The Real Threat

It's 11:45 Sunday night and the field can't sleep or concentrate on his work. Why? Well it seems the world is this close [that's my two fingers inches apart from each other] to becoming one large microwave oven. Yes folks, my man Kim Jong Crazy looks like he did test that nuke of his, and in essence, has shook his d&&k at the United States and the rest of the Western World. Now I see on CNN where some South Korean Ambassador is threatening economic sanctions against Kim Crazy and his crew. Like what good is that going to do? The people there are already starving, and unless you are a soldier in that country, you damn near only eat one meal a day anyway. I guess the Chinese stepping in to try to stop Kim Jong Crazy at the last minute didn't help either huh.

Folks, we all know what a mess frat boy made of the Middle East, but this will go down as the biggest foreign policy blunder of his reign, and probably of any President in American History. Yes even greater than LBJ and his failed effort in Vietnam. Because if this whack job in North Korea really has nuclear capabilities at his finger tips, there is no telling what type of damage he can do. I know hind site is 20/20, but Condi ,frat boy, and the crew should have joined those talks with Japan, South Korea, and North Korea. Or at the very least, unilaterally engaged them. Isn't it funny how we went after Saddam unilaterally, but we insist on a multilateral approach with North Korea? We should have shown some good faith, and let Kim Jong Crazy know that it's not personal, but the world just can't afford another nuclear power right now. I mean it's bad enough that we have India, Pakistan, and possibly Iran, packing the ultimate weapon. But to have North Korea join this little party...well let's just say the field doesn't sleep as well at nights knowing of those prospects.

I hate to beat a dead horse, well f%^k it, I am going to beat him anyway. If frat boy had not declared North Korea a part of the axis of evil, and damn near declared to the world that the North Koreans are our enemy, maybe we wouldn't be having to worry about Kim firing underground nukes with the capabilities of destroying 200,000 people. And if you are going to make those statements frat boy, you had better know how to back them up, and not commit our military and it's resources to the Middle East to take down mustache man. If we are going to accuse the North Koreans like we did in 2002 of violating their 1994 agreement with us by enriching uranium to weapons grade, then we had better be damn sure they did. Now, given the lies that we were told about Iraq, I am not even so sure that Pyongyang did violate the terms of that 1994 agreement between them and Washington. Yes, frat boy said they did, and we all know how reliable his administration has become. He said they had WMD's in Iraq too.

Now I am not totally absolving Bubba for this mess either. In 1991 North Korea set up an economic zone with the South, and wanted to move forward with more progressive economic policies. In my humble opinion, the Clinton administration did not do enough to facilitate this and were a little short sighted in how they handled North Korea. After the fall of the Soviet Union more should have been done to bring North Korea in line economically with other countries. Instead, we let China play the big benefactor, and they damn near controlled little brother North Korea, by being their sole supporter and provider of military equipment, and trade. But the real blame for the mess we are in lies with frat boy. I mean Stevie Wonder could see that Kim Crazy had his back to the wall. After the United States and her allies stopped sending him oil, and basically cut him off economically, just what did we expect him to do, but play the only trump card he has? Which is the threat of a nuclear weapon against mankind, and any nation that can supply him with food and energy.

Hey, it's been all down hill for our palls from the North ever since the division of the Korean Peninsula in 1945, and they look at their brothers to the South, and there is envy. I can't say that I blame them either. The South is booming, and the North is starving, and all that they-the North- has to maintain their pride is their military. A smart diplomat would have seen that, and a smart President would have recognized that the real threat to our security, is not the crazy man in Baghdad with the beard, but the short little man in Pyongyang with the f^&%d up haircut.

So here we are folks, on the verge of World War III. Serious this time; not some made up neo con war. This time, because the stakes are so high for the North Koreans, their people are starving, and their backs are to the wall, we could be in for some serious s#^*t. Let's hope the Chinese step in and talk some sense into that little mini me looking psycho. Because lord knows we can't depend on Condi and her crew to do it. She is too busy flying in and out Bushdad, and trying to make sure frat boy's faux war on terror remains front and center. This of course is essential to get the rethuglicans elected to the majority again in November.

Here is hoping that by the time I wake up tomorrow, the report on CNN will have been proven to be false, and Kim didn't test fire that nuclear missile after all. But somehow, the field doesn't have a good feeling about this. You know what, I think I will sleep in my basement tonight. I wonder where Condi is sleeping right about now? Wherever it is, I hope her phone works.

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