How New Mexico Shapes the Off-Shore Drilling Debate

Note: Daily Kos diarist Environmentalist had a great guest post at Democracy for New Mexico on this subject.  Also a recced diary at Kos.

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You may wonder what New Mexico, as landlocked as any state, has to do with off-shore drilling.  Let's just say isn't much threat of oil platforms dotting the landscape of Tingley Beach.

But with Pete Domenici as the ranking member on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and Jeff Bingaman as the chairman of that same committee, New Mexico holds some significant sway in any energy policy discussion.  Add in the fact that our governor, Bill Richardson, is a former Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton and we have even more clout in energy policy discussions.  

Read more about it below.

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A Note on Talking About Polls

We've all seen horrible reporting on the facts on polling.  We've all seen people misinterpret polls, exaggerate, even blatantly lie.  I give many people the benefit of the doubt; they probably just don't know better.

A great resource which was forwarded to me from an AP writer is this link from the National Council on Public Polling.  It is "20 Questions a Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results." It is an invaluable resource any journalist or blogger who mentions or writes about polling.

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McCAin in the Pocket of Big Beer

Over at the New Mexico Independent, the online news organization for which I write, Gwenyth Doland writes about the politics of beer.

John McCain's wife, as you all know by now, is beer heiress Cindy Hensley McCain. What you may not know (or remember) is that Cindy McCain's father and uncle -- former bootleggers -- owned the Ruidoso Downs racetrack in the 1950s. Back then the Hensleys caused quite a stir with their connections to a reputed mob boss named Kemper Marley, who later was implicated in the 1976 bombing death of Arizona investigative journalist Don Bolles.

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New Mexico Primaries By the Numbers

A version of this appears at New Mexico FBIHOP and Daily Kos

New Mexico had our primaries on Tuesday.  Everything but the Democratic Presidential primaries were on the ballot.  Three open house seats, an open senate seat and the Republican Presidential race.  

Not to mention every single state House and Senate race.  It was a pretty good day, warm, no wind, and a lot of people heading out to their local school or library to vote.

Oddly enough, for New Mexico, we know the winners of every single race already.  We're used to having our elections then waiting for a couple of days before readying ourselves to announce tot he world just who won.  There were some extremely close races, and some blowouts.

The great news?  Progressives in the house and senate races ousted DINOs in three seats.

While the only numbers that officially matter are who received how many votes in each race, there were some other interesting numbers that came out of the Tuesday election.  Let's do this in a "By the numbers" style.

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Choose Your Own Adventure, Er, Vote Total

Does anyone else remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books?  The ones where you got to make choices and decide what the main character was going to do next (or to "choose your own adventure"). My favorite was one that had something to do with a bicycle and a cone-shaped machine that eliminated air resistance.

As a kid, I loved those books.  Thanks to those books and countless Hardy Boys, Tom Swift and Redwall books, I grew to love reading books and still do.  I'll read a couple of books a week if given the chance.

But now over at, one of my daily must-reads, Nate (or as I like to call him, the Analyst Formerly Known as Poblano) has something suited for all of us -- a choose your own vote total counter.

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My Thoughts on the RBC Committee's Ruling

No matter what happened today, someone was going to be pissed.  Someone's supporters would be complaining about the decision.  We all knew this going in.

Were the results fair?  Depends on your point of view.

First of all, the results of both states were clearly not fully representative of the full amount of people who wished to vote.  In either state.  Voters were told repeatedly, including by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Since the main bone of contention with the RBC ruling seems to be Michigan, I'm going to go ahead and just concentrate on Michigan first, and spend the most time discussing this.

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He Won the Game

I think this is the first non-New Mexico diary I have wrote in quite a while.

I come to MyDD daily to look at the news from another perspective.  The Breaking Blue function is probably the most useful tool on the blogosphere for getting good state-level progressive news.  I use it to highlight stories from New Mexico that might be important to others.  

But one diary made me laugh when I saw the title in the sidebar: She won the second-half. This is obviously referring to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's Presidential race; alegre, the diarist, is a huge Clinton supporter.

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Getting Vaster: My Weekend at the New Organizing Institute Blogger's Summit

or, Sowing the Seeds of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Dozens of progressive bloggers descended upon Washington DC for a Blogger's Summit this weekend. From the reddest of red states to the bluest of blue, from huge state blogs to smaller state blogs, from bloggers on black issues to bloggers on Latino issues, it was truly a diverse group of bloggers.  Oh, and at times,  it seemed as if half the people at the bloggers hailed from California, Colorado and Michigan.

The effort by the New Organizing Institute, the Center for American Progress, Media Matters and the Arca Foundation was phenomenal, and my hat is off to them.

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New Mexico: Week In Review (March 1 Edition)

Not quite as big a news roundup as last week. The start of the week was a bit slow, but the pace picked up near the end of the week.  Nothing as big as last week which featured the end of operations at the Albuquerque Tribune (still weird to walk by a newspaper machine at 3:00 in the afternoon and see a Journal staring out at you), but still some news happened.


There were two Presidential match-up polls released this week for the state of New Mexico, and both showed Senator Barack Obama did better than Senator Hillary Clinton against Senator John McCain.  But both polls painted drastically different general election pictures.

Crossposted at New Mexico FBIHOP

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Support or Start Your Own Local Blog

Full disclosure: I run a state-level blog which is part of Blogs United and the 50 State Blog Network.

Going into this year's important elections, not only is there a chance for a historic Presidential election, but there is a chance to expand our majorities in both the House and Senate.  While national blogs are great places to follow the House and Senate races (personally, I prefer Swingstate Project and the new and improved Senate Guru), there is another growing section of the blogosphere that is growing.

State and local blogs are growing not only in number, but also in readership and influence.  And they are still great places to get news in your home state that you otherwise might not see if you only looked at the national-level blogs.

Or, as Betsy Muse put it in this week's 50-State Blog Roundup:

One way to stay on top of this is to follow along with the state blogs. We're discussing our congress critters and their shenanigans long before it hits the national scene. Stop by. Check us out. You too can be the first to know.
Also available at Daily Kos

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