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    Caseybabes, I am afraid I won't be as gracious as Jill. Let me put it to you like this: Anytime a bunch of white people would rather have a bag of sh&% at their dinner table than a person of color, there is racism in America!

    I am glad there is no longer racism in YOUR America, but in the America I see every day, it's alive and well. And yes, it cuts many ways. I know black people who can't stand white folks, and Puerto Ricans who can't stand Dominicans.

    BTW, I still live in Philly, and it's still a segregated city. So with all due respect to you and Jill, we haven't come that far after all.

    Now the question we must ask ourselves is, how do we go about changing things? I think the first thing we must do is stop being hypocrites about our feelings towards one another, and stop making excuses for each other when we are exposed.        

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    I could have sworn I posted somethnig. Yo Jeff, was I censored? I don't think I said anything wrong :)

    Just checking.

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    The British Medical Association says that there has been over 655,000 deaths in Iraq, and the Iraqi Health MInistry says 150,000 since the war started. I think that about covers my average. But you are right about one thing, I should not have limited my  comparison to Baghdad, but to Iraq as a whole.

    So thanks for the observation. But I stand by my  point. To compare Baghdad to Philly is insane.      

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    Terry, you make an interesting point, and I feel compelled to try to answer your question. It's like this: we-black folks-have come to expect racism from the South, and when it manifests itself from them, it doesn't really bother us as much. I don't think we expect to see it from the West coast or the North-which is wrong, because racism is everywhere-and when we get even a hint of it-the coolness that you described-it freaks us out.

    As for Clinton and the democrats, I think it's a comfort zone with them. I guess since we have been with the dems for so long it developed over the years. We don't have it with the republicans, and we can feel it and so can they-that sixth sense i talked about- thus, the uncomfortable feeling we both have around each other. Whether it's Northern republican or Southern republican, we just ain't comfortable together.

    Will that ever change? I am not sure it will in our life time. And all the focus groups and outreach in the world by the republican party will never change that simple fact.    

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    I co sign with what everyone said. I have mad love for MyDD, because you give guys like me a voice.


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    Good point Terry about the rural Irish. But i think you missed my point. I understand that the English have just as much hangups when it comes to race, as any other group. Trust me, I was born in a British colony. But I am referring to ethnic enclaves in cities like Philly,Boston,and Chicago when I talk about white guilt for slavery etc. Honestly, this comes straight from the horses mouth. I have Irish friends who tell me this every time we get into one of these discussions. So I know about that which I speak.

    BTW, Harold is no friend of mine ideology wise, and I would have preferred a candidate that did not vote as often with the republicans. The fact that he is black doesn't give him a pass in my book. But if it's between him and Corker,I guess I would have to hold my nose and vote for him.

    Having said all of that, it still, doesn't excuse the type of campaign that the party of dividers have been waging against him.        

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    SB, do you have a web site? I love your style, and obviously your ideology. You are right on with your postings!


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    "Mostly, I haven't the faintest idea whether folks commenting here are male or female, far less what their ethnic heritage (if that's the expression) might be.

    So much the better, I rather think: we can judge contributions on the quality of the material alone (kind of the equivalent of the content of their character thing).

    Perhaps that's because we're 100% a bunch of white boys - but I'd wager the odd coin that the demo is slightly more diverse."

    Good point, but some contributions commenting on certain issues need to be addressed by a person of color. I write posts on My DD all the time, and I doubt seriously if people don't know my ethnicity when I do, as my handle -field-negro-doesn't leave much for the imagination.

    I do think it's ridiculous to say they are not many black bloggers, as a previous poster stated, check out "negrophile" there are over 400 of us.

    Is it a major problem that there were no blacks in Bubba's picture? No, but it's problematic nevertheless. In my opinion, as black bloggers we need to try to become more relevant by demanding a seat at the table, whether it be the democratic or republican one. Then, maybe there won't be a white out in future pictures that are supposed to represent bloggers.

    BTW, I am still looking in the mail for my invitation to attend the conference.    

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    No Sitkah, i think it's the repubs that saw him as a savior. Something new for them, their way of saying, hey see, we can bring Af. Americans into our party and lift them up to positions of power.

    Dems already had their Af. American poster boys, so Colin was no big deal.  

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    Amen blues ;)

  • No risk taken Prince. I appreciate your candor, and your perspective. Unfortunately, like so many other things in American folklore and history, the Uncle Remus stories have been used in a negative way to demean and portray blacks. The point is,that somewhat supposedly as sophisticated as a politician should have had the smarts, to understand the insensitivity of the remark in the first place.

    But thanks again.  

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    I agree with you Xpatriated, and when I tell you I want to give the repub party a chance; I really do. Because I think it's bad for any group to think as a monolith. But I don't care how much outreach Ken Mehlman and his group tries to do by running black candidates, it wont work if his party continues to have guys like Mr. Allen etc. running for major offices under his parties banner.


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    What can I saw, other that a picture is worth a thousand words. The video tape is there for the world to see so no running from this one Georgie Porgie:)  

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    Hi CD, nice to hear from you too.
    I know what you mean. I tutor too (Philly Reads program) but after the kids leave the program,I, like you, wonder what they are doing. Unfortunately,I don't follow up like I should, because I am always scared to find out what I suspect.  
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    OK ok I will amend # five. If the black person approaching the car is properly dressed and the old people still locked their doors; well, they might be racist.

    So if you marked TRUE for that one, give yourself a point.



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