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    Same here in New Mexico. But it looks like I've scraped together enough money, dug up enough quarters from beneath the couch cushions to upgrade to soapblox sometime next week.

    It would be nice if BlogPac, or some other organization, helped blogs make the transition TO a community blog.

  • That's what we are going to be upgrading to soon.  It looks easy and relatively cheap.

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    By mid-February, New Mexico FBIHOP should make the switch over to a full-fledged community blog.

  • Same bat-time, same bat-channel?

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    I'm the writer of New Mexico FBIHOP (or, a writer, rather).  We're looking into upgrading to a community blog -- actually, we have decided to do so, but the only problem is the matter of funding.

    While upgrading to Soapblox is a $75 one-time fee, and $15 a month afterwards, that is still a high cost for some of us.  I hate to sound like I'm begging, but is the sort of thing that BlogPAC would be helping out with?

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    I'm a blog-writer and reader.

    And a poor, young, Hispanic male college student.  I guess I'm an anomaly.

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    So far, I am five of six on my playoff predictions; I really thought the Ravens would take care of Peyton Manning at home.

    But tomorrow, I see the Bears beating the Seahawks (the 'hawks just aren't a good team and benefited greatly from being in the weakest division in the NFL), and the Chargers narrowly beating the Patriots.

    I know Belichick is a great coach and all, but I don't see how he can stop LDT.

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    Thanks, I'll check it out.  I guess I should shoot LPackard an e-mail about this now...

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    We have been looking into upgrading our New Mexico blog, New Mexico FBIHOP, for some time now.  But we decided that we would wait until after the election so nothing would happen in that critical time.

    Of course, our candidate, Patricia Madrid, lost, but that's not the point.

    I think that upgrading to a Scoop blog would be something that we would consider, but we really don't know that much about it.  We don't know what kind of work this would entail, how much bandwidth it would require, etc.

    In other words -- anyone have any personal experience or suggestions for us over here in New Mexico?

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    Futurama movie!?  


  • Domenici has said that he will run again.

    If Domenici runs, it is his seat, no question, no argument, no serious challenger.

    However, if he doesn't... things get very, very interesting in New Mexico.  We could see all three Representatives going out for the Senate seat, the biggest city's mayor and possibly the Lt. Governor.  

    One NM blogger has even floated the possibility of Bill Richardson going for the Senate job if his Presidential run doesn't work out.  If that is so,  no one else will make a serious run at the job; Richardson is as popular, if not more, than Domenici.

  • Everyone thinks he is going to retire.  And that Heather Wilson will make a run at his seat. But Steve Pearce could make a run at it also -- Pearce could take down Wilson in the primary, but would have no chance in the general election.

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    we'll have polls taken tomorrow...

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    All paper ballots here in NM, I enjoyed filling in the bubbles; felt like the ACTs all over again (OK, I didn't enjoy that part).

    I don't live in NM-01 (though I blog about it), so I couldn't cast my vote for Patricia Madrid.  Instead, I got to vote for a very, very good Representative: Tom Udall.  Jeff Bingaman (D) will win easily for Senate, and Bill Richardson will carry 65% of the vote here.

    The only question with these three is how much they'll win by.

    The only D I didn't vote for was down ballot, I just don't think he's right for the job.

    But that said, it was a not-very bad voting experience.  10:45 am is a good time to go to the polls, if you can.

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    Another name that needs to be on the list is Tom Udall, from here in NM.  He's a good guy, and is running against a no-name opponent.  Udall has a pretty large warchest, considering 95% of New Mexicans couldn't name his opponent if he danced in front of them with a "Hi My Name is..." sign on his chest.

    It's seriously that bad.  But Udall should be added to the list.


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