• You are right - we must consider other peoples ideas, be they liberal, conservative, or  whatever. I regularly read the Economist and I am reading Milton Friedmans's Capitalism and Freedom. We must constantly question our own ideas, so we don't fall into the the trap of "groupthink."

  • A fountain of energy indeed. Your description of Hillary is evocative of a quote from Virgina Woolf's "To the Lighthouse."

    Mrs. Ramsay...seemed to raise herself with an effort, and at once pour erect into the air a rain of energy, a column of spray, looking at the same time animated and alive as if all her energies were being fused into one burning and illuminating (quietly though she sat, taking up her stocking again)...

    The omnipotent Mrs. Ramsay is certainly an appropriate comparison. However, the other half of this quote is oddly suggestive of the outcome of the primary.

    ...and into this delicious fecundity, this fountain and spray of life, the fatal sterility of the male plunged itself, like a beak of brass, barren and bare.(270)

    Regardless of my odd rant, rock on Hillary and go Barack!!

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    Obama just fired a nasty salutatory shot across the Mclames bow - thats gotta hurt!!

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    The oddest thing about pointing to sexism as the reason for Hillary's failure is that it resembles Republican tactics. How so? Its the old bait and switch. Example. Gay marriage/abortion is evil, so vote republican. Don't worry about the issues just vote for us because we hate gays and choice. It is the debasing of the campaign. Fighting to the lowest common denominator. Even if this was about sexism, it is not a good enough reason to vote for someone. People should choose candidates on merits and policy, not on an issue that will barely affect how a candidate will run the county.

    Fortunately, this has not worked. People won't fall for the old politics. Which is why Wright doesn't matter and sexism, although I don't think it is a factor, doesn't matter either. Look at the issues and you will see why Hillary has failed. Sexism in the campaign is not a substantive issue, it is a distraction that has no bearing on the candidates credentials.

    I would also argue that some(not nearly all) Hillary supporters are being sexist in that they subtly suggest that we should support a candidate based on sex, not on merits.

    Thanks for the awesome diary thereisnospoon. It is spot on.

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    I am so happy to see that this is the Frontpage : )

    Go Travis!!

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    In other words, don't feed the troll. Good call. Rec'd.

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  • This diary came to soon. Hillary is still in it.

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    People need to stop rec'ing these terrible diaries. This does no good for Clinton or anyone for the matter.

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    I can't say I am surprised, as I suspect many of the folks here and Hillary supporters agree with you. Frankly, it makes me very sad to hear anyone say that. I can not believe that anyone could vote for McCain after what the Republicans have done to this county in the past 10 years. This is truly disheartening and makes me wonder about the future of  MYDD as site that works to get Dems elected.

    I implore you, and anyone else who reads this, to think long hard about voting for McCain or any Republican for that matter. I have never been a rabid Obama fan but more of the same will only harm this country and my children's future. We can't afford another Bush. sigh

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    To clarify: will you join us in the fight against Republicans?

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    So what. This diary just highlights the pervasive martyr syndrome that is infecting MYDD.

    I used to really like this site and still do. But for gods sakes. This is the internet. People can say whatever they want at their respective websites. Who cares and how is this at all constructive. So you don't like Dkos, then don't go there. Folks on this site have been just as offensive as the folks at DKOS. This primary has torn apart the blogosphere and the party.

    The real question that needs be to asked is can we come back together and fight the Republicans. Will you fight with us(obama supporters) if Hillary loses? I will fight with you regardless of the outcome and I hope you will do the same.

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    Gag me. This is so wrong it is disgusting. If anything, gas needs to be taxed at higher level and the windfalls should go towards mass transit. The only problem is that voters won't buy it. Hillary is wrong but in the eyes of the voters she will be hailed as a hero. Good political play, bad play for the future of America.

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    9/11,9/11,9/11, 9/11!!! Al Qaeda, Terrorists, 9/11, War on Terror, Terrorists, 9/11,9/11,9/11!!!


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