Two Undecided Voters Barred from McCain/Palin Event

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Two undecided voters from Richmond, Virginia were denied entry into the John McCain and Sarah Palin rally at the Albuquerque convention center on Saturday night because they interacted with the protesters across the street.

KOAT TV was on the scene to get the juicy story on Charles Anderson and Larissa Carpenter (not sure on the spelling).

After waiting in the long line (the protesters were stationed near the end of the line and the line itself stretched into the distance).

"We were passing the Obama people, and I said 'Go Obama!'" Carpenter told KOAT.

The two videotaped a McCain lackey telling the two they could not come in because it is a private event. Then they told them they didn't have the right to videotape this; of course, they were on a public sidewalk, and have the right to tape it.

After the way they were treated, they have decided on a candidate to support -- Barack Obama.

Good way to treat potential constituents. For what it's worth, I saw a few people there who were Obama supporters or undecided voters but wanted to go to the rally. Good thing they didn't express those thoughts.

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This issue really has legs.


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