New Mexico Polling Released

The first independent polls of the campaign have been released; the Sanderoff-Journal polls are generally very accurate, and Sanderoff is a respective New Mexico pollster.

If you have read my blog before, you can guess which Congressional race is in play -- yup, the Patricia Madrid - Heather Wilson matchup in the First Congressional District.  Let's take a look at that race and its poll first.

Brian Sanderoff had his poll 45-42, with Wilson in the lead.  Ten percent are undecided, and the rest (three percent) say they aren't going to vote for either; the margin of error is 4.8 percent.  This is in line with the Dem poll taken a couple weeks back.

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NM-01: USA Today Profiles Race, Wilson's Ties to Bush

It's nearing Labor Day and the elections are kicking their way into the home stretch.  The finish line is within sight.  The white flag is being waved (that's auto racing, not a surrender flag, folks).  It's the bell lap.  How many racing metaphors can I use?

Anyway, attention is starting to be amped up on the close races around the country.  Included is our humble little race here in New Mexico, Patricia Madrid and Heather Wilson.  Yesterday, the USA Today profiled the NM-01 race and Heather Wilson's loyalty to President Bush.

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Don't Call Them Aliens

I was listening to Fresh Air on KANW while in my car today.  I listen to Fresh Air just about every day; Terry Gross is a very good interviewer, and while sometimes the subjects can be dry, other times her interviews are classics.

But the best part of today's show was not an interview (with all apologies to Gross) - it was a segment of Geoffrey Nunberg, a linguist and professor at Stanford.  Nunberg talked about the use of the word "alien" as it applies to illegal immigration.

This piqued my interest, because I recently was involved in a debate (actually friendlier than most) with someone else in the blogosphere about the usage of the word "alien" - I said that the word was disrespectful.  Nunberg discusses the problems with using "alien".

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