Hello Pennsylvania!

I'm so sorry to do this in a diary....

If you are a Pennsylvania resident reading this (and you have not already registered to vote), please register now at: http://www.dos.state.pa.us/voting/cwp/vi ew.asp?a=1192&q=442984.

At that site, there is an 'onscreen voter registration' link so that you can immediately register to vote.


The deadline is 3/24/08!!

Thank you.

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Bomb Her Campaign with Contributions!

Last night's victories shows that there is a HUGE potential for a swing of momentum in HRC's favor.  According to her website, to continue that momentum and swing it in WY, Mississippi and PA, she needs contributions.  

If you can give as little as $10.44, do it now on www.hillaryclinton.com.   The "44" indicates our wish that she become the 44th President of the United States.

In honor of Women's History Month.....$10.44 from everyone who reads this would help so much......

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Cinton more progressive than Obama

I really hate to start out a diary with a question, but:

Does anyone have any information about a website called www.Progressivepunch.com?   The website seems to be a database of progressive votes, with Clinton leading Obama (slightly) in terms of who is more progressive.  Is it really possible?

If so, I wish the mainstream media could get a hold of this information.  It may help her campaign.

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Obama supports nuclear industry

I am well aware that there are 'negatives' surrounding both of these candidates, but the one thing that seems to be very common in Obama's campaign, and often overlooked, are his obvious lies.  Now, before Obama supporters get all up in arms, understand that I wanted to like Obama, I really did, until I found out that he is making his voting history out to be as more progressive than it really is.  Check out this link re: Obama's vote in favor of the nuclear industry.

http://thefeldmanblog.com/2008/02/03/bar ack-obama-lies-about-legislative-recordb acked-nuclear-industry-but-claims-he-did nt/

Finally, somebody gets it!  

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Does Obama Have Lobbyist Funding

I truly hate to start a diary with a question, but this has been bothering me for weeks:  Does Obama have funding from fed lobbyist (ex-lobbyist) or doesn't he?  

I ask because I hear conflicting information.  There are reputable news stories indicating that ex-lobbyists gave him money bundled with that of an individual's donations, so as to appear as if it came from an individual.  I see these individuals named and listed on www.fec.gov.  

There is also information that he took lobbyists money for his senatorial race.

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Simple things to do to help Hillary

If you are a Clinton supporter and are concerned about her chances, please consider these few, really really simple things you could do that surprisingly make a difference.  

Remember, visibility is key. Show your support.  It does not have to be 'over the top' but it can be tiny, yet effective.

(1) Go to www.hillarystore.com and buy a pin.  If you are in a state where a primary is coming up (WI, HI, OH, TX, PA, etc) then WEAR THE PIN.  Wear it with pride.  Have confidence.  You are entitled to support a candidate, after thought and consideration, and to express your decision.  At the office I've made my Hillary pin practically fashionable.  Four people followed my lead within the first week!  It works.

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Will it be a brokered convention

Thinking of the states to come:  WA, NE, LA, Maine, VA, MD, etc., it seems to me more results similar to supertuesday are to come where it is close and the delegates are split.  

But I've been thinking about it: Right now Clinton has 1012 and Obama 933 (see www.realpolitics2008.com).  Clinton needs another ONE THOUSAND delegates to win.  So does Obama.  Where in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks do they intend to find an additional 1,000 each?  

I honestly do not see a sweep in either direction.  PA and TX are the last really delegate-rich states.  But PA and TX only equal 400+ all together.  So even if one or the other got all of PA and TX, they would still split the rest down the middle and never reach 2025.  I honestly feel that without Florida, we will inevitably go to a brokered convention.  Is my reasoning off?

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Why Are We Easily Misled by Obama

I feel that Obama supporters are so misinformed, its incredible. Obama is practically the same as Clinton in every respect.  He is far from being anti-status quo.

Keep in mind the following FACTS, all from Obama's words & actions, as well as from objective sources:

(1) Obama voted in favor of funding the war on several occasions while US Senator. He admits to this (download 11/15/07 debate available on youtube.com, you will see discussion of this in the debate).  This means that when we as a country found out for sure that there were no WMDs, Obama kept voting in support of this directionless, pointless war.  This is just as bad as Clinton's voting for the war in 2002. Obama uses Clinton's voting for the war against Clinton, but Obama is just as guilty.

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