Calling Michael Moore's bluff (?)

You signed the petition, so tell us what that means now. Specifically, tell us if you’re planning to vote Obama in 2012. Can I hope that publicly describing your plans will put you on the line against the Democrats’ happening-right-now mass move to the right?

As noted by David Byron, Michael Moore put his credibility on the line a few weeks ago, getting a lot of us (well, not me) to sign this petition:

We just voted for you, the Democratic members of Congress, in the midterms. But our vote comes with one big condition: If you do not straighten up, get a spine and do what we expect of you, we will find alternate candidates to run against you in 2012. And we mean it.

Consider yourself on notice that you have just two more years to start doing the things we elected you to do. If you move one more inch to the "center" or to the right, you will never get our vote again.

Let’s call Michael Moore’s bluff (you can contact him right here) on this. With the Democrats' frothing mad rush to the right in just the last week (in the name of 'compromise', of course, not that Dems really _are_ (;-`) righties) -- all of Bush's tax cuts get a definite maybe, Don't Ask Don't Tell reform to be killed (see Democrats lean toward caving on "don't ask, don't tell"), Afghanistan withdrawal now 2014 and not 2011 (see Obama Administration Walking Away From 2011 Afghan Withdrawal) -- don't you think it's time that Michael Moore tells us his 2012 vote Democrat (?) plans? He signed the petition after all, and pushed thousands to sign it with him.

And what about President Obama, how will his extending the deadline for Afghanistan withdrawal three years, from 2011 to 2014, affect Moore’s 2012 presidential vote? That’s a strong, particularly deadly move to the right, so it means petition-signing Michael won’t be voting for Barack in 2012? And another move to the right: Obama has in the last week accepted extending nearly all or all of Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, already quietly 'compromising' (not that Obama wanted to do so (;-`), but the Republicans got elected and so we must be nice to them and do what they want, which is helping out the very rich) and indicating he's open to extending tax breaks for all of the wealthy except the richest zero-point-five percent of families:

A compromise could see the ceiling for the middle- class tax cuts increased to those earning up to $500,000 or $1m a year. Or there could be agreement to make permanent all the cuts except for the richest, extending those just for an extra year or two while the economic recovery takes hold.

In a further signal that the president is amenable to a deal, Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman, said the president did not believe making the top tax cuts permanent was a good idea but “he’s certainly willing to listen to both sides.”

Will this tax cuts ‘spinelessness’ display, greasing another giveaway to the wealthy, affect Moore’s 2012 voting plans? Ask the “Democrats need to grow a pair” petition-signing Michael Moore.

Want more? How about the whole ‘torture okay if done by Democrats’ thing, which just got clearer and uglier this week: Torture? Check. Covering Up Torture? Check. Rule of Law? Nope. Does torture get Michael Moore thinking ‘President Obama, NO MAS’? in 2012? And I won’t even get into the Obama-appointed Debt Commission’s right-wing schemes -- Panel Weighs Deep Cuts in Tax Breaks and Spending -- because President Obama won’t sign onto (much of) that till he gets back from overseas.

Anyway, let’s tell Mike: “You signed the petition, so tell us what that means now. Specifically, tell us if you’re planning to vote Obama in 2012. Can I hope that publicly describing your plans puts you on the line against the Democrats’ happening-right-now mass move to the right?”

Talking back to and calling the bluff of Michael Moore should be part of a larger project: finding out, one supposed progressive at a time, where the real left is in this country. If it’s anywhere. Let’s start with Michael Moore and find out if he’s the real thing or if his loyalties lie with the Democrats-in-name-only. Loyalty to Obama at his most ‘Blue Dog’ exposed will tell us all we need to know.

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Michael Moore

Michael Moore, Ralph Nader, Nancy Pelosi, Obama

All these people exist to get guys like George Bush and Sarah Palin elected.

If you want real reform you have to go slower and more carefully.

What great liberal achievements did Carter get us?  Dukkakis?  Mondale?  Kerry?

Even Obama may get everything but first Black president reversed...


We could have had Al Gore in 2000 if Nader wasn't trying to force the party to be Liberal enough.


Seriously was Al Gore not good enough for the greenies but 8 years of Bush and a great recession doesn't bother them?


Think about the untold misery and death brought on us by the greens, progressives and the GOP.


Tell Michael to sit down shut up and get with the program.  I am sick and tired of guys like him working to undermine the only thing between you and the GOP.


The liberal progressives have enough blood on their hands for a lifetime and now they are focused on a prolonged recession....


Will you ever get tired of the misery you are reeking and let the pragmatics get us out of the mess you made?

by donkeykong 2010-11-11 05:07AM | 0 recs


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