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The Republican candidates (and Bill Richardson!) were lined up to speak in front of the NRA, and this afternoon was the much anticipated speech by Giuliani, who had once called the NRA a group of extremists and was a major advocate for curbing gun-rights as the Mayor of NYC. Would Giuliani make a convincing case that he had a change of heart?

But the main news out of the speech was not what Giuliani said, but rather the fact that he received and answered a call from his wife in the middle of speaking!! The NYT article's accompanying picture is actually one with Giuliani talking on the phone.

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The video is here and it is so surreal it is a must-see. Basically, Giuliani interrupts his speech saying he is getting a call and it must be his wife. We then hear the ring, and he picks up to say he is talking at the gathering of the NRA, asks whether Judith wants to say hi, and then repeats "I love you!"

Let's review everything we need to suspend our disbelief on here:

  1. that Rudy had actually forgotten to turn off his phone, that none of his advisers told him to.
  2. that Judith just happened to not know her husband would be speaking at a crucial gathering that the press was gearing for for days now and that the campaign had probably been preparing for.
  3. that Giuliani just happened to be right when he said "this is probably my wife" (Seriously, does no one else call him? I would think he gets dozens of calls a day, making the probability that he would know he was getting a call from his wife without looking at the screen rather slim!).

To make matter worse, it was soon uncovered that the very same thing had happened before!! Judith had already called Rudy during a campaign event, and Rudy had already answered his phone, asking Judith if she wanted to say "hi", and making sure to get an "I love you" in there! Here's the damning video.

We are left with the very uncomfortable suspicion that Giuliani is staging these phone calls to portray himself as a loving family man! Don't forget that this is one of the main obstacles he faces to winning the nomination: His children are not speaking to him and not supporting his candidacy, he announced on national TV that he was divorcing and having an affair with Judith without telling his wife first, etc. Apparently, Giuliani thinks that getting phone calls from his wife in the middle of high-profile speeches will prove to conservatives he is one of them, and not a flip-flopping opportunist who has no stable positions on gun-right issues!

This is absolutely outrageous, and the media coverage is getting to be ridiculous already. The NYT article covers this as a sweet moment "met with chuckles." This has to be used to discredit Giuliani, a huge hypocrite. So make sure to spread this story as much as you can!!!

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