The Gates Have Been Crashed, Are YOU Coming With Us?

The Gates Have Been Crashed, Are YOU Coming With Us?

Victory: Part I!

The South Dakota petition drive to overturn HB 1215, the extreme anti-abortion legislation, was a success.

Our partners in the field secured an amazing 38,000+ signatures, 20,000 over the required number to refer the measure to the ballot in November.

This is a classic example of people-powered politics.  By referring it to the ballot the citizens of South Dakota have successfully foiled the plot of the right-wing extremists to send HB 1215 to the US Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn Roe V Wade.  

The Battle: Part II

Now we go to War.  With the national focus on this battle the extremists are expected to funnel millions of dollars from around the country, and we must respond in kind.  Focus South Dakota will be producing the hard-hitting media, print and mail to combat their efforts.

The success of our movement depends on the success of the campaign in South Dakota.  We need to chop them off at the knees now and show extremists that their first attack on Roe will be their last. The state legislatures in Ohio and Louisiana are also considering similar abortion bans.

Please contribute today to Focus South Dakota and help us put our message on the air and in the field as we take this fight directly to the fundamentalists.

The anti-choice extremists may have chosen the battleground and the terms, but WE will win the war.

Forget the keys, we're crashing the gates.

The Team at Focus South Dakota

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Thank you to everyone for your early support

Let us know what you have been doing to crash the gates in this fight or another battle against the extremists around the country.

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