URGENT ACTION REQUIRED! pbs poll on Palin for VP!

From a friend in Alaska:

PBS is conducting an online poll right now which asks people to vote on whether or not they believe Sarah Palin is qualified to run for Vice President of the US.  It seems the Republican machine has flooded the poll w/"yes" votes and we have a urgent need for everyone to hurry and put in a reality check.  

Here's the website:  

Vote and spread the word!

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Re: pbs poll on Palin for VP!

it appears to already be gone.

by goodleh 2008-10-09 09:41AM | 0 recs

There is a reason why flooding meaningless and easily manipulated online polls is called "FREEPING."  What difference does it make, really?   Let them have their fun and bathe in online polls showing McCain "winning" 85% to 15%.  Their rabid ability to flood online polls with multiple signups is the only thing they have left to feel good about.  Better them feeling smarmy and happy about something than them seething, grinding their teeth and becoming a dangerous, wounded animal even before the election, prone to lash out and actually try to inflict physical harm against Democrats.  Leave them in their state of denial, as they are obviously going to be in for the shock of their lifetimes come Nov. 4.  At the end of that day all the drama and bloviating will give way to a filled balloon being popped with a needle and deflating into a pancake of misery.  

by devilrays 2008-10-09 09:44AM | 0 recs


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