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    is running for president. And my birthday isn't even until next week.  This is just too fun.

  • Do you know if the register is doing any polls soon? They are the best, and from the last poll they did was pretty interesting (the one with Obama getting 9.6 percent in the Republican field).

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    Is it by where the farmer's market is? Over by the capitol, I can't remember the neighborhood name.  Could you give street names please?  I now live in IC, but am from DSM.  IN case you are wondering I have only seen Obama's HQ in Iowa City, and it is in downtown, one block from the bars (pedmall) and one block from the campus. Haven't seen a sign like that, all the signs there now are hand painted.

  • Just a little FYI- Obama has already won a straw poll in Iowa (at the Johnson County Fair), mind you this was in Iowa City one of the most liberal parts of the state, the results (first ballot):

    Senator Barack Obama (IL)     206
    Senator Hillary Clinton (NY)     146
    Former Sen. John Edwards (NC)     96
    Gov. Bill Richardson (NM)     63
    Uncommitted     23
    Rep. Dennis Kucinich (OH)     18
    Senator Joe Biden (DE)     13
    Former Vice President Al Gore (TN)     12
    Senator Chris Dodd (CT)     6
    Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel (VA)     2
    Over vote     1
    Under vote (no target marked)     2
    (Total Republican Votes: 199)

    Anyone can vote at the fair, so long as they are 18, so I think it is a valid, random sample. I can't find second ballot or Obama-Romney General results, but the general was something like 65%-35% and the second ballot had Obama getting almost 300 votes.

    I think this has to do with the effect of Republicans voting for Obama (currently in R polls in Iowa he gets 9.6% or fourth place) and it should say something that his support is so strong amongst Republicans they now include him as an option.

  • Edwards is only in the teens in a state next door to him.

    Also Obama has a huge lead amongst Republicans (currently polling at 9.6 percent in Iowa).  If these people go to the Democrat primary, which is likely considering the dissatisfaction with their current candidates.

  • He got a job with OMB, which I think he will try and keep, that is if he is confirmed by the senate.

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    I would guess that he is not going to run, since he cannot raise the money needed and is not that popular here.  Also, his district includes some of the fastest growing suburbs of Waukee, West Des Moines, and Indianola.  This area (particularly Dallas county) has been bluing very fast over the past 4 years, because of the influence of 4000 Wells Fargo jobs from San Fransisco.  I would think he would opt to try and keep his seat, which is already going to be hard.

    I think the people to challenge Harkin would rather challenge the two freshman representatives.  I could see someone from the State House or Senate run against him. Or maybe someone with more visibility, but all those people endorsed project DESTINY, which was a huge failure (because it was a tax giveaway not for improving culture).

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    Because I think we all can agree Dems will pickup more than IA/NM and OH/FL, I would guess some Mountain West states.  Also IN,VA,NC and GA (given the right nominee maybe more).  

    It is more dangerous for what it means when the republicans are not running for the hills, then again if this turns out to be a landmark election like 1932 (and this thing fails because it is so transparent) it could be a very long time before we have a close election.

    Think about it, if Hillary wins and doesn't screw up, we then have Obama and Edwards in the wings (along with new comers).  If Obama or Edwards win, we get the Kennedy-style youth enthusiasm for a generation.  So long as Hillary doesn't become a drag on down ballot races, I'll take either.

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    I don't think "positioning" is the right term, I think her campaign referred to it as triangulation in the after debate for the AFL-CIO.  And in my opinion that vote in October 2002 showed EXACTLY how flawed, shameless, and desperate for the White House she is.  She jumped on the Iraq bandwagon because she thought it would be a success.  All she had to do was ask Bill if any of this was true, a guy 20 months removed from being in charge and someone who still received daily intelligence reports (if he chose to receive them, since all former presidents may).

    And we do not need another commander in chief president, we need a president for the people, not for the pentagon.  If she is running for commander in chief, why doesn't she just submit a resume for chairman of the joint chiefs, but if she is running for president then she needs to stop triangulating and start being bold.

  • Just wondering since both areyouready and iamready use the same term (ultra-liberals), and both bash everyone but Clinton, are you the same person?

  • I wouldn't say you "nailed it" Romney did not crush the field as you predicted.  This was a failure for Romney, I think.

  • I have to say I was surprised by both Tommy Thompson and Tom Tancredo.  But expectations for Paul and Huckabee were both about 3-5 percent. So I would say he did well, as did Tancredo.

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    Johnson's wife said that he should be back by the new year.  And I think any attacks on him would be viewed the same way as attacks on Elizabeth Edwards were. And I agree that Harkin is safe, just like I think that Grassley is safe. But here is a question, could Chet Culver run against Grassley in 2010, who defeated  his father?

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    And don't forget that Chet Culver won 54-45 amid the CIETC scandal. And I have talked to Harkin a couple of times at various events, but couldn't get a meeting this year when I went to Washington with the DM Partnership, from that I think he has even shifted left recently which bodes well.

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    I like that Craig of all people compared the FBI to the gestapo.  Of all the senators to say something this stupid, why not one who faces a tough reelection campaign in 2008?  

    Mr. Craig,
    We appreciate your gift of an Idaho senate seat for delivery in January 2009.  We will also look into whether this is tax deductible (we understand you like these things).  

    The Progressive Netroots and the working people everywhere


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