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    I am against using the 14th amendment against latinos!

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    Trey, I couldn't agree more. The American public and worker has been sold a bill of goods by the corporations and the wealthy into believing they don't need unions, but if you look around the world where they are hemorraging jobs it is because they don't have strong unions. It was the union shops that were the first to be outsourced.

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    Unfortunately, you miss the larger picture again. The loss of the American auto industry affects more than just auto workers, it also affects all those companies that supplies the auto industry. The loss to jobs would have been catastrophic in what is arguably the worst recession in the history of recessions. Also, this is just the beginning of the comeback but if they never get profitable then instead of getting a percentage of their retirement they get nada.

    While I may agree that not enough is being done to create jobs, I will do what many progressives and no wing-nuts will do and that is to say that this administration did the right thing. You can tell who you are debating with when common facts are in dispute. We have entered a time in history when facts are trumped by nonsense and that is a dangerous place to be.

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    The vacation thing was sarcasm.

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    DonkeyKong with your analysis, it is based on things happening in a vacuum. You view things as if the Dems were the only variable in the game so that all victories or losses are the fault of Dems or progressives. I am afraid you are losing sight of the larger picture there are a number of variables that make up a campaign or a policy and depending on how they line up determines the consequences. I am not naive enough to believe that everything is happenstance but I am also not so arrogant to believe that we control every detail.

    What sank the Dems and progressives and what will continue to do so is their lack of a clear principled message and the policies that support it. Americans for the most part are simple people, they want simple answers to complex issues. The wing-nuts provide them with that, the Dems do not. For Republicans all problems can be boiled down to three things not enough tax-cuts, too much regulation, or too much spending on entitlements.

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    that is not the conversation being had. The conversation being had is that Pelosi was too liberal and too much of a lightning rod. The losers don't want someone new they want someone more conservative. Here's the thing if you do not have a conherent strategy based on your governing principles then it won't matter who the leadershp is. What we have now is a bunch of disjointed and fragmented policies. To say we support the "middle-class" is not a principle.

  • I disagree the Democrats were never in this position we just had to run smarter and be willing to change...we had to quit believing that being right was enough...I don't see that same introspection from the grand ole party...

  • It's funny because all of the things you name for their defeat were affected by policies so to say that policies don't matter seems odd. I agree they may not matter to the average purpose but results do and aren't results the result of policies?

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    Here you go, let's see if you get it

    http://thedisputedtruth.blogspot.com/200 8/11/president-obamas-agenda.html

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    You can't take them at their word though.

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    I like it!!!!!

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    And if they don't? What should we do then?

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    We may have voted in great numbers for him, but we are not his base...

    "The heavy lifting in this campaign for the first black President in America was done primarily by whites. Black folks while they supported Senator Obama at the polls in unprecedented numbers over 97% according to many polls, the leg work was organized and done mostly by whites. Anyone who volunteered locally for Obama's campaign can attest to this fact. I bring this up not to offend or to drive a wedge between the two groups, but many of us are familiar with black candidates who have been surrounded by white handlers who were not as sensitive to the issues facing black America as maybe they should."

    The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie -- deliberate, contrived and dishonest -- but the myth -- persistent, persuasive and unrealistic - John F. Kennedy

    The Disputed Truth

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    Agreed...I think a lot of the problem is the isue of money. Barack had tons of it and yet most of his ground troops were unpaid volunteers...

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    I do not believe that anyone who doesn't vote for Senator Obama is a racist. There are those who have legitimate policy disagreements, personality differences and maybe even social policy differences. The point of my essay is to suggest that if you recognize that the other candidate is not representative of you and yet you still cannot bring yourself to support the other candidate then maybe, just maybe there may be more to this than meets the eye.

    No one can look into the heart of another and know what resides there and I would never pretend that I could, however we should all be willing to look into our own hearts and be willing to be honest with ourselves no matter what is hiding there.


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