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A blogger who I have a great deal of respect for posted a few days ago about the White vs. Black blogospehre debate that I have been participating in recently. Her post was more a critique of another blogger, Francis Holland, who started this debate after he was booted from Daily Kos.

Ms. Tubman raised some very good points, and I would expect no less from her. But I must take issue with some of the things she said concerning Mr. Holland. Throughout her post, she seemed to be admonishing Mr. Holland for not blogging with the proper tone, or for being a "bull in a china cabinet" while he was allowed to post on Daily Kos. (To be fair, Ms. Tubman said she agreed with the message but not how it was being delivered) My question to Ms. Tubman would be this: Should we modify or stance on positions or the way we post in order to be allowed to participate in certain online discussions with white folks? I would certainly hope not, and if there are black bloggers out there doing that....well, let's just say that I hope they gave you a very nice "room" and computer in the house for your troubles.

Now I don't want to speak for Mr. Tubman, she is more than capable of speaking for herself. But I am sure she will say that her critiquing of Mr. Holland , was due mostly to the fact that he himself, seemed to really want back in with the Daily Kos crowd. So one could argue that her post was a road map for him to more or less find his way back in. But I doubt seriously that Mr. Hollands motivation was to simply get back on Kos just to say he could post there again. I suspect that his motivation was political, as he really seems to have a thing for Hillary, and he wanted to openly campaign for her on a site that clearly has kicked her to the curb. Mr. Holland suspects that his race has something to do with why he was kicked off. And while it may not have been a direct cause, I think the fact that he is black made the conversation-whatever it happened to be-more uncomfortable, even for the so called progressives over there at Kos.

Now let me be clear; as I have stated before, I could care less whether I interact with that crowd or not. Their issues aren't my issues, and visa versa. " So the rage against the machine bit is self created. If you want to talk about Iraq,or oil,or campaign finance reform,or deficit/debt..there's none of that on Field Negro" That would be corrct "Charlie", you won't get discussions here about the deficit,the national debt, campaign finance reform etc. You know why my progressive friend? Because most black folks out here don't give a f*k about those issues. We are too busy trying to hold down a nine to five and not get shot on our way home from work to be worrying about your f*g campaign finance reform. Like it makes a difference whether a mother f**r can spend 100 million or 200 million of his own money. Poli-tricksters, democrats, and republicans, will always find a way around that sh. Don't even get me started on these clueless,disconnected mother fu***s that I have to share country with. Sorry folks, that was a serious digression, and I tried to finish this post without cursing, (I guess they won't use this one at the Bob Dole Institute of Politics in Lawrence Kansas) but some people just set me off.

So anyway, back to Ms. Tubman's post. She had some wonderful and thought provoking suggestions towards the end. Should black bloggers come together around common goals and try to make ourselves stronger? Or should we seek more inclusion from white bloggers and combine our efforts with them around some common political agendas? Folks, I think you know where I stand on this issue. The problem is, well, I won't call their names, but there are bloggers out there like the Christian lady, Lasha...whoops I said no names, and a few more who know who they are; who would tear the freaking house down if they thought they couldn't get in. Unfortunately, because of their positions, and their way of making white folks feel good about themselves, these are the more popular sites among black bloggers. So the rest of us, who want to start unifying around issues that effect us, will have much more of an uphill battle ahead. It would be so much easier to sell out and write to make right wing "Charlie and left wing "Charlie" more comfortable, but some of us just can't and will never do that.

I loved Ms. Tubman's the idea of a black ad network, and more black empowerment economically. But again, that will call for more black progressive bloggers (why do I even use that word) coming together and being unified in our goals. That's easier said than done, but I have hope. I am starting to see more and more positive black bloggers out here every day. (The usual posters to this site comes to mind.) People who are truly independent and could really give a damn about what "Charlie" thinks. The beauty of it is that many of these folks are new, and they haven't developed a large following just yet. So in a way, this is still virgin territory, and they can take this blogging thing in whatever direction they choose. It's too late for people like LaShawn, and Oliver, and Sh...whoops, I said I wouldn't call names. But that's what's so great about America, there are so many more of us out here, with so many resources, and so many points of views to express that even a few of us typing away in the house can't hold back our message. Because at the end of the day, the fields are so much bigger than the house, and there are so much more of us out here than in there.

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"Say It Aint So Joe"

"....a mainstream African American who is articulate bright and clean..."

That quote came from my man, the prattler extraordinaire, Joe Biden, while he was talking about his opponent for the Democratic party nod for President, Barack Obama. Now first, I am glad to know Obama is clean, God forbid we have a dirty senator mixing with his colleagues every day. "Hey did that Obama fellow take a bath today? I think so, I don't smell him anymore" No seriously folks, I hope you are not surprised by this little faux paux. Biden is, after all, an old white man. And whether they be democrat,republican, or independent; old white men tend to think this way. You know, if a black mother f***r can put two words together-see Colin Powell-he is a f**g rocket scientist. So please forgive old Joe, it's just that his mouth moves so fast at times, that he just slips and says what many of his ilk think, but don't dare say.

Anyway, here is one field negro who hopes Biden stays in the race, we need stuff like this. We need this type of honesty and openness on matters of race throughout the campaign. I see where Biden called Obama and apologized. And it seems Obama issued a statement to the effect that many other blacks have run for President and have articulated a positive and important message, blah blah blah, or something like that' I am paraphrasing here. But Obama's answer seemed to rise above the fray. Kind of like Tiger Woods did when Fuzzy made his black folks and fried chicken comments. (What is it with these half and half brothers ? So graceful, so classy. Damn the field wishes he could be like that!)

So on the eve of our month, (February) the field would like to thank Joe for saying what he really feels-even he took it back- America needs that type of honesty, I just wish more people would be like Joe and say what's on their minds.

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Dear Mr. Cheney....

What can I write about this war that has not already been written, and talked about? Just yesterday thousands and thousands of our fellow Americans participated in protests on both costs in objection to this horrific, and foolhardy mess we now find ourselves in.

And do you know who I blame for all this? No, it's not the frat boy, but his "Robin", his right hand man, although in this case, Darth Vader is really Batman, and the frat boy is Robin. So that's who I blame, VIce President Cheyney. Anyway, out of pure frustration, I decided to pen him a letter. This is what I wrote:

Dear Mr. Cheyney:

I hope this letter finds you in good health... well, not really. Let me say this; I know this letter will probably never reach you, but I can only hope that someone else reading it will understand the frustration that myself and many other Americans feel about this war.

Let me start by saying sir; that I cannot believe that you are still saying that we are making "significant progress in Iraq". I mean honestly, do you even live on this planet? I know that you only watch the FAKE NEWS NETWORK, and when you do that it's hard to get a grip on reality, but sir, believe me when I tell you, the war is not going well in Iraq. And, we are not making "significant progress" with the war effort or with the war on terror.

With all due respect sir, it is very hard for me to write this letter, because I consider you a despicable human being who has no conscience or no soul. And I believe with all my heart, that there is a special place in hell for people like you. My Jamaican grandmother used to say: "Gawd na sleep" (God is not sleeping) which was her way of saying that the evil you do to other people will catch up tp you. Sir, I can only hope she was right. Sorry if I am coming off as a little harsh. But you see, I have a personal stake in this war. My brother in law was severely injured in Iraq, and I have watched him cry trying to hold his baby girl, but can't because his arm was so disfigured. So yes, I am a little pissed off! I am quite sure you will never understand that type of pain or emotional connection to this war. Because your sorry ass have never been in the military, and I doubt seriously if any of your daughters are signing up anytime soon. So it's easy for you to score political points with the lives of other people's children, and I am sure you don't lose any sleep at night either. Yep, as long as those Haliburton checks keep coming in, you will be just fine.

I have to ask you though; when you said U.S. troops would be "greeted as liberators", did you really believe that? Because as much as I despise you, I know that you are a smart man, so you couldn't have. Yet you stated that the comment you made was "based on information we had". Sir, I think you are lying, I don't think those comments were based on anything but your Machiavellian attempt to deceive the American people. And when people like Joe Wilson tried to expose you, you lashed out at him with all the powers of your office. So much so, that one of your underlings is on trial to try to stay out of Club Fed himself right now.

And one final thing; I don't for a minute think you shot your hunting buddy by accident, I think you did it on purpose, -I saw that Wolf Blitzer interview-because you are an evil man. And when your colleagues on the hill criticize you, you make statements to Newsweek Magazine like;"well I am the Vice President and they are not". And let's not forget that f-bomb you dropped on the floor of the senate. You are a real classy guy sir, just the type of Vice President I want for my country, and the type of role model we need for our children.

Speaking of children, I hear your daughter and her partner are expecting a child; good for them, and good for you. I just hope that child will grow up in a country where there will never again be leaders like you or the frat boy to take the country down a path of destruction and despair.


The Field Negro

P.S. Tell Lynn hi for me, I really miss her on CNN.

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Weapons Of Multiple Directions

There was the frat boy and great "Decider" announcing yet another new plan for his war in Iraq. Flanked by the bad perm lady, and the human hunter himself, our favorite frat boy was explaining once again, his plan for a "new direction" in Iraq. Gee, I can't even begin to imagine what this "new direction" will look like. Let's just hope it's better than the last directions we took. Let's see now, almost 3,000 of our brave young men killed (4 more today), a half a trillion dollars and counting in our tax dollars, not to mention a region in absolute chaos. So yeah, I would say that it just might be time for a "new direction".

But do you want to know what's really scary? The fact that according to a new AP Ipsos poll, a little over 28% of our fellow American believe that we are heading in the right direction in Iraq. Gee, I wish I know where those people were. Rrrrrring: "Hello", "Yes is this Mrs. Jones?"" Yes this is her, how may I help you?""Yes Mrs. Jones, this is the Field-Negro, and I have this wonderful idea to cure cancer, would you like to invest your life savings with me?""Sure Mr. Field Negro where do I send the check?" Seriously, who the f*&% are these people, and why are they even living among us, and not locked away in an asylum some damn where? I mean, do these people really believe that the frat boy's plan for a stable democracy in the Middle East can work? My question to them would be this: Just how much f***g longer would you have us stay there, and will that vat of Kool Aide ever dry up?

"Like most Americans this administration wants to succeed in Iraq because we understand success in Iraq would help protect the U.S. in the long run". This was our President today, still lying to the American people, and still spinning this travesty of a war. "...because we understand that success in Iraq would help protect the U.S. in the long run"? No it wouldn't, success in Iraq has absolutely nothing to do with protecting us here in the U.S. All success in Iraq would do is protect your sorry ass legacy Mr. President, so stop it already. I mean really now George, this has gone on long enough. For the 71% of us in this country who realize just how absurd this sounds and how absurd this war is, this kind of rhetoric makes us all want to...well, move to Canada or some damn place. I mean to follow your insane logic to its conclusion, this would be like someone raping a woman and after she gets pregnant saying: "gee I sure hope this pregnancy goes well, because if there are complications it could jeopardize her life and that of the child."

As I watched the bad perm lady and the VP standing there today, I couldn't help but think to myself just how pathetic a bunch these clowns are, and for a minute there, I almost felt sorry for them. Almost. Let's face it, these guys are in way over their heads, and now they are calling in Tom, Dick, and Harry, or, should I say, James, Lee, and Vernon, to bail them out. And this was Tony Snowjob today, talking about the President's ...ahhh "new direction": "It's important that the American people (Boy they love that line don't they? 'The American people') be aware both of his consultation and his level of concern about getting it right". Well Tony Snow Job, this will be the first time he cares about getting it right, cause he sure didn't care for these past few years. A little late for over 2,800 Americans and an untold number of Iraqis don't you think?

The frat boy meets tomorrow with Tariq al-Hashemi (Doesn't he play wide receiver for the Bengals?) the Iraqi Vice President. Lets hope he has more luck with this Sunni than he did with the Shiite con artist he propped up as President.

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"Black Friday"

Well, another turkey day in the books, and we Americans have once again given thanks for all that we have been blessed with here in the home of the (some) free and the land of the brave. I, like everyone else, ate my fair share of turkey, and gave my thanks to the creator for all that he (or she) has blessed me with. So excuse me if I go back to the real world now.

I want to start with this immoral and senseless war taking place in Iraq. Because while we were chomping down our turkeys, and stuffing our already fat guts with gravy and cranberry sauce, over 160 Iraqis were blown to bits in yet more sectarian violence in Iraq. It would be way too easy to me to jump all over the frat boy again. After all, this is his war, and for better or for worse. No scratch that. There is no better here. This war has defined the frat boy's Presidency and he will go down in history along with James Buchanan, as the worse President to ever lead our republic. But again, jumping all over the frat boy would be too easy.

I want to focus on those who were complicit in allowing this illegal and immoral war to take place. Those of you in the media, and the opposition. The people who were charged with looking out for the interest of the American people, and not letting our democracy get hijacked by a bunch of neo cons in back rooms, and a high profile television station (masquerading as a news agency) with token Negroes, blond bimbos, and fancy graphics and trailers. Yes, you have all failed us. The press was silent, and looked the other way, while the frat boy and his minions dared us to challenge him. Dared us to call him on his lies and deceit. And dared us to scream at the top of our lungs that the Emperor had no fuck**g clothes. The opposition party failed us. They were too busy trying to read the polls, too busy trying to get reelected, and too busy not wanting to be seen as unpatriotic and all too willing to "cut and run".

So thumbs down to you Hilary for your gutless stance and your vote for this war. I hope the voters in the Democratic primary never let you forget. And all the triangulation in the world won't allow you to take back that vote. The sad thing is,we know you didn't mean it, we know you are smarter that that, and you knew this war was ill fated and wrong from the jump. But we also know that you are a political animal, and your political instincts-like your husband-always trumps your convictions. So we weren't surprised when you took a position that you thought would be popular. Well, it's not popular anymore, and I am enjoying watching you try to use pretzel logic to justify your initial stance, and your sudden change of heart when you see that America has finally seen that the Emperor is naked. "I voted for this war but not for the way this war has been prosecuted..." Well fk you! I hope the Democrats vote for your opponents and your sorry ass never makes it out of the primary. But it's not only Hillary, it's most of her democratic colleagues, I am only picking on her because she is the standard bearer for the party right now.

But maybe I am being to hard on the former first lady. To be fair, we all were somewhat complicit, we all were afraid to be called unpatriotic, and we all were afraid to seem like we were not supporting our troops. Of course, if you were like your truly, and actually had loved ones who were put in harms way, and who left their blood and a pieces of their body over in Iraq, you would know better. I heard from the horses mouth that it was a fu#d up war, and that many of the soldiers over there knew it. That they were walking around like sitting ducks while the criminals running things played political games with the war and with their lives. That they wanted the war questioned, because it was the only way that those on charge of prosecuting it would see the error of their ways.

So here we are three years later, almost 3,000 of our precious young men have lost their lives, and billions and billions of our tax dollars have gone down the drain, and still, there is no end in sight. Over 100,000 Iraqi civilians dead(650,000 if you believe one recent estimate) A war that is supposed to be fighting terror is creating nothing but terror for those poor Iraqi women and children. How pathetic is the frat boy? Now he has sent daddy's friends to find a solution to help bail him out, and daddy was moved to tears to defend his incompetent son at a recent conference in the Middle East. But again, it's too easy to pick on him. He lost the midterms, his approval rating is still in the thirty percent range, and his scandal plagued party is in disarray. He is a lame duck in every sense of the word, and now when I see him I actually feel pity. (Damn I'm getting soft!)

So most of my ire today is directed at the American people. Maybe it's watching all those people dashing to the malls to spend more money on gifts, maybe it's my own sense of guilt at being so blessed while those children in places like Iraq, and Darfur are living a form of hell right here on earth. Maybe it's seeing how the media has made headline news out of the fact that Rosie O'Donnell and Kelly Ripa are feuding openly about an incident that took place on Ripa's show. I mean really, who gives a fk? But this is America for you, so shallow, so happy, and so focused on all the wrong fuck*g things!

So today is "Black Friday"; but for me, it's black Friday for totally different reasons than it is for you. And as I watch the funeral procession pass through those Shiite slums, and those poor people burying their dead one after another; I suspect it's "black Friday" for them too. But unlike you and me, they won't be getting any deals at Wal-Mart anytime soon.

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I Will Take My Chances In Philly

Right wing fanatics never cease to amaze me. And now the latest from the minds of those that live in the bizzarro world known as the right wing blogosphere: Here is the latest proclamation from one of their more popular bloggers, a gentleman blogging over at Wizbang known as Alexander K. McClure. It seems that Mr. McClure has come to the conclusion that Baghdad is not much more dangerous than my adopted city of Philadelphia. According to Mr. McClure, Baghdad only has three (3) times more murders than Philadelphia, and for a war torn country that ain't so bad. The not too funny Mr. McClure tried to make a joke out of Philadelphia's murder rate by writing: "Isn't this a quagmire? Isn't it time to consider pulling out?" This of course, is just another example of those on the right trying to make a sick twisted attempt to justify this war. Just recently, Iowa Republican, Steve King, claimed that living in Washington D.C. was just as dangerous as living in Baghdad. Yeah, I guess when you are from Iowa it can feel that way. But seriously folks, to read this type of twisted logic, and then to read the posts that followed, -making fun of the murders in Philly as if over 350 of their fellow Americans losing their lives is something to laugh at- made me realize that we are not at war with terrorist, we are at war with some of our own sick psychopathic fellow Americans. F*&K it, we have our own civil war going on right here in this country.

Anyway, I am looking at the statistics, and it reads like this: Baghdad 53,200 killing per year, Philly, about 350 killings per year,and at the rate we are going now, maybe closer to 400 this year. So let's break that down a little; Baghdad, mmmmm about one hundred and seventy seven (177 ) murders or killings a day. Philly, approximately one (1) killing per day. So yeah, I think Baghdad is worse. I mean clearly worse, which begs the question: why do right wingers want to put down cities in their own country to make them seem as dangerous as a city half way around the world in the middle of a war? Well one reason is, that most of these people don't even consider cities like Philadelphia part of THEIR America. Philly, and cities like it, is an urban jungle, with animals running around killing each other; a fungus in the in the middle of this beautiful land called America. Infested with crack addicts, drug dealers,stick up kids, and welfare mothers. I would imagine, a place to be bombed, just like Baghdad, if they had their way. Gotta over throw that Mayor Street, and create a green zone right in the middle of City Hall. Street, and the Mayors of Detroit, and St.Louis represent an axis of evil. Their cities must be stopped.

But seriously, are there problems in Philly, and is Philadelphia a dangerous city? You bet it is. Anytime you have six murders in one weekend, a woman shot to death in her wheelchair, a four year old caught in a cross fire after a nineteen year old and a thirteen year old were shooting it out like the OK corral; we have a problem. My stance on the crime wave in this city has been pretty consistent from day one. We need to get rid of our current police chief, and put someone in there that knows what the hell he or she is doing. And, we need to confront this problem head on. Larry Platt, the Editor of "Philadelphia Magazine", made a good point recently. He said: "This is not a North Philadelphia problem, it's a Philadelphia problem, and we need to tackle it head on." Of course he was forced to make this statement after Ed Grose, the President of the Philadelphia Hotel Association called on all the Center City hotels to pull "Philadelphia Magazine" -which was doing a feature on our murder rate here in Philly as their cover story- from their night stands. Mr. Grose did not want our visitors to our city of brotherly love scared and fearing for their lives every time they walked out of their hotel room. Never mind that just two of the three hundred and forty or so murders this year were committed in Center City. Apparently he was expecting a lot of republicans.

So back to Baghdad. Honestly, if it's between Baghdad and Philly, I think I am going to stay right where I am. I know I can get jacked walking through Southwest or North Philly in the middle of the night. But damn, I don't think I could be sitting at my desk in the middle of the day, and a convoy of cars loaded with thugs from the hood would come in and kidnap me and one hundred and fifty of my co-workers. Or, I don't think I have to tattoo my name and address on my body so that when I am blown to bits by a suicide bomber-you know, one of those disgruntled Eagles fans-I won't have to worry about my loved ones identifying my body in the morgue. Or, the trash on the side of the street blowing me to smithereens when I go to pick it up because it's an IED. Yep, looks like Philly for me folks.

The sad thing is, not one of these cowards talking about Baghdad not being much worse than Philly would spend a minute let alone a full tour over in that God forsaken place. Yeah, ask some of those brave soldiers over there who are putting their lives on the line every day where they would rather be. I am guessing, that even with our proximity to Jersey, they are going to say Philly. And to compare 53,000 killings to 400 in a given year is insanity. I don't care if Baghdad has five and a half million people to our one and a half million. It's still a ridiculous comparison.

But this is what happens when extremes take over, we get these types of ridiculous pronouncements and statements. Hey, desperate people do and say desperate things. And to say that Baghdad is not much more dangerous than the "city of brotherly love" sounds pretty desperate to me. Like I can get a good cheese steak in Anwar Province.

"Isn't it time we consider pulling out?"

That's the problem Mr. McClure, your President and his ilk pulled out of our cities a long time ago.

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Mission Impossible?

Ken Mhelman stepped down as RNC chairman recently, and the buzz around Washington is that the Republicans will offer the job to Michael Steel. That is, of course, if he doesn't take a job in the Bush cabinet as housing Secretary. Anyway, this is a move, I am sure, on the part of republicans to once again court the black vote. I mean they must look at election results time and time again, see that once again, they only got about 9% of the black vote, and pull whatever hair they have left, out. I can hear them in the back rooms now: "I know that guy Steele ran a pretty good race, and he is funny, upbeat, and telegenic. He is just the type of guy we need to reach out to the blacks" Now, they might or might not be right, and if he does takes the job, Mr. Steele just might be terrific at it.

But I have a few words of advise for Michael before he becomes the new black face of the republican party. -Sorry Condi- Your party has been despised by black folks all these years for a reason. Us black folks have this sixth sense about us, we can sense and see things that other people can't. And it has always proven to be an invaluable tool when it comes to telling us who our friends really are. Our sixth sense always tells us that your Republicans friends aren't our friend, and we aren't really welcome in your tent. Oh, you will tell us we are welcome, but somehow our sixth sense always says otherwise.

This is why no matter how much republicans try to reach out to us, it never works. Oh, we will politely tell them that we will consider voting for the republican candidate , but we never do. We will let you them our homes, and our space to tell us their position, but we ain't voting for them no matter what- At least 90% of us aren't. So Michael, this is what you will have to overcome, that sixth sense of ours that never seems to let us down.

Now, please don't get it twisted, it's not just the sixth sense. There are legitimate noticeable reasons for black folks turning against the republican party: Remember Ronald Reagan in Philadelphia, Mississippi, back in 1980, giving that infamous speech supporting states rights? Remember Nixon's 1968 "Southern Strategy? Remember Barry Goldwater opposing The Civil Rights Act of 1964? Remember Herbert Hoover? Remember republican strategist Lee Atwater's statement? "you start out in 1954 by saying Nigger,nigger, nigger, By 1968 you can't say nigger without it backfiring, so you say stuff like forced busing,states rights, and all that stuff" Mmmmmm, all that stuff huh Lee? Stuff like Willie Horton, "Harold call me", a black hand taking away a job from a white hand for Jessie Helms? But this is what you will be trying to overcome Michael, and the field is just trying to help you out. Hey, when your predecessor, Ken Mhelman, tried to apologize for the republican southern strategy, two of your biggest mouth pieces, Rush Limpboy, and Sean Hannety, denounced him.

So it's all uphill for you if you take this job Michael, and I don't know if you will be able to pull it off. You see how many black folks voted against you for the white democratic candidate in your own race don't you? This, even though you ran as far away from the frat boy as possible. That ought to tell you something: Party affiliation to the democratic party trumps even race with most black folks. So you just might want to think about that before you take the job.

Now don't get me wrong, I would love to see more black folks embracing the republican party. I, for one, do not believe that we should be monolithic in our voting. I would never want one party to take us for granted, as the democrats have done from time to time. Hey, Rosa Parks herself begged J.C. Watts to stay in Congress and represent the republican party. But hey, if it's not there it's not there. There is too much of a history here between us black folks and the party of Lincoln. Too much mistrust, too much ass given to kiss, too much David Dukes, Trent Lotts, and macaca men. And yes the Democratic Senator Robert Byrd was a former Klansman, and he did try to stymie the passing of crucial civil rights legislation in the sixties with a filibuster. But somehow black folks forgive him-it's that sixth sense again- and not Trent Lott. We never seem to forget the sh*& republicans do, but we give the dems a pass. Remember Clinton and Sistah Souljah? Of course you do; democrats can use us and get away with it, but republicans can't. Hey these old wounds were deep, and it will take a long time to heal. "Well there goes the South" I know LBJ, and it ain't been back ever since.

So good luck Mike, I really do hope you can make an impact among black folks. At least that sixth sense doesn't go off when we are around you. We really do feel like you are one of us, and that's a huge start.

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Don't Let The Door Knob Hit Ya!

I am in a blue blue mood folks; not because of the rainy weather here in Philly, but because the people spoke loud and clear and threw some of the bums out. Yes folks, the elections are over, and the field is jigging just like his house negro friends right about now. Today, I am proud to be an American, proud of my fellow citizens for voting the rethuglican majority out of Washington, proud of the black voters in areas like Philly, St. Louis, and Richmond, for coming out and voting ideology over race. We- black folks- were not hoodwinked by republican plants like Blackwell, Swann, and Steele. {Mike, I do like puppies, but I just don't like your party} And we sent them packing to rethink their convictions and their soul.

So let's do a little election Monday morning quarterbacking shall we. Let's look at the worse republican giveaway since post Watergate in 1974. The republicans tried to make this election about values, and things like immigration to energize their base. After all, nothing like a little divisiveness to fire up the troops. Fortunately, no one was buying it, and quite a bit of their own base stayed home. -Covering up improper behaviour with senate pages will have that type of effect-Even white males, according to the exit polls, barely favored the GOP over the dems. All this added up to a long night for the grand old party.

Let's start with the field's home state of Pennsylvania. My man Lynn Swann got his ass kicked by fast Eddy-I told you so-up and down, and yes, I believe a primary would have helped him, but he still would have lost. Memo to republicans; just because your black candidate is charismatic, can string two words together, and you feel comfortable around him, does not mean that other black folks will vote for him. He has to have a grasp of the issues that effects us, and we have to sense that he genuinely wants top speak for those of us who do not have a voice. Until you can find that candidate, your outreach with these handpicked tokens will always come up a little short.

And let's not forget about my man Rick Sanitarium-which is where I thought he belonged in the last days of his race- Here is a guy who represented the worse in American politics. A divisive fear monger er, who intruded on a woman's death bed, and who wanted to ban the sale of birth control pills for crying out loud! Mr. Right Wing actually thought Pennsylvanians would send his slick K street ass back to Washington. Sorry Rick; maybe now you can work full time for your K street pals, or write another book. But don't worry, either way, you will be rolling in the dough. I am sure those mega churches will have you on their speaking circuit real soon too.

Some of what I said about Slick Rick applies to Area 51 man, Curt Weldon, as well. Mr. Weldon blamed his loss on the main stream media exposing his shady dealing on behalf of his daughter. Yeah shoot the messenger Curt! No Curt, you lost because you were corrupt, and if you saw the exit polls, corruption was on the minds of the voters this time around. So stop bitching-I saw your concession speech- and be a man and slink off to K street where you can join your pal Rick, and roll in that corporate dough.

Yes my friends, locally, it's been mostly blue around the field. Southeastern Pennsylvania went big time democrat, and I couldn't be happier. Now on a national level; I hate to say I told you so, but.....Harold, I told you so. There was no way those folks in Eastern Tennessee were going to make you their Senator. I don't care how much you found religion, how much you embraced hunting and the NRA, how hawkish you became, and how light your skin is; to them, you were just another Memphis n*&#r who didn't know his place. And if they needed reminding, the RNC did just that with blondie in that little ad. Come on Harold, I know you don't think that it was a coincidence that your opponent starting gaining on you and left you in the dust after that little ad. do you? Harold, like your republican counterparts, you might need to come to the fields more often, and get a real lesson on race relations in some parts of this country.

Still no final word yet on macaca man. But if there is a God, he goes down like the rest of his sorry ass republican friends. No, not because he is a racist son of a b%#@, but because he is a lying racist son of a b%#@. And to think this guy almost became our President. And speaking of President, I hope the frat boy is getting some high priced lawyers together, because if people like my man John Conyers (D-Mich) has is way; there is going to be -as Ricky Ricardo used to say) "splaining to do" in Washington. Yes, when my man Henry Waxman (D-Cal) is through with you republicans and your big business friends, you will wish you never saw Washington D.C. Old Henry can be tough -remember what he did to big tobacco in 1994? Repeat after me folks; subpoena time! According to one Democratic aide on the hill, there are some "uninvestigated scandals" to look in to. Mmmmmm, does that mean that they are going to look into the frat boy's friends at Haliburten, and the energy companies, not to mention the CIA?
We can only hope and prey. I believe in bad people getting theirs, and there are some truly bad people in Washington, and around this President. Almost three thousand young men have died for a political war, and damn it, there should be some consequences for these clowns.

So Nancy, you go girl, I want investigations on top of investigations. I don't want you to be gracious, and I don't want you to reach across the isle. F&% them! They never reached across to you, and had they won, it would have been business as  usual. So please, let your committee chairmen like Waxman, and Conyers loose. I want investigations, and dare I say it; I even want you to look into..... well, you know, the "I" word. If only to scare the frat boy, and let him know that he can't just go around taking the rights away of Americans to get a few red state votes.
Yes Nancy, work on minimum wage, a new energy policy, health care issues, and a rock solid plan to bring our boys home. But don't forget to investigate these crooks for what they have done to our country over the past six years. I guess when you control all four branches of government you can get pretty drunk with power. But damn, could the republicans have put the bottle down just once.

Finally, I see where Donald Rumsfeld stepped down today. "rummy you are doing a heck of a job", oh wait, that was Brownie. But you get the idea. It took a mandate from the American people to get the frat boy to fire his incompetent Secretary of defense. {Condi you should be next} And of course, as is always the case when he is in trouble, the frat boy has brought in one of daddy's men-Bob Gates- to bail him out. Always listen to your father frat boy, you wouldn't be in this mess now if you did.

Anyway, the field has to go now. I am going to watch the FAKE NEWS NETWORK go into some conservative blogs, and listen to conservative talk radio for some laughs. I am really enjoying this!

Life is so good, I actually think I see a rainbow.

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Senator Kerry's Apology

Have you heard the latest thing that has outraged republicans? It seems the White House and right wing web sites are all over Massachusetts Senator John Kerry for remarks he made to a group of students in California.

This is the gist of what he said: "Those that are unable to manage the current educational system get stuck in Iraq"

First came Tony Snowjob: "Senator Kerry not only owes an apology to those who are serving, but also to the families of those who have given their lives..." Then came the frat boy: "Insulting and shameful. Soldiers deserve an apology from Kerry" And as you can imagine, all the usual republican suspects weighed in next. From Dennis Hastert to John McCain, to Rush Limpboy.

Anyway, totally blindsided by this, John Kerry has gone into crisis mode. Oh he tried to come back with statements like:"I am sick and tired of a bunch of despicable republicans who will not debate real policy, who won't take responsibility for their own mistakes" But he knows it's not enough he will have to make not just a statement, but give a speech to explain his position.

Well, he f&^%ed up! Because he asked the field of all people to write his speech for him.
And, he will have to deliver it before he has time to proof read it.

So here is what the field wrote for Senator Kerry:

My fellow Americans, today, while talking to a group of some of our best and brightest young minds, I made statements that many on the right claimed was disrespectful, and brought dishonor to our men and women fighting Iraq. What I I said, or implied, was that if you don't want to end up in places like Bushdad, with one hundred degree heat, an entire country wanting you gone, stuck in the middle of a brewing civil war, and 101 of your comrades dead this past month alone. Then stay in school, study hard and graduate. This way, you will have options when you come out.

Options, that other youngsters in inner city and poor rural schools don't have. Because their parents, unlike yours, will not be able to afford to send them to college. This is what I was saying to those college students, and I meant every word of it!

My fellow Americans these statements were not disrespectful to our troops. They are truths. Most of those troops fighting in Iraq don't want to be there. They are not dumb, they know that they were lied to. Isn't it ironic that I am accused of leading people to believe that our troops are dumb, when the very people criticizing me, are the ones lying to our troops on a daily basis. These poor men and women do not deserve to be off in a foreign land fighting an unnecessary war. Don't you think they would have preferred to be tailgating and enjoying frat parties on college campuses like the sons and daughters of my republican colleagues? Don't you think they would have liked options and choices that more affluent children in this country are afforded?

Why just a few weeks ago a young man from the mean streets of Philadelphia was killed in Iraq. This young man was only twenty one years old, and Charles Johnson's mother did not want him to go off to war. He was her only son, but she figured even Iraq was better than the streets of Philly. Of course, we know now, that she was wrong. There are countless Charles Johnson's in America, some have already paid the ultimate sacrifice, and some, invariably will in the days to come. Sadly, they don't have the republican spin machine, FAKE NEWS NETWORK, or lunatic talk radio behind them. All they have, are families who are left to grieve, and families who are hoping they wont have to. Just the other day, I spoke to a young man. -The brother in law of my speech writer, field negro-whose baby girl was born while he was in Iraq. She is now fifteen months old, and he still cannot properly hold her. Why? Because he was blown up by a suicide bomber while his platoon was on patrol in Baghdad. This was over a year ago, and he has been in and out of an Army hospital in Texas ever since; getting skin grafts and various surgeries to get his limbs back in working order. This young man did not want to go to Iraq, but he was a reservist when the evil neocon cabal made up this war to suit their nefarious ends, and so, he had no choice but to go.

I see where Toney Snowjob, the frat boy, and people like Rush Limpboy, and Sean Hannity have come out against my statements. This, my fellow Americans, would be funny were it not so sad. None of these men have served a day of combat, yet they have the temerity to question my statements about troops who are actually serving. And folks, let me remind you, that I did serve, and I served with honor. I have the medals to prove it; the only medals that these men carry are from republican fund raisers, and souvenirs from illegal junkets.

But these are the type of people that we are dealing with. People who will do anything, and smear anyone, to hold on to power. Even a life long Marine like John Murtha, or a man who left his limbs on foreign soil in defense of this country like Max Cleland. A double amputee like Tammy Duckworth, democratic candidate for congress from Illinois, whose opponent, Pete Roscam, made "cut and run" jokes about her. Yeah, I guess it would be real hard to run with no feet huh Pete? Right in the field's home state of Pennsylvania. Rick Santurom has become so desperate that he has literally said that his opponent, Bob Casey, Jr., is supporting the terrorist. And the White House has gone as far as to say, that the terrorist are stepping up the insurgency because they want a democratic victory. I wont even get into the race baiting and other assortment of negative things that they have been doing, but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

But I am a big boy, and I can take it, because I have been through a lot more than this. Distorting my words, and trying to paint me as something I am not worked for them in the last Presidential election, but it won't work for them again. Americans have heard this song before, and they are ready to change the station.

Finally, I want to say that I am ready to bring back the draft......~~whisper field, field, I don't think I support this~~~ Just keep reading Senator. Yeah I think it's time to bring back the draft. This way, we will guarantee that every ones son has a chance to serve. Not just those who are poor with no options, but the well to do sons and daughters of all those republican fat cats in Washington as well. Why just today, the Secretary of Defense approved to send more troops to Iraq. And I know many patriots signed up to fight after 911, but sadly, many of those patriots have been lied to as well, and they too, like Pat Tillman's brother, have their reservations and doubts about the honesty and the leadership of our commander the thief. Because like me, and 62% of the American people, they know that he has mismanaged this war, just like he has mismanaged his Presidency. And all the mud slinging in the world will never change that fact.

Thank you my fellow Americans, and if I decide to run in 08, I look forward to your support.


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The Hortoning Of Harold Ford

I was reading over at fellow Philly blogger, Eschaton's blog site, and he had some interesting things to say about the difference between Southern and Northern racism. His comments were within the context of the latest dust up over the Harold Ford race baiting advertisement in the Tennessee senate race, and the ones being used against Duval Patrick in the Massachusetts governor's race. He observed, and rightfully so, that republicans in the North have used the black bogeyman as the criminal and predator. (See Willie Horton) But on the other hand, the latest advertisement by the republican wedge machine's Southern strategy, portrays the black man as the sexual predator, preying on every Southern white man's fears. You know, the Mandindgo Buck lurking in the fields, ready, at the drop of a pin, to snatch his precious white women from under his very eyes. So in a nutshell, Northern racism is an innate fear of the black criminal predator, and Southern racism is the fear of black sexuality. [His dick is bigger than mine] There is a reason all those black boys were hung down South for even looking at a white woman.

This is what the republican party is doing in Tennessee; I call it the missy scare factor -I tried to warn you Harold, leave missy alone. Take a page out of your boy Barack's book- And guess what, it's working; the most recent polls show that Bob Corker,his republican opponent, has drawn even and in some polls is actually starting to inch away. No surprise to the field of course. I know how that commercial would play in some bar in rural Tennessee; and with a race so close, this ad will tip the election in favor of the republican. Hey, even 2% of the vote is crucial at this point. Ken Mehlman and his pals are hoping that this advertisement will close the door on Harold Ford, thus sending a republican back to Washington to fill a senate seat they desperately need. And guess what, it just might work. "I think that there is nothing more repugnant in our society than people who try to divide America along racial lines" Yeah right Ken, unless you are doing the dividing right?

So anyway, all this got me thinking, just what are the differences between racism in the North and racism in the South? Well first, let's give the republicans some credit for recognizing this little phenomena. Of course I would expect no less from the party of race baiters and dividers. But to understand this phenomena you have to understand the old adage, that in the North you can get as much power and wealth as you want, but just don't get too close to me ni***r. Whereas in the South, you can get as close as you want to your white neighbor, but we won't let you get too much wealth and power n***r. Now as someone who has a very unique perspective on this, I am going to agree with that saying. I can make this observation, because I went to school and spent considerable time in the South, but now live and work in the North. So Because of my perspective, I must say that there is something to that old adage, if only because I have seen it played out time and time again. Here in Philly for instance, whites guard their neighborhoods against the negro invasion with everything they have. The schools and neighborhoods are as segregated as the old Jim Crow South. And yet, blacks do well in business, and in certain areas of government and commerce. Blacks and whites work side by side in white collar jobs, yet go home to separate racial enclaves when the clock strikes five.

In the South, on the other hand, blacks and whites live as neighbors, and in many cases the schools are integrated. But when it comes to monetary wealth and power in government and business; the Southern white will let you get so much but no more. His power over you is controlled by his money and his access to it. If farmer Johnson wants a loan to make some improvements on his farm, he had better go to Mr. Charlie down at the bank. And once there, he is at his mercy. ~~~I remember you Johnson, your daddy was a good man, he used to work for my daddy; how much do you need?~~~ . And so it goes.

Another observation I have about Southern as opposed to Northern racism, is that the Northern racist is a racist with no remorse or white guilt. In many cases he is from one of the three main Northern ethnic groups; Italian, Irish, or Polish. And in his mind, he didn't own and damn slaves, and his ancestors came to this country and worked just as hard as some of the slaves did. So he makes no apology for slavery and it's legacy. And in his mind, your black ass should go get a job, and stop begging the government for handouts. The government has done more than enough for you, so it's time to get off your black ass and work. All the time not realizing that his white ass benefited from slavery because of the mere color of his skin. Yeah, your ancestors might not have owned slaves, but people who look like them sure did. It never ceases to amaze me for instance, how white folks will lose their minds over this cities pro quarterback. -who happens to be black-They buy their kids his tea shirt, they pay to see him play, and if he were to ever come around in person, they would lose their natural minds. Yet, these same people, will fire bomb a black families house if they ever had the audacity to move on their block.

In the South there is more guilt to the racism, so they are more polite, more gracious, and more patronizing. When people say that racism is more up front in the South they are wrong. That is a myth and an inaccurate stereotype which started in the fifties and sixties and just carried over to this day. If anything, it's more that way in the North, more open and up front. In the South, like everything else, there is a certain politeness and genteel ism to racism, and it drives me crazy. Here up North, we are more angry, because we have to live on top of one another, and force ourselves to co-exist, while all the time protecting our turfs. There is no pretense, because we don't have time for it.

Finally, of course, there is the obvious differences. Southern racism is institutionalized, and takes on a group form. There are still segregated the colleges, segregated organizations, segregated churches, and social clubs. Northern racism is individualized it's the individual that's a racist, and not the institutions of government, or groups. It's the individual who tries to keep you out of his neighborhood and home, it's the individual who makes racist jokes behind your back, and who secretly tenses up every time he is alone with you. This is Northern racism, and of the two, I must confess, that it's the form of racism that I do a better job of dealing with.

The truth of the matter is, racism, regardless of where you experience it is bad. And when it is exploited for political gain it is particularly insidious. It's a sad day indeed when one of our national parties resort to these tactics to hold on to power. But hey, what else do we expect when we live in a country where power trumps everything else? Even common decency and moral courage. It's called America folks, and we better get used to it.

I wonder what the weather is like in Cali these days?

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