Bush Spoke in Favor of SCHIP During 2004 GOP Convention ?

Bush Spoke in Favor of SCHIP During 2004 GOP Convention ?

Someone posted elsewhere, although I have not confirmed it.
Why was this footage not used during the recent lobbying / advertising push to override his Veto?

It is always more effective to use the GOP's own words against them.

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He spoke in favor of SCHIP in general, although he schemed in the background to reduce it's scope, water it down and even use it for ideological purposes (to extend it to the unborn.)  However, he spoke against the planned expansion of SCHIP, so even if we would have used Bush's own (grudging) agreement with SCHIP they would have pointed out that Bush actually wants to keep SCHIP at current levels (or slightly expanded levels,) that he just disagrees with the expansion the passed bill wanted.   Of course, the counterargument goes that Bush has no problem asking for an additional $190 Billion for the Iraq war, but does not see it as a good policy to spend an extra measly $7 Billion per year (paid for via a cigarette tax) on this vitally important program?

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Re: thanks for clarification...

If a spending counterargument is desired - the better example is the 95 billion dollars given to international corporations through a one year tax break on taxes owed on earnings abroad.

The NYT Times did a great story on how the corporate welfare recipients were supposed to spend the money on US investments and jobs, but did not.

95 billion went straight to the corporate bottom line -and boosted executive bonuses and benefits through stock options.

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Re: thanks for clarification...

Agreed.  The GOP is so strongly on the wrong side of public opinion on SCHIP because they see nothing wrong with spending tons of money on largesse, "bridges to nowhere" and their corrupt palm greasers in Congress, but they consider spending $7 Billion a year extra to expand health care for children to more MIDDLE CLASS families way too much?   If we are going to win in 2008 (presidency, Senate and House races, etc.) look for UHC and SCHIP to be the difference maker, as this is clearly a "shaft" or "don't shaft" the MIDDLE CLASS issue.

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