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    Glad they'll have to waste money here, though disappointed that I'll be seeing more McCain ads.

  • I agree completely.  If he wins here, he's already retaken Ohio and Iowa, and held Michigan.    

    The real question of this election will be where the balance lies between the supposed "Bradley effect" in key states and those non-likely voters turning out.  If the polls are close come November, this is the "calculation" that will determine the winner.  I expect anything from a close McCain win to an Obama blowout, just depending on whether the youth vote FINALLY pulls through like they should.  It's discussed every four years, but no one has REALLY appealed to them enough to get them out en masse.    

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    I appreciate Biden saying this, and it's time to stop allowing the meme that Democrats see the rich as a source of income and nothing else.  

    Why do we never talk about the betterment not just of those in financial straits but of society?  If a rich man is asked to pay for someone else's healthcare, why should he?  Well, healthcare is the number one cause of poverty, and poverty is the number one cause of crime.  If we allow Republicans to phrase it as making one person pay for another, of course we'll lose.  So you have to change the debate.  It's not about whether it's better to keep money with the rich or pay for the poor's healthcare...it's about the benefits TO the rich (and everyone) that come from a healthier, less impoverished, and less crime ridden society.

  • I've seen that many times.  There's a difference between knowing the answer and NOT knowing it, and Sarah Palin did NOT know it.  

    But that's ok...you keep on supporting her.

    "Lifelong Democrat" indeed.

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    Wow...she's not so good when the words aren't pre-written for her.  I've never heard such non-answers nor seen such inept stalling.

  • Let's not beat around the bush.  It IS undemocratic, in ANY time.  The framers' fear of the mob, well over 200 years ago, is little reason to stick with it today.

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    A tad random, but this occurred to me while reading your title.

    I'd LOVE to see the following political cartoon around Halloween:

    Bush and Cheney, trick or treating, wearing McCain and Palin masks, perhaps with "maverick" and "female" or "reformer" buttons on their respective chests, the idea being that it's the same old thing dressed up in a new package.  But once Halloween (election day) is over, the mask comes right off until necessary again (next election day).

    Anyone an artist?  How bout the guy who posts all the cartoon diaries?  I don't have a great artistic ability, but I'm sure SOMEBODY does.

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    Sadly, during a summer in which I worked for a professor of mine as an assistant, he confidently touted a similar formula as predicting the victory of Al Gore.  

    Not to be a downer, but these things change over time due to electoral shifts or something as small as a shift in the electorate in one state.  Think about Missouri.  Is it REALLY a bellwether anymore?  Or just the red version of Pennsylvania...a close state that often goes one direction over the other?  My guess is that, in cases where Dems win big, Missouri goes blue, but generally red.  This is all off the cuff, so I'm sure there are problems with it, but you see my point.  Things change.  But if Obama wins and does a good job, race will matter much less (among the swing voters and working class) in the future.  

  • I'm not sure if these are real excepts or not...is she REALLY going to insult Obama's past in community organization?  Because I guaran-damn-tee you that he did more good in that position, for people who needed help, than she's done her entire life.

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    That's fair.  I'm not sure why things are so controversial.  I think most of us have a good idea what IS and what is NOT a reasonable issue to cover.  Allegations about managing family and VP...well, of course that's sexist.  No one worries that Obama will be absent for his little girls, and a father figure is just as important.  

    Let's call out REAL sexism when we see it, but operate with an understanding that all issues dealing with sex aren't going to be sexist.  

    BTW, off topic, but since your name is "Homebrewer" I was curious if you brew clones of any fine beers I might be familiar with.  I'm enjoying a North Coast saison, this evening, because the RNC leaves a bad taste in my mouth :)

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    I do know someone who has served multiple tours in Iraq (now home safely, thank God).  The last time he emailed a bunch of us, he ended with "Support the troops.  Vote Democrat."  

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    The new choice aside, it seems to me that people would think "Man, McCain really doesn't have his shit together, does he?"  

  • It won't matter, so long as America is laughing with them.

  • Hey, Dizzy Reed's in that band.

    Hookers and Blow rule!

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    "Metastasized" strikes me as a most adequate word choice for that group.


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