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    I'm sure the next 10 million won't take that long to get!  

  • You can donate to Madrid's campaign here

    Main Office address

    200 Oak St. NE #4
    Albuquerque, NM 87106

  • New Mexico looking good!

    It looks like that ten point zogby spread isn't as farfetched as we all thought.

    I think with the crosstabs, I'll have some blog fodder for a few days over at NM FBIHOP.

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    I've heard rumors of an NM-01 poll that shows Madrid ahead of Heather Wilson by one (my post on it here.

    Of course, it's a reportedly a Democrat-commissioned poll, but that would still be some major news -- even if Madrid was within one, it would be big news.

    Sunday we get another independent poll in the race from our local paper, the Albuquerque Journal.

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    I am a writer over at New Mexico FBIHOP, and I have definitely noticed a (relatively) big uptick in traffic in the past few weeks.  

    While it's nowhere near 100M page views a month (that number alone would take decades for me to reach), my traffic has doubled on weekdays.  

    As it grows nearer to the election, I hope it will grow even more.

    Of course, having a competitive House race (NM-01) makes things easier to generate traffic.

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    Maybe the DCCC should have done a little more homework in money spent in New Mexico.  

    During the ad that airs in New Mexico, there is a shot of a desert, and a handful of saguaro cacti.  One problem -- we don't have saguaro cacti in New Mexico.  That's Arizona.

    You might not think this is a big problem, but New Mexicans will look at this and say, "Are you serious!?"  And the debate on the cactus will just draw attention away from the real point of the ad -- tying Heather "Rubberstamp" Wilson to George Bush.

    While I'm sure their intentions are good, they need to make sure to use the money more effectively.

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    I wrote about this over at FBIHOP

    I didn't realize quite how much of a nutjob Weldon was until I started looking at the news stories he was in.


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