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    That poor man, 72 years old, putting on a WALMART name tag so he could afford the medicine for his arthritic wife...gut wrenching.

    I'm so glad this ad wasn't just about Obama.  It was about people that you might know...and if you haven't made that connection with Obama, then you look at these people, you see that they HAVE made that connection...very effective.

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    It goes without saying that this message applies to a LOT of states, and it's good to see a state like Georgia close enough to pique some Democratic interest.  If Obama wins and has the administration that I expect of him, 2008 will be the year that people will say began a new realignment in this country.  If we can prove these ideals to be good for America, the GOP will have to moderate to compete, meaning that, even when they win, we'll get better government from them than we do now.

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    The bottom of the screen on Fixed News read "BIDEN LASHES OUT!"


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    Odd how easily people volunteer their darkest fears and hatreds.

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    lol @ "freelance maverickery"

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    That book will be a depressing read.

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    I found it funny that Alex Witt was asking a Democratic strategist what the value of this is, saying "isn't this just a three or four day news story, at most?"  

    Yeah, Alex, and there are only 16 pre-election days left.  So if three of them are spent talking about the value of the Powell endorsement, that takes about 20% of McCain's remaining time to try to change the message in his direction.  If this sways ZERO votes, it's still a big deal because it acts as a natural balance to any pro-McCain news over the next few days.  It happened on a Sunday, so it won't REALLY be covered until Monday, when it's a major story on the pundit shows.  Then on Tuesday they'll still pay some brief deference to its lasting impact, and suddenly we're inside of two weeks out.

  • I decided to early vote today.  Going in about 15 minutes.  Will dutifully report any GOP attempts to disenfranchise me!

  • Tangentially related, I can't tell you how pleased I am that New Hampshire is polling well for Obama.  Let's face it...they've always had a "thing" for McCain, and in an election that needed to be Kerry +18 EVs, New Hampshire and it's flirtation with Mccain threatened to make it a Kerry -4 +22 situation.  The fact that they seem on the verge of voting with sanity is quite the relief.

    For example, Obama with the Kerry states minus NH, is at 248, meaning that pick ups in NM, IA, and CO would bring him to 269.  Now, he'd win in the House, but that is NOT what we need.  And having NH stick with us makes a BIG difference...or at least it did when this thing was closer and may if the polls naturally tighten near the finish.

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    I could live with just Florida.  A win, and redemption.  Sounds good.

    But I'll take 'em all.  Time to build the party for the next 50 years.

  • Rick Davis looks like those creatures in that scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, where Johnny Depp's character is freaking out in the hotel lobby, and the lady behind the counter turns into a reptile.  

    Shallow, I know.  But still...

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    Will you do me a favor and please copy/paste your "What a coward..." comment as a reply to THIS comment.  

    I kinda feel left out. :(

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    I can't imagine they'd like anyone to be insulting.  And, since they're older, they certainly haven't been aware of any of the internet smears, so all of this would likely be very new to them.  

    My point was just this.  People around here vote Republican, and life is generally pretty good so they see no reason to change.  I was one of them, until I moved away and then came back.  But they're not hateful people.  People are led to believe that our economic system is a good one and, if your life is good and you don't see much to convince you otherwise, then you'll accept that message.  That sums up the people around here.

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    That girl who appears when the video isn't playing (the blonde who repeatedly appears in the vid)...I swear I know her from somewhere.  And that really creeps me out.

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    I wouldn't go so far as to say they're reduced to only the hateful.  My neighbors are wonderful people, who happen to have McCain signs in their yard.  These are NOT hateful people.  They bring me tomatoes, we talk about the Colts, share Christmas presents, make each other cookies and haven't once argued about politics or said anything even CLOSE to mean spirited or cynical or negative.  Let's not lump what will likely be at least 45% of the voting public together as "hateful."  We're talking about a vocal and very angry minority of GOP supporters.  Now, that anger and the potential for violence that comes with it IS something to worry about...but I'm not going around looking at every Republican like they're about to explode.  After all...I live in Indiana.  If I did that, I'm pretty sure I'd not have time for anything else.  


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