• Lord, how lame Kerry was on the abortion issue in those debates.  He got asked about it at least twice; it was an opportunity for him to put Bush on the hot seat about his "rape and incest" exception but he let it go and did the typical pander of "respecting" the anti-abortion voters.  

    When Schieffer asked him about the Catholic bishops, Kerry should have said that the Catholic bishops also do not support Bush's position on abortion.

    When the town meeting woman asked him about abortion, he should have engaged her about whether she supported Bush's position and what Bush's position REALLY means:  

         political opportunism, pure and simple.  
         Bush doesn't think its a baby any more than
         the head of Planned Parenthood thinks its a
         baby or he couldn't support a "rape and
         incest exception.  He's just using the
         issue for political opportunism.


    He's an Iraq war supporter; why the hell would anyone who wants the Democratic Party to stand for something support this S.O.B.?

  • Why doesn't someone like George Soros put his money into buying better voting machines for minority areas?  That would have been productive, as opposed to what he did this last year, blow his money on ads so useless and lame that they did nothing.  The SwiftBoat ads got bang for the buck.  MoveOn ads were lame, lame, lame.  Remember the one with the little kids working?  Useless and lame.
  • Social Security is an opportunity for the Democrats.  Unlike a foolish war sold with lies, theres no "patriotism" to bring out the sheer blockheadedness in people.  

    Social Security privatization is a dagger aimed at the heart of baby boomers.  The whole idea is to cut our benefits.  What happened to the surplus we've been paying into the system since 1983?  Democrats need to start asking that question on the way to asking why we can't expect that money to be paid back to us, just like Ross Perot, Bill Gates and the Chinese investors can expect to get back the money they loaned the US government.

  • comment on a post The Wingers Defeatist Alternative over 9 years ago
    They print Eric Margolis, Justin
    Raimondo (www.antiwar.com) and Scott McConnell (endorsed Kerry over Bush because of the war).  Buchanan opposed the war, too, but he thinks he needs to be on the pro-Bush team in order to be on TV.  


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