Georgia Public Higher Education Conference

Georgia students stand in solidarity with other college students across the nation fighting for public higher education. This August 7-8, Georgia Students for Public Higher Education (GSPHE), will be hosting our Summer Conference in Atlanta. All who want one should be able to get a college education.

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Last January, in response to increased student fees and budget cuts to Georgia's higher education budget, students across the state began to organize and thousands signed a petition in protest of the new fees. Once an idea was floated to possibly raise tuition 77% and even deeper budget cuts the group, Georgia Students for Public Higher Education (GSPHE), decided it was time to hold a rally. This August 7-8, GSPHE is hosting a Summer Conference in Atlanta in order to discuss our next steps. You can learn more about GSPHE as well as register by visiting today.

Like students in California and many other states, Georgia students found a reason to stand up and be heard. Everyone knew the severity of the cuts and there was reasonable fear that economic crisis would have to be shouldered by millions of American college students and other groups who had no part in creating the same crisis. On March 15 of last year over 500 students gathered in outside the Capitol building in downtown Atlanta for a demonstration against the cuts taking many by surprise.

The mass mobilization of last Spring along with other efforts in all parts of the Peach State, no doubt contributed to budget cuts being reduced and tuition being raised by a lower percentage than was proposed. We realize that the fight is not over. In fact, we realize that in order to create a world where not just the wealthy are able to get a college degree we must continue our fight for as long as it takes. We feel our Summer Conference helps us prepare to ensure every single person who wants one, can get a college education.

The gathering will feature several workshops designed to prepare students, and all other advocates of a strong public university system, for future actions and organizing. It will also be an opportunity to see friends made during the early months of our group, make new ones, and build our movement generally. The best part about it is, it's free to register! You just have to find a way to get to Atlanta, but there are travel scholarships available for those who may need them. If you live in Georgia or will be in the state then, sign up at now so you can be a part of the fight for public education.

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