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    I think the Senate leader needs to hail from anywhere BUT New England.  Look at the Electoral map... we need a Senate leader who can be partisan, but will be able to do it in a way that appeals to midwestern and western voters... Dodd is definitely not the guy.  Durbin would be great, and Reid would be good.
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    >we don't have the luxury of waiting
    >around a couple terms for him to
    >figure out the winning strategy.

    On the flip side, his experience losing this cycle may well help guide us to victory in 2006.  I think it's as much of a worry to bring in someone completely green to run the show... they're likely to make the same mistakes all over again.

    If not Matsui, whom do you think should run the committee?  I think Rahm Emmanual might be the best choice...

  • I dispute your contention that Nancy Farmer is a good fundraiser.  In 2002, Senator Jean Carnahan spent $12 million, and still lost her race.

    Nancy Farmer, as of the last filing (July 14), had only raised $2.3 million.  In another state, that would be great money, but Missouri has two major media markets, plus smaller outstate markets.  With less than $3 million raised in July, it was going to be tough for Farmer to raise enough money to compete... especially when her opponent had about four times as much cash on hand as she did at that juncture.

    Thanks to his financial advantage, Bond owned the airwaves for several weeks.  He defined himself, and then defined Nancy -- before anyone saw the first Farmer ad, they'd heard she was weak on defense, out of step with Missouri values, weak on jobs, etc.

    Faced with these negatives, how did Farmer respond when she finally made it to televsion?  With a softball bio piece... not a bad idea if you're FIRST on television, but one hell of a blunder if you've been getting hammered for weeks already.

    Nancy deserves a LOT of credit for stepping up and running when no one else would.  But with Kerry pulling out of Missouri, her chances -- already remote -- just got even worse.  With any luck, Claire McCaskill trounces Matt Blunt in the gubernatorial race, and appoints Nancy to fill the vacant Auditor General's post.  


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