More and Better Udalls: Outside Magazine Profiles the Family

We have two great candidates running for Senate in the Mountain West.  The two are cousins from a great Democratic political family -- the Udalls.  Tom Udall and Mark Udall are both looking like great chances to turn two red Senate seats blue.  And these aren't Bush Dog Dems.

As I mentioned, they are from a great political family, the Udalls.  Mark (the Colorado Udall) is the sun of famed Representative Mo Udall. Mo Udall was an Arizona Congressman from 1961 to 1991.  He served from when John F Kennedy was in office to just before Bill Clinton replaced the first President George Bush.  And he did great work during his tenure on many issues -- most notably the environment.

More on the Udall family and the feature on them in Outside magazine below the fold.

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New Mexico to Hillary - So What About Those Super Delegates?

Note: You can also follow the New Mexico Super Delegates at the Super Delegate Transparency Project.

If you say you knew what a super delegate was before this year's Democratic Presidential race... you're either lying or you are a legendary political junkie.  Or maybe you were once a super delegate yourself.

And many of those who now know about the existence of super delegates still do not know who are super delegates and how one becomes a super delegate.  To become a super delegate, you must be a current or former elected officeholder or a DNC party official.  So who are the super delegates in New Mexico and who do they support?

Go below the fold to see.

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Who's Running in New Mexico: Post Filing Deadline Edition

We interrupt your arguing about the Presidential primaries to tell you about some other important primary races.

Yesterday was the filing deadline in New Mexico. So today, we definitively know who is running for the Senate, First Congressional District, Second Congressional District and Third Congressional District seats on for both the Democratic and Republican nominations.  

And every single seat has at least one competitive primary for a very simple reason: All three House seats in New Mexico and a Senate seat are all open seats without an incumbent running.  Crazy times in New Mexico.

So  the final, definitive edition of Who's Running in New Mexico for 2008, and a little bit of analysis, is below the fold:

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Barack Obama in Albuquerque: "The More Americans Prosper, The More America Prospers"

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We can transform this economy, we can transform this country, we can transform this world.
- Sen. Barack Obama in Albuquerque

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama stopped by for a visit to New Mexico.  And this wasn't some ten-minute airport rally.  He went to Albuquerque's Kiva Auditorium for an Economic Summit (which I attended) and was headed up to Santa Fe for another event.  

I have to say, there was a palpable mood of excitement at the Albuquerque event.  The doors to the event opened at 11:30, and the event was slated to begin at 1:15. I arrived to the Convention Center (where the Kiva Auditorium is located), and the line was already out the door.  The line began on the second floor by the Kiva entrance, snaked through Ballroom A, down the stairs, snaked throughout the downstairs overflow room, out the other doors to the overflow room, out the outside doors and along the street.

There were a lot of people.  And not just young people.  There were those too young to vote, those old enough to have voted for Carter.  There were black, there were white, there were hispanic.  It was not a homogeneous crowd; it was a truly New Mexican crowd.  All told, the event filled up the 2300-seat Kiva Auditorium, the massive overflow rooms set up with two large screens and there were still a thousand people waiting to get in.  Truly an impassioned crowd ready to see Obama.

Read more about the event below.

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NM-Sen: Chavez Dropped Out; What Does That Mean for NM?

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The two most dispirited people after hearing the news of Martin Chavez dropping out of the Senate race have to be Republican Senate candidates Heather Wilson and Steve Pearce.  The two will almost undoubtedly be involved in a contentious and expensive Republican primary, while Udall coasts to easy victory in the Democratic contest.

That will allow Udall to raise more money and have near-universal support among Democrats in the state.  Udall would have almost undoubtedly received a majority of the support of Democrats in the primary.  But the damage Chavez could have done while in the race attacking Udall while attempting to gain traction could have proved fatal to Udall's chances in the general election.

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New Mexico: Pete Domenici Still In Pocket of Big Oil, Energy

It looks like Sen. Pete Domenici is still at it for his top donors even while he is on his way out of the Senate.  Domenici criticized an energy bill because it put too much emphasis on clean energy.  In other words, his donors have to be pissed.

What Domenici had to say in an statement, via John Fleck's excellent science blog at the ABQJournal:

"RPS places an unfair burden on states that lack the natural resources to meet a new renewable electricity standard.  Consumers that live in such states--many in the South--will undoubtedly be forced to pay substantially higher electricity rates, with no additional renewable electricity to show for it.  Why should the average rate payer in Kentucky or Mississippi be punished because their state doesn't naturally have the resources to produce this type of energy?
More under the fold.

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NM-01: One Tasty and Several More Reasons Why to Donate to Martin Heinrich

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There are many reasons to support Martin Heinrich's run for Congress. A lot of reasons why pitching in a few bucks online would be money well-spent.  He's a principled progressive Democrat with a record in the Albuquerque City Council to prove it.  He was willing to run against the odious Heather Wilson before she flew the coop to run for Senate.  He is currently running against the possibly even-more odious Darren White

And, of course, if you pitch in a couple dollars, you have a chance at free pie.  Read about it and some other less-important reasons to support Heinrich under the fold.

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NM-02: Meet Bill McCamley. He's Running for Congress.

Second Congressional District candidate Bill McCamley made another outreach to the netroots today with the release of two YouTube videos.  You can watch them at Bill McCamley's YouTube channel WatchBill.

The first video is of McCamley at the Democratic State Party Convention (the convention highjacked by Tom Udall's announcement that he'll need another couple weeks to decide if he'll run for Senate).  McCamley quickly pointed out he has been running for months, and he is running because "Steve Pearce represents all that is bad in Washington to people in this room." Not just the people in that room, McCamley.

More under the fold.

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NM-02: Domenici Retirement Fallout

Sen. Pete Domenici's retirement has set off a political domino effect all the way down the line of New Mexico politics.  Potential Gubernatorial races, Congressional races and even State House and Senate races have and will be affected by the Senator's announcement of a resignation.

Previously, I have discussed the effects on the First Congressional District and the Senate race itself.  Tomorrow, I will discuss the current and potential effects on the Gubernatorial race.  Now, I will discuss the Second Congressional District race and how Domenici's retirement has and will affect the race.

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NM-01: Domenici Retirement Fallout

With Pete Domenici's retirement, there has been a domino effect in New Mexico's political landscape.

A quick recap:  One of the members of the House (Heather Wilson) is running for Senate.  Another is considering a run for the Senate (Steve Pearce).  The news that the third (Tom Udall) wouldn't run was nearly front page news.  One Democratic gubernatorial candidate pulled out of the race for Governor to run for Senate (Martin Chavez), a second may soon follow (Diane Denish) and the current governor, also a Presidential candidate (Bill Richardson), may run as well.

Yesterday, I discussed who is in and out of the race for Domenici's seat in New Mexico.  Today, I will discuss the First Congressional District and how the race is looking at this early juncture.

Tomorrow, I will discuss how the race will affect the Second Congressional District (currently held by Steve Pearce).  Crossposted at New Mexico FBIHOP

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