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    One day Americans will wake up to the fact that a class war is being waged in this country. One day Americans will realize that the GOP stands for the maintenance of a system that benefits a select few.

    its exactly correct that class warfare is being waged by the plutocracy against the average and disadvantaged American. But it has been going on for a long time and there are no signs of it abating, more escalation than anything.

    Don't be expecting Americans to wise up anytime soon. Most have bought hook, line, and sinker into the BS individualism and faux freedom sophistry used to dupe the dupes into being their pown worst enemy supporting those whose purpose is to rip off average Americans.

    rob from the poor to give to the rich - THAT is the modern USA MO.  

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    Ford's pardon of nixon started the string of republican presidential criminality and malfeasance that has yet to play itself out:

    nixon escaping accountibility gave us Iran contra and the right wing bravdo of lying to Congress.

    nixon pardon + Iran contra gave us the unbribled criminality of the bush/cheney regime including lying us into wars, illegal indecent torture, and illegal spying on Americans.

    The next republican president will give us the next step of worsening criminality stemming from: nixon pardon + Iran Contra + bush/cheney criminality.

    The failure to hold republican criminals accountable starting with Ford's pardon of nixon is one of the worst things ever to happen to America AND has yet to see its worst manifestation. Until America holds republican criminals accountable their criminality will continue to escalate.

    There is no doubt that Ford's pardon is the exact opposite of a "great moment in Presidential Leadership". It was partisan hackery of the highest order that has given us 38 years of unpunished republican criminality and assault on the rule of law that only portends more of the same and worse for the future.

    Republicans are corrupt criminals. Not holding them accountable for their criminality only emboldens them.

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    Agree, Olbermann was just right on it Friday night, not over the top, but succinct and on-point.

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    republicans don't need cheney to gin-up support for bush regime criminality, they've got obama.

  • decent = descent

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    Posner is a fool if he ever thought/thinks that there was a way to brake the craven decent of republican/conservatism that reagan unleashed, settling on some enough-now regime to his liking. The degenerative human personality traits that are the engine of republican/conservatism can only continue to hurdle into the abyss of selfish waste and destruction. There is no other path for republican/conservatives, there are no beneficial human personality traits that would/could lead them away from destructiveness.  

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    the current degenerative morass and decent of the republican/conservative mind and frame of reference was all perfectly predictable and was expected by anyone that understood the moral and intellectual depravity, the outrageous greed and violence against their fellow human beings, the poverty of empathy that are the core and epicenter of the reagan republican/conservative so-called revolution. As the deception layers hiding the republican personality under various guises and gimmicks have been pealed away over the years, ultimately revealing the craven soulless anti-intellectual vermin that is in full regalia as today's republican/conservative, average Joe, and even the many smarmy hipster modern bourgeois that are the heirs to traditional plutocratic republicanism have seen the vision of what it means to be republican/conservative today and understand that they want no part of such personal poverty and gratuitous violence. They may not know for sure who or what they are/want to be, but they know it is not today's vile republican/conservative.  

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    This is very interesting because it signals an evolution on the right away from their blind tax cuts are the answer orthodoxy.

    the republican/conservative monolith is clearly cracking. There is the crazed extremists that have commanded the republicans all through the Clinton years and the bush/cheney regime. And clearly the above statement could not be said about them at all.

    But now that they have caused such extreme troubles for the US, and the majority of the electorate is much less easily fooled by them, even with a compliant and supportive MSM continuing to promote their insanity, there is a small portion of the republican cult wanting to step back a bit. They're still nuts, but not quite as much as the rabid core. The above statement could only maybe be said about this small fledgling faction that is trying to find its way separate from the hard core wingnuts.  

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    the last thing any progressive should want is an unchallenged democratic party - they're corrupt and self-serving enough as it is. A lucid loyal opposition (republican or something else) is absolutely essential. The unfortunate thing that reagan ushered in is a takover of the republican party by their radical insane fringe.

    as a staunch left/progressive/liberal I'd be more than happy to listen to republican ideas that aren't more of the same old lies and sop to the ubber wealthy. Haven't heard any as long as I can remember but would be glad to listen to anything not putting lipstick on the same old republican/conservative anti-average person pig.  

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    if Obama has recovered from his mistaken approach and stumble of the Stimulus Bill, as would be suggested by the poll, now would be a great time to aggressively attack the rump republican extremists and be rid of them for a long time to come. It is particularly opportune inasmuch as the rump republicans have mistakenly chosen a strategy of amplifying their failed policies as a means of recovery, i.e., they are fully cooperating with a plan of banishing them to irrelevance in this time of crisis.

    between Obama's boldly progressive budget and the golden opportunity to politically crush the republican/conservative extremists that have so damaged America for 30 years, there are things to be optimistic about amid the gloom and doom.

  • Did Clinton ever increase taxes upon the rich, after the first increase, in 1993?

    Since Clinton was running surpluses, why would he increase taxes? Taxes are not supposed to be punishment. Sure there were additonal things to get done, but with the $200 billion plus annual surplus Clinton ended up with the last couple years, universal healthcare could have been implemented and still not raise taxes.

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    I'd save tears of joy for what, if anything progressive actually gets signed. There is a Grand Canyon hoking wide gap between proposal and any law passed by Congress. There are the richest, most powerful vested interests in the world aligned against everything Obama's proposal seeks to do. Also, remember that Obama 'learned his lesson' on Stimulus: aim high so you have lots to chuck overboard...I mean room to compromise. Whatever, if anything that gets passed will hardly resemble what has been proposed.

    What is well worth the tears of joy is to just have such notions on the table. No democrat with access to the limelight for 40 years has been bold enough to state them. republicans and their corporate media enablers have been fighting tooth and nail for 30 years to keep these ideas of equality, community, opportunity for all away from the people because their truth and wisdom are so very self-evident. And the opposite of these ideas, i.e., republican/conservative plutocratic greed and corruption are so very self-evidently poison to the average citizen when contrasted against notions of equality, community, opportunity for all.

  • would you be smarter if I said Russians. Somehow I don't think so. Obamaphile is perfect.

  • Agreed. Using our military to prop up a government we installed while we indiscriminately bomb civilians is pretty similar to what the Soviets did in Afghanistan...to no avail.

  • Are we going to "fix" Afghanistan like we did Vietnam and Iraq?

    "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."


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