• He's another one I could NEVER vote for.

    Sorry, no PUMA here.

  • He doesn't, in my book, either.

  • I did that already.

  • don't buy commercialism.  And Obama is the ultimate commercialism of our times.  At least that IS the message at this particular moment in time.

    As far as other messages go, I truly believe in

    "don't own any more material objects than your brain can handle"

    "Live better by owning less, thereby having more time for a real life."

    "Advertisements are not necessary, as I damn well know what I need and want."

    "Grow your own food, and lay down on mother earth to truly experience the thrill of it all."

    I'll stop here, but I've got hundreds more in store.

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     I wish you'd just give it up for now.  You're a fine young political activist, but you also lack a bit of experience us older bitter folks have acquired over the last four decades of watching and experiencing politics.

    Were I your age, I'd probably do exactly what you're doing right now.  But watching 40 years of degeneration of attention spans, values, disappearing species, global warming, greed going rampant, and political games, does something to us.

    There comes a point when we're no longer willing to be sheeple.  For me it almost happened during the last presidential election cycle.  But I hung in there with Kerry.  This time round it's just no longer an option for me.

    It's become too grotesque and too obscene.  But you wouldn't know that lest you would have personally observed the timeline of the last 40 years.

    Keep fighting, but DO make sure you're fighting for the right things.  The Democratic Party right now exists in words only, believe me, and this whole Obama Presidency is nothing more than a corporate advertising campaign.  He will be controlled by the very interests I think you believe you are fighting by fighting for him.  He is nothing but a tool for them.

    Our Democracit Party is no longer worth fighting for.  It has merged with the Corporations and the Power interests (gradually, over the decades), and is now no longer a party interested in fighting for the values it originally represented.  It has, for all I can see, merged with the Republican party in all but commercial appearance.

    So what has our Democratic majority in the House and Senate since their election in 2006 brought us exactly?  a 19% approval rating?

    Do you really think that is going to change by electing Obama?  What exactly does he bring to the table except an ever changing agenda of promises and betrayals (FISA)?

    No, just can't do that anymore.  I consider myself a TRUE Democrat.

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    And congratulations for getting your diary to the rec list - sigh. Of course, this is now total Obama territory - so it doesn't take much to get there, as long as you support Obama. Feel good for now. We'll talk again, perhaps in the future.
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    Oh come on Canadian Girl. I loved all your diaries in the past. But let's face it: sometimes it takes some of us to stop the momentum of a gradual degeneration of our rights. Our current nominee doesn't seem to give shit about any of our rights. Like in the movie "RAN", he shifts with the winds, and gets us nowhere. Hillary is doing what she has to right now. That does NOT mean we have to. And I won't. The deterioration of our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, continues unabetted. Obama certainly is not doing his part in stopping any of it. My vote is still my vote, and I'm doing it exactly because Hillary cannot do it right now. EOM. So sorry you fell for it.
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    Move as far right as Clinton? Where or where have you been my friend. If you'd take the time to do some homework, it would become clear to you that Hillary is far left and far more liberal than Obama. You bought the media and RWC meme whole-heartedly, didn't you? Too bad for you, as now we're stuck with someone that sells out to anyone at any time.
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    Kiss my ass regardless. I couldn't care less if you do it or you don't. My vote is MY vote. If I'm not happy with any candidate, including McCain, I have the perfect right to abstain from voting. It's not YOUR vote. It's mine, and I choose to use it in my own best interests, even if that means it may be in the long run. Obama does not represent my wishes, vision, or future. I do NOT have to vote for him, even though you want me to. He's NOT my candidate, period. And neither is McCain. I'm sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Done it for decades so far, and now I've had enough. Can you understand that, or do you have to wait for another 20 years to realize that your vote for the lesser of two evils only gets us a more and more washed down version of Democracy, in incremental steps? I've watched those steps, and I won't participate in any more of them. GOT THAT? It's not about Hillary. It's about the incremental dismantling of our Constitution over hte last two decades (at least). I will no longer be a participant in it. I've done that too many times in the past. Perhaps you're a youngster. Good luck to you.
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    Let him be the nominee. However, he will not have my vote. I'll work for down-ticket Dems, since Obama has thrown them under the bus by taking over the DNC and allocating most of its resources to HIS election. He's also discouraging support of other great 527s like VoteVets etc. I can't go along with this shit. It's so un-Democratic. Let him do this crap on his own. I want no part of it.
  • First of all, I will NEVER vote McCain. Secondly, I don't care too much about the commenters at Larry's site, but I DO remember that he did some really good work against Bush when it was highly unpopular to do so. So my personal belief is that he is trying to stop another election disaster (Obama), by any means he has at hand, including some not so savory ones. I do believe, however, that he thinks he's acting in the best interest of the country, even if I disagree with some of his tactics. I can think for myself. I take what I consider credible, and leave the rest behind. I believe that in order to be able to form a true opinion, one needs to look at and consider all points of view. As I stated above, this is the opinion I arrived at.
  • And Larry Johnson immediately contacted the Secret Service, and banned the poster. What has Obama's camp done about this instance?
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    Read this article by Glenn Greenwald. He nails the issue: http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2 008/06/21/obama/
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    Linfar, it's not that you are now supporting Obama. It's just that you are falling into the pushiness you worked so hard against during your great Hillary diaries. You resented the pushiness and wrote about it so eloquently. Yet here you are, rapidly accepting that you need to do the same, pushing, prodding, and dismissing/labeling your former friends as being inadequate, not up to the task, and that everyone should just turn on a dime. THAT's what's the problem. Not your support for Obama. I can live with that. I just resent the constant barrage of people calling us all kinds of names because we don't turn on that dime. It seems that at least, since you've been one of ours, you could let us have some time, give us some respect, and refrain from interpreting each one of our motives lumped into generalizations. That's why your writings right now hurt. Remember, we were friends, and friends, even if they disagree, deserve some respect. But all of this seems to have gone down into a hell hole during this whole sick primary. I wish you the best Linfar. I hold no grudges against you. Just trying to explain how I feel, and I speak for myself.
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    Have you had your rabies shot lately? If not, I highly recommend it. It seems like things are really getting to you - way out of proportion.


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