Obama's Appeal to working Class Faltering

This is the latest headline on Yahoo news.

The article states that this is a huge problem and has only gotten worse not better over time.

The April poll -- conducted before the Pennsylvania contest -- also showed an overwhelming preference for Clinton over Obama among working-class whites. They favored her over him by 39 percentage points, compared to a 10-point Obama lead among white college graduates. Obama also did worse than Clinton among those less-educated voters when matched up against Republican candidate John McCain.

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New Favorability Numbers

Survey USA has a new poll out with favorability ratings. It was conducted 3/26/08 nationwide.

The ratings are as follows:
Clinton 35%
McCain 34%
Obama 38%
George W. Bush 22%
Cheney 15%
Spitzer 4%

So, throw all your arguments about likeabily away. Americans don't like anyone right now.

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Who did you support?

Let's take a trip down memory lane and forget about the current race for the nomination and talk about who we all supported in previous primaries. I think it would be fun to compare notes.

I'll go first:
1988-Al Gore. I've been a Gore fan forever. Of course as we all know, he didn't make it to the nomination that year.

1992-Bill Clinton

1996-Bill Clinton of course!

2000 Al Gore

2004 John Kerry

And of course we're at 2008 now with Hillary Clinton.

It's your turn now

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Breaking: MI Dem Party Allocates Delegates

LANSING -- Hillary Rodham Clinton will get the lion's share of Democratic national convention delegates after winning the state's Jan. 15 presidential primary.

The Michigan Democratic Party said Friday that Clinton will get 73 pledged delegates after winning 55 percent of the statewide vote.

Another 55 delegates will be uncommitted since 40 percent of the Democratic voters chose uncommitted. Because Barack Obama and John Edwards had taken their names off the ballot, many of their supporters voted for uncommitted.

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Media turning on Obama

I found this article in U.S. News & World Report. The key item is this:

A couple of observations coming out of Super Tuesday: The "Phenom" phase of Barack Obama's campaign may be ending. The shine may be off the star. Yes, it's still a tight race between the junior senator from Illinois and the junior senator from New York. But up to this point Obama has had the distinct advantage (and disadvantage) of being less well-known; that era is starting to end.

Most damaging to Obama so far is a New York Times article published several days ago showing he claimed to have "passed" a bill regulating nuclear power plants that never did pass the Senate. Worse yet, he participated in negotiations that watered down the bill to the point of meaninglessness. Lastly, he took campaign contributions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from executives and employees of Exelon (the company the bill was in part meant to regulate).

We can all expect to see more of the same as reporters dig deeper into Obama's record.

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