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    I am amazed at how many people miss the boat on Obama.  Have you not seen that he is the best counter-puncher the Democrats have had in a very long time?  What happened to Hillary's abortion attacks last week?  What happened to Bill's Iraq attacks a couple months ago?  In both cases the campaign already had material that countered the attacks in the hands of the media before the attacks were even made.

    Obama will do just fine against the Republicans.  And how quickly we forget how pathetic the "experienced" Kerry was in dealing with Republican attacks.  

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    People are just missing the forest for the trees with Hillary in IA.  Don't you remember that her head field manager was either quit or fired two weeks ago? Why would that happen if she was so secure up there?

    Don't you remember the leaked memo saying that she should just quit IA.  There is no way Hillary will win in IA.  You read it here.  The support she has in IA is very soft.  Moreover, her problem is that she hasn't been able to expand on that support.  She is not going to win IA.  That is one observer's opinion.  IA will come down to Edwards vs Obama, with both of them fighting over the labor, and woman's vote that Hillary doesn't get.  Obama will win because of his organization and the youth vote where he whomps on JE.

  • The idea that Hillary is anything more than a poser is just a joke.  She is bought and paid for by special interests.  Look at her fundraiser yesterday with the Homeland Security vendors.  Our government for sale.  She fights when it looks good, but not when it matters.

    And if folks don't think Obama is a fighter, you really need to take another look.  He just isn't going to allow himself to be belittled by this nonsense when there are so many important battles to be fought.

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    The public can easily understand that if you have oil men running the government the oil industry will make a lot of money.  These guys have zero incentive to push for alternative fuels.  Bush goes to the hydrogen dog and pony show now? In year six of his presidency?  This is an easy issue for us.  America can't trust Republicans bought and paid for by the oil industry to do what is right for our country.

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    L.A. is relatively easy to organize for turn out the vote efforts.  Assuming registration--a big if of course, the average passive voter is way to the left of Harman on most key issues.  My guess is that a couple hundred thousand dollars for Winograd would make this very very interesting.

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    I strongly recommend that everyone read THE COMING ECOMOMIC COLLAPSE.  The premise of this obviously titled book is that oil is heading north of $100 a barrel and that our economy will not be able to absorb the shock.  Given our indebtedness, the only option for the government to prime the economy will be inflation.  Meanwhile the ruling classes are basically in denial about this point.  Welcome to our world.

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    Call me a cynic, but I don't think these results are good at all.  Obviously this is a dead red district, so objectively, Busby's performance was great.  But great isn't our goal, winning is.  And unless Republican discipline completely collapses in two months, this race is at best a toss up.  Our only hope is that Independents decide to vote with us.  Otherwise, we will be bludgeoned by blind Republican loyalty and lose 52-48.

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    I have very mixed feelings about the immigration issue.  I agree that all the rhetoric from both sides doesn't help.  I've lived in L.A., taught mostly latino kids and have nothing but respect for the struggles and triumphs that these hard working people go through and achieve.

    However, as many experts have pointed out, illegals do create a downward pull on wages, especially for lower skilled workers.  Shouldn't we as Democrats at least acknowledge this dynamic?  After all part of our constituency is hardworking low skilled workers, especially African Americans.  Shouldn't we be sticking up for them too?

    IMHO, the socialization process has started to break down.  The sheer number of recent arrivals has overwhelmed our society's ability to absorb them.  This has led to a million anectdotal stories for most born in the USAers.

    I believe it is this failure to socialize that has so many Americans alarmed.  Who hasn't seen poor illegals at an emergency room seeking free medical care while we pony up with our costly HMO cards?

    Who hasn't winced at rising property taxes that are needed to pay for extra classrooms and programs for the offspring of these illegals?

    Who hasn't seen the complete disregard for the environment exhibited by many immigrants who dump and litter on a whim?

    So, at the risk of being politically incorrect, this is one lefty who firmly believes that something must be done.  I don't endorse anything close to the House bill, but something must be done.  We need to find a way to fairly treat the folks who are already here while simultaneously finding a way to get a breather from this influx of undocumented and unsocialized immigrants.

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    The comment above regarding "TRUTH AND SECURITY" is excellent.  That is it in a nutshell.

    It covers all the bases and is easy to flesh out in whichever direction a specific candidate wants to go.  


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    I definitely think we need a surogate strategy for bashing the Congressional Republicans.  Any Dem not up for reelection and any former Dem pol with some heat should be enlisted in this effort.

    This will work nicely with our fighting Dem candidates and all comers actually.

    Above all though, we must be forthright on Iraq.  Say it loud and say it proud.  The Murtha Plan and all its clear arguments should be the basis for our policy.  If a Dem can't sign on to this, then he/she is on their own this cycle.

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    I urge people, especially NJ people, to read the post from Martin Garbus I've copied below.  It seems like Corzine and Lautenberg created space for Bush to ditch the Abramof prosecutor by allowing Bush to promote one of their own favored judges.

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/martin-gar bus/proof-that-bushs-removal_b_14818.htm l

    If this story is accurate it must be acted on.

  • I hate to be a policy wonk, but the deficits that Bush has created will haunt us for years to come.  Surveys always show that the number one concern for people with children--a lot of registered voters--is the financial security of those children, both in the immediate future and beyond.

    I think ignoring Bush's fiscal irresponsibility would squander the support of a lot of independent voters.  It must be addressed.  Tie it into the cronyism if you want, but it must be addressed.

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    I for one think the nuclear option needs to be on the table and in spite of the previous post, I think it still is.  Once the Dems got these hearings pushed into the new year, the field of battle became much more favorable to us.  So we'll see if they can exploit it.  Do you really see all the Rethugs walking the plank for a damaged Bush/Alito?
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    I really don't know how this will play out.  I think these hearings might become a mini referendum on Bush and his illegal claim of executive powers.  There should be enough here to sink Scalito, but we are talking about Institutional Democrats who'll have to do the sinking.  So forgive me if I hold my breath.

    If the unfocused public uneasiness with Bush's wiretap arguments gain traction, then Alito could be d.o.a. on that issue alone.  If they don't, then the Dems will have to take him down one notch at a time.  Do the Dems have the balls to do that in the face of a manipulated media onslaught against them?  This is really barbarian at the gates time.

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    I think you have written a very insightful take on Obama and many like him.  The go along to win the middle strategy is rendered meaningless when you enable your opponents to avoid responsibility and fallout for their policies and errors.  This is what Obama, Hillary and many other institutional democrats do.  It is a failed strategy that the DLC crowd just can't let go of--either out of interest in maintaining their dwindling piece of the pie, or simple pride.  Obama has clearly hitched his wagon to these folks and until he realizes that he's bet on the wrong horse, he'll be echoing what they say.  George Bush is the CEO of Crony Capitalism, Inc.  His suporters and friends are looting the U.S.A six ways to Sunday while working class people are blown to shit in Iraq.  That is what needs to be said.


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