candidate is "electable." It is whether or not you agree with what the candidate supports. If you happen to line up best with Al Sharpton, vote for him. If it happens to be Feingold, vote for him. If it happens to be Clinton, vote for her. But, do not hold off voting for somebody with whom you agree simply because you think you have figured out what "electability" means. You don't. The very idea of what constitues electability in this country has been polluted by GOP talking points and the noise machine.  And you can't game the machine--you gotta become the machine.

I found myself saying that Clinton looked like she could win "if you look at the numbers" yesterday and I realized that I was falling into the electability trap again. We have to work extra hard to make sure we don't make that error this time around or we will never have a Democratic Party that speaks with conviction.  And that means continuing to lose elections we should win.

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Vote for anyone you agreed with?
I agreed with Dennis Kucinich on a lot of issues, as did a lot of other Democrats.

Should I have voted for him and allowed him to enter the General Election?

Electibility  or not, there are some people who you know wouldn't stand a freaking chance.

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