Scott McClellan and John Dean

In 1973, the Nixon administration had closed ranks to stonewall the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Watergate scandal. But then, White House Counsel John Dean, sensing that he was about to be made a scapegoat, flipped. Dean was the first person in the Nixon administartion to implicate Nixon in the Watergate break-in and coverup. The rest, as they say, is history.    

And so, I was pleased today to read that Scott McClellan will testify before the House Judiciary Committee about the Valerie Plame affair. Is it possible that Scott McClellan can turn over the rock and reveal this festering mess for what it is? Can he at least bring down Cheney? Perhaps not. But I fella can dream, can't he?    

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Looking good for the Dems

There's a certain percentage of people here who are doom and gloom about November. But all signs point to a big election for the Dems. First, we have Obama beating McCain in EVERY national poll:

Gallup Tracking 05/09 - 05/13 4381 RV 46 45 Obama +1.0
Rasmussen Tracking 05/11 - 05/14 1600 LV 46 45 Obama +1.0
Quinnipiac 05/08 - 05/12 1475 RV 47 40 Obama +7.0
ABC News/Wash Post 05/08 - 05/11 1122 A 51 44 Obama +7.0
POS/GQR 05/07 - 05/08 800 LV 48 43 Obama +5.0
LA Times/Bloomberg 05/01 - 05/08 1986 RV 46 40 Obama +6.0

And then, we have the three special elections we've won:

"House Democrats have now won three special elections in Republican-held seats, after Travis Childers (D) beat Greg Davis (R) in Mississippi's 1st district. The other two seats Democrats have taken this year, in Illinois and Louisiana, were both GOP-leaning, but this one was really, really red; President Bush won it by 25 points in 2004." riefing/2008/05/what_does_it_mean_missis sippi.html

Finally, we have a poll from Gallup showing 85% of the country "dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States at this time."

Things are looking good my friends.

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Who should Obama pick for VP?

I realize this question has been raised before, but since opinions and dynamics change over time, I'm interested in who folks think would be the strongest pick for VP.

Obviously many here love Hillary and would want to see her on the ticket. But there's a good argument to be made for demographics (e.g. Richardson) and geographics (e.g. Vilsack, who would help in PA, Brown who would help in Ohio, or Webb who would help in VA). And then there's Clark, who has strong defense cred., (or for that matter, Biden).  

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McAuliffe v. Penn

Last night, Hillary advisor Terry McAuliffe informed us that the winner of the popular vote should determine who wins the nomination. Apparently, we should disregard all the caucus states because ... well, just because.

Apparently, McAuliffe didn't read the memo from Hillary advisor Mark Penn:

"By Mark Penn

To: Interested Parties

From: Mark Penn, Chief Strategist

Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Re: The Path to the Nomination

This election will come down to delegates. Votes are still being counted and delegates apportioned, but Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are separated by approximately 40 delegates right now - that is, barely 1% of all the delegates to the Democratic convention.

Change Begins March 4th. Hillary leads in the three largest, delegate rich states remaining: Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. These three states have 492 delegates - 64 percent of the remaining delegates Hillary Clinton needs to win the nomination. According to the latest polls, Hillary leads in Texas (IVR Jan 30-31), Pennsylvania (Franklin & Marshall Jan 8-14) and Ohio (Columbus Dispatch Jan 23-31). After March 4th, over 3000 delegates will be committed, and we project that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will be virtually tied with 611 delegates still to be chosen in Pennsylvania and other remaining states.

...As history shows, the Democratic nomination goes to the candidate who wins the most delegates. th-to-the-nomination/

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CQ Projects: Hillary Will Only Pick Up 3 District-Level Delegates In PA

AS we all know by now, the nomination race all comes down to delegates. Ohio and Texas were an opportunity to Clinton to cut into Obama's delegate lead. It didn't happen. Now nearly everyone expects Clinton to win Pennsylvania. But the only question is whether she can make any inroads into his commanding lead in pledged delegates. According to Congressional Quarterly, the answer is no:

"And a CQ Politics analysis of the political circumstances in Pennsylvania's congressional districts, detailed below, projects an edge to Clinton -- but by just 53 district-level delegates to 50 for Obama under the Democratic Party's proportional distribution rules.

These numbers suggest that Clinton, even with a victory in Pennsylvania, would make only a small incremental gain against Obama's overall lead in the delegate race." cID=news-000002703375&cpage=1

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Will McCain denounce religous screwball?

ABC News has this story about McCain receiving the endorsement of evangelical leader John Hagee, head of the 19,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio. Do you think McCain will be asked to denounce and reject this screwball?

"Hagee cited McCain's support of Israel and his opposition to legal abortion as reasons why he was backing him.

The pastor is best known in some Washington circles as a founder of Christians United for Israel and for his belief, as laid out in his book "Jerusalem Countdown" that the end of days scenario as spelled out in the Book of Revelation will occur after Russia, allied with the Islamic world, attacks Israel.

"Russia is going to get in that position and they are literally, with all that massive military force, going to attack Israel," Hagee told ABC News in 2006. "This is recorded in Ezekiel 38 and 39. God himself is literally going to destroy that army. Decimate it."

Hagee added that the confrontation would be followed by a Chinese army of 200 million coming to the city of Armageddon, where they will meet British and U.S. forces in the Battle of Armageddon.

"At that point, Jesus Christ returns to Earth and sets up his eternal kingdom in the city of Jerusalem and there's 1000 years of peace," Hagee said. "The Jewish people are going to see the supernatural hand of God preserve them and deliver them while the enemies of Israel are crushed. That's the end-time story."

Asked if he subscribed to this theology, McCain furrowed his brow.

"All I can tell you is I'm proud to have Pastor Hagee's support," he said."

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Obama Supporter: Things I Like About Hillary

I am an Obama supporter. Like many here, I have at times been guilty of over-zealousness in the promotion of my candidate. That said, if Hillary were to win the nomination, I would vote for her. (I'm already anticipating the flood of "I won't vote for ___" posts. Can we just hold off on that for once.) Here are some things that I, an Obama supporter like about Hillary:

1. She would appoint reasonable, sane Supreme Court Justices. Not crazies like Alito, Scalia, Roberts, and Thomas.

2. She would end the Bush war on science.

3. She would work to reduce greenhouse gas emmissions through cap and trade and stronger CAFE standards.  

4. She would bring the troops home from Iraq.

5. She would return us to the rule of law. She has called for the detention center at Guantanamo Bay to be closed and she has recently said she'd ask DOJ whether the Guantanamo detainees should be tried in civil courts.  

Anyone else wanna play? C'mon. Give it a try.

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Major Hillary supporter calls for her to drop out

Hillary supporter Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, seeing the writing on the wall, has asked Hillary to concede: /prominent-clinton-support_n_88149.html

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The Shrinking Superdelegate Margin

Since Hillary Clinton is hanging her hat on the superdelegates giving her the nomination, it is interesting to watch her shrinking lead among the supers. According to, Hillary led Obama by 96 superdelegates on Jan. 13 (165-69). As of Feb. 24, she leads him by 64 supers (238-174).

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Put down the sticks

I am an Obama supporter, and happy about the results tonight. But this is not the time to be poking people with sticks.

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