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    And a fair society with equal opportunity for all is not a common goal? Then what does that say about us as a society. The problem I have with this decision is not that it stops the practice of busing, I have first hand knowledge of the pain of busing. My concern is that there will be nothing put in its place. We will just quietly go back to our segregated society....shhhhhh!

  • Why should ending discrimination be so hard? Either you want to have an inclusive society or you don't. Creating all of these hoops to jump through is merely a smoke screen for the underlying problem that was brought to the forefront by the Brown case.

    Let's not kid ourselves either we are willing to suck it up and do what it takes to become an inclusive society which will require some folks making sacrifices are we don't. I get so tired of people claiming to want something, but unwilling to make the sacrifices to make it happen...This goes for liberals and conservatives...

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    Why is sacrifice considered such a bad thing in this country? It was ok for Blacks to make a sacrifice to build this country and now all of a sudden making sacrifices is "reverse discrimination". That is just a cop out to stepping up to the plate to make this nation better. There will always be someone who is left out in every decision, there has to come a time when we decide that we want to change it or we don't.

    Everybody wants equality so long as it's the other guy that has to do it. NIMBY - Not in my backyard

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    Unfortunately the reality is that most school district funding is based on property tax values, because most minority students live in minority neighborhoods that are red-lined there tax valuations are low and thus the district has less to spend per child. The answer may not be racial in nature, but then what is it? It is easy to tear something down, it is much more difficult to build something to replace it.

    Let's remember that in those 20 years you speak about there has not been a full effort to make it a reality. Brown has been fought against from day one and those able to afford it just left public schools altogether, leaving the poorest kids of all races to struggle. It has never been instituted therefore it really can not be shown to work or not work...

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    Dear Shai,

    Thanks for the shout-out. I appreciate the link and the recommendation. And yes, I support John Edwards for the Democratic Presidential nomination.


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    I have to admit that I have been guilty; I have not posted once about the plight of New Orleans and I am ashamed. My next post on my site will be concerning New Orleans and the incompetence not only of this administration, but the governor, legislature, and mayor.

    This is about more than one government entity dropping the ball, this is a grade one clusterf**k and we all as Americans should be outraged...

    Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence. - Henri Frederic Amiel

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    The Disputed Truth

    Fornication: Our Dark Little Secret

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    I concur with most everyone here - I sure wish we could just talk about issues - compare and contrast each of the candidates policies on their merits. - DuncanB

    Sucks we can't have a campaign about issues, ideas, and vision. - Peter from WI

    The issue here is not to marginalize Senator Obama per se, although that is a pleasant by-product of the coverage, it is to dismiss his or any other candidate's agenda that talks about reapportioning the tax-cuts and record profits of the wealthy to help the poor. This is another of the many cases when race and class intersect. The overriding issue in America is not race, it is class. The reason it appears to be racial is of course the history of slavery and racism, but the average man black or white has more in common than either is able to admit. As long as the wealthy can continue to foster division between the races they have no fear of any change to the status quo. As long as they are able to convince whites to believe that no matter how bad things are for them, they will always be better than blacks they can keep the racial division and thus keep power. I applaud the Senator when he speaks of creating a new culture, but I realistically doubt it coming to fruition. The seeds of fear, mistrust, and false superiority are too deep between the races not only in America, but worldwide to be easily brushed aside.

    As has been stated it is not only Senator Obama whose "urban agenda" has been under or falsely reported, but any other candidate that promotes any real change. Of course it is easier to push the panic buttons with him because of his race, but make no mistake it wouldn't matter what color he is if he is talking about redistribution of wealth, it is not going to be covered fairly if at all.

    it demonstrates that when you venture into presidential politics the scrutiny and the inspections get a lot more detailed. I don't think anyone can prepare themselves for this type of public undressing. I wish the senator well and I hope he is prepared, because it is going to be a long 9 months until Iowa and the other candidates haven't even begun to weigh in yet. Welcome to the big leagues senator!

    I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.- Martin Luther King

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    So, if we win the war in Iraq, will it be ours?

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    I'm sorry, I haven't had the pleasure of visiting freeperland, but if you don't like it then I probably will. "Someday, this war is going to end." And then what will you do? Iran, Syria, North Korea...

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    You obviously didn't read what I said. I never said that he didn't know about poverty and the poor or that he wasn't sensitive to it. What I said was that as a Black candidate there are people who want to pigeon hole him as the "Black candidate" meaning his only appeal would be to Blacks and far left whites thus marginalizing his candidacy. I believe that he is sensitive to the needs of the poor and would be more vocal, but again, he is walking a very narrow road.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. - Daniel Patrick Moynihan
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    Unfortunately being the "frontrunners" they can't. For Obama it is a trap he can't afford to touch. He has to try to stay away from any minority sensitive issue so he won't be labeled a "black" candidate and for Hilary she just takes for granted that she will have the base support.

    There are many more wrong answers than right ones, and they are easier to find
    Michael Friedlander
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        You can't govern, if you don't win. The important thing to remember is that we are very early into this election cycle and no one really has a clue what the electorate will do when the time comes. As much as I identify with the aspirations of Senators Clinton and Obama wanting to change history, the fact remains. Are they electable?

        One must not get caught up in all the pre-election year hype. Anyone familiar with the electoral process in America knows that it is not who is ahead in March 07 but who is ahead in March 08 and beyond. How many immensely popular candidates early on have withered when the voters begin to ask the tough questions? Right now the media and the public are caught up in "feel good" stories to overcome the growing anxiety of Iraq and the myriad of other issues that we as a nation face. Witness the media frenzy over the death of a woman whose only talent was self-hype and the ability to marry an aging billionaire. It is good copy to have those two other candidates as frontrunners; it allows us as a nation to feel that we have overcome the barriers of gender and race. We can pat ourselves on the backs and say how glad we are to be over those hurdles. The reality of course is somewhat different from the perception. It doesn't matter how good your ideas or how solid your platform, if you don't win you don't get to institute your policies. In politics, there are no moral victories. Either you win or you lose and no one knows it better than the Dems after eight years of George W.

    The truth be told America is not ready to elect a woman or a Black man. People in polls will say whatever they think is PC, but when they close the curtain in that booth and it is just them and their conscious, you watch what happens. That's why it is hard to gauge support for a Black or a woman because it will always be inflated...

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