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    This would be a horrible idea.

    All it would do is embolden the Right further on a number of fronts -- bringing back the "Hillarycare" thing that energizes the right almost as much as Obama in office, take her attention away from foreign policy issues (unless you think all those problems are solved now) among many, many other things.

    I like Hillary, but no. Let her do her job.

    Make Sebelius do hers.

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    Phil Plait does consistently great blog posts about space, has great pictures from NASA, he can explain things in a way that a layman can understand (most of the time) and he is a great debunker of pseudo-science and denialists of all kinds (antivax, creationists, etc.)

    A must read every day.

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    Automated pollsters can be every bit as accurate as live-person pollsters.

    It's just the weighting and the sampling that they use is notoriously conservative-leaning. It could happen just as easily with a live-person calling (see Resurgent Republic).

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    both the Senate and House are Democratic majorities. And every statewide seat except for State Land Commissioner is held by Democrats (Auditor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Secretary of State)

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    So does the college support the death penalty as the Republican Party does? How about the war in Iraq?

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    Isn't it funny how being solidly in power and having done very well the past two elections makes it easier to recruit top-tier candidates?

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    That's what I was thinking. Both NM Senators were there, it appears. Bingaman and Udall.

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    I'm not really happy about it because it doesn't change anything. It doesn't change all the deaths that have resulted from the Iraq war. It doesn't change the fact that our economy is in the toilet. It doesn't change the fact that New Orleans is still in disarray. It doesn't change the fact that thousands are losing their jobs every day.

    It's just another embarrassing moment in an embarrassing presidency. Everyone is applauding this, and I ask, "Why?"

    Why do you applaud the fact that someone has driven the office of Presidency to such a disrespect that journalists are driven to throw their shoes at them, a sign of huge disrespect in their culture? You may say, "Huzzah!"

    Instead, I'm saddened not that this happened -- but rather because it was made possible because of our lowest international standing perhaps ever.

    So don't applaud this symbolic, useless act that is great fodder for cable news networks and the Daily Show. Instead, work to make sure that we repair our country so this never happens again.

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    We're doing some good things in New Mexico. We not only went big for Obama after being the closest in the nation the past two elections (~6,000 votes for Bush in '04 and 366 votes for Gore in '00), but we now have both Senators and all three Representatives as Democrats -- at least three of which (Sen-elect Udall, Rep.-elect Lujan and Rep.-elect Heinrich) who are good progressives.

    Also, in the state legislature, we kicked some conservative Dems out for progressive Dems. And we took out some Republicans to expand our already impressive leads in the Senate and House.

    We are already ahead of our neighbors -- we're working on the "better Democrats" part of the equation, and doing so on the local level.

  • I'm going to do Bernalillo county, precinct by precinct. It's 423 precincts, so it should be loads of fun.

  • Well since Sandoval is a traditionally Republican county, I wouldn't be so quick to add it. I'd say expanding into McKinley and giving some of the SE to the 3rd CD would be useful. Maybe also giving some of Torrance to the 3rd CD and some friendlier ground for the 1st CD.

  • Since LBJ was elected. It's been a long time.

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    lots of work, but hope people can use this info.

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    Damn Buddhist terrorists.

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    It depends on the campaign. For the most part, people seem to be happy that there is someone who likes writing about politics so much.


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