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    If you find it offensive, imagine how us black folks find it...

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    I think Jeter is the best player because the playoffs is what they get paid for, its money time...

    I do agree though that in sports they just want you to take your money and stay quiet, maybe more so with the Yankees. That's because there is only one headline maker in NY, the boss...

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    Thank you reachout,

    I think it is vitally important to draw on as many weapons as possible to combat our natural inclination to segregate, our media reinforced stereotypes, and of course just good ole prejudice. And while it isn't the end all, desegregation considering the context of its implementation was a good start. I'm just saying that we need to view the reason for it's first implementation in its historical context. I still believe it is of vital importance to continue to try to desegregate our schools by any means necessary...

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    The problem again is in the funding, so long as we use personal property taxes alone the poor will stay poor. We need to have other forms of funding that will ensure the quality of education for all of our children. With that being said I still believe that we as a diverse society must strive to unify our population, I think that schools are a good place to start before too many of the stereotypes and lies have resonated with the children...

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    Education policy reform (and tolerance-building) is a make-or-break, all-encompassing issue.

    I don't necessarily agree with this, this is the same attitude that judges anything not 100% a failure. There has to be passive measures to avoid the backlash that will surely come whenever people are forced to interact against there wills. No, this has to come from the "curious and the brave", but that will come with an environment that reinforces those attributes.

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    I am not suggesting that this is the only remedy, but as you said yourself it helps to tear down some of the artificial barriers put up by the media and other stereotypical outlets.

    All, I'm suggesting is that given time, I believe that there would be more interaction as the process moves forward. This thing was not created overnight and it is going to take awhile to solve it. I believe though that we have to use multiple means to attack the problem, with school diversity just being one.

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    The difference is simply this I would rather believe in a dream (that God exists)than what I know is surely a lie (that I am god)...

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    From the sounds of it you can't believe in anything, so I'm not surprised. You aren't discussing anything, you are trying to prove how smart you are. The sin is pride...I will leave you with the example of the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus, being sufficiently intelligent in biblical matters I'm sure you have heard of him. God doesn't need me to debate for Him. If God were only as wise as me there would be no need for God. If I can explain God then He is no wiser than I am...

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    What you do not understand pope is that you are using the wisdom of man to discuss the mysteries of God. The two are not compatible and will never be compatible. Sorry this is not some theory of man that you can debunk with your superior intellect.

    Either you have it or you don't, either you get it or you don't. All the debates in the world won't get it for you, sorry. You see I no longer have to be the smartest guy in the room (blog), if I can explain it, it ain't God. Anything you can explain is man made. First I explain it, then I control it, then it is mine...

    I'm sure you will have plenty of other people who like you want to be the smartest person in the room, you don't need me...

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    This is precisely the type of things that I talked about, arguing theology. It is not for me to convert anyone to anything, if the pope does not want to accept God, he doesn't have to. God does not need me to convince anybody of anything. The Gospels say that the Word changes people not me. If hearing the Word doesn't change you well, you and God can work that out. My work is done. All I have left to do is to love you in whatever state you are in.

    God will reveal Himself to everyone in His good time, not mine.

    I don't never have any trouble in regulating my own conduct, but to keep other folks' straight is what bothers me.
    - Josh Billings

    The Disputed Truth

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        There is something you are all missing by comparing this to bigots and other racists; this is why I don't like most gay rights or women rights groups. You have the audacity to compare your situations to the situations of slavery and the black experience.

        Is this the most bizarre thing you've ever heard of? How low will people sink for fortune and fame? First of all the guy consents to go to rehab for calling a "fag", a fag. This is obscene in itself. The straight guy has to go to rehab, while the guy who sleeps with other guys is ok? What type of message is this sending our children? Have we become so "politically correct" that it is now a disease or mental defect to tell the truth? It would be one thing if the guy were not a fag; I could accept that Mr. Washington had a problem, i.e. Ms. Coulter calling John Edwards one, but the guy he was talking about has publically acknowledge that he is a homosexual.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. - Daniel Patrick Moynihan

    The Disputed Truth

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    There needs to be someone accountable for this disgrace. How can an American city and region be devastated and no one is charge of getting it right. This is a national outrage and must be dealt with. What it says about our priorities is very sad...

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    No, the reason the republicans win is because they understand the electorate...people didn't vote for Bush because they thought he was smart, strong, or anything else. They voted for him because he made everyday folk feel good about voting for him. Bill Clinton understood this and used it masterfully. He made people feel good about voting for him.

    It is you people who have your heads in the sand promoting your polls and all your stats of why Hillary will win. In the long run none of that will matter all that does is reinforce the voters she already has. In order to win the important votes she doesn't have she has to make everyday folks feel good about voting for her, not just the left wingers.

    I don't like Rove, but he has understood this and continues to, so if you guys think you are just going to waltz into the White House because Bush was incompetent I got news for you...

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    The reason for this is because they understand the electorate. The dems do not. We will not be able to win until we do...

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    This is why the republicans have won two cycles in a row. You guys do not understand the electorate, you think because you read the fine print and understand the nuances of politics that the rest of the electorate does to. They don't, most people are so busy trying to keep their heads above water they have no clue about any of that crap. Plus most people don't believe politicians anyway.

    You people had better wake up and realize this is not the beltway or Cambridge this is the real world and people here want to get a feeling for a candidate, it may not be the best way to pick a president, but it sure is how we do it...


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