Why no federal investigation of the CBS papers??

The Bush administration has pulled off one of the greatest hoaxes ever--getting the CBS papers--and their storiy--discredited WITHOUT EVER PROVING A THING!! And without Bush or his people EVER denying they were real!!
Thats right, George Bush, the man whith the most knowledge about his own career, did not deny they were true NOR HAS HE HAD THEM INVESTIGATED OFFICIALLY!!
And the American people STILL don't know if they are real or not!!
Why not? Wouldn't you think that Bush would want to find the people responsible for Allegedly forging papers about his service?? Wouldn't you think he would want to find out where they came from and if there were any more??
Read below the fold!
I'm going to give you the short answer right now: The CBS papers are real and show crimes being committed by Bush's superiors on his behalf: falsification of USAF documents (i.e: "..I will backdate but not rate..." Col Jerry Killian)and conspiracy to do so.
Bush's superiors falsified USAF papers for him hiding his failure to take his physical and suspension and theyre dereliction of duty in not convening a flight board and puniishing him. Instead they kept him on ths books of the 11th as a pilot for over a year after he'd been suspended. Bush wa paid fraudulently as a p[ilot and discharged based on points given to him for pilkots duty he did not perform
(for a brillant, lengthy authoritive anlaysis of the way Bush's superiors cooked his books, see: http://www.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/opinion/lechliter.pdf This itself should have instigated an investigation!)
The BUsh people CAN'T have them investigated without all this coming out--its too obvious. Thats why they scrambled up the documents so--to hide what wasn't there, what was there and to confuse analysis. Any investigative reporter with enough sense top print out all Bush's military papers and arrance them chronologically will see the truth immediately--there's too much missing: like Bush's origibal suspension by Jerry Killian and Bush's signature confirminhg them. They had to be there and ESPECIALLY if the suspension was an administrative move
That why the Bush people never denied the truth of these, only returned them back to the media "uncommented on" Uncommented on??  Papers that libel  George Bush and sevewral other USAF officers??
The amount of disinformation that was put out is incredible, most notably this: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1213508/posts I have disproven many of these in a dailykos diary: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/1/7/114253/7435 This was written in January, I have since debunked more. NONE of the allegations I was able to check are true!!
Yet this is where it got left!! The federal government, with all the inestigative powers, left this to be decided by bloggers'
They shirked, and are shirking their duty to investigate these obvious USAF documents--USAF unit letterhead, official USAF business, signed  by the commander of the USAF unit in performance of his duties!!
The USAF let conservative bloggers decide if these USAF documents ARe real or not!!
How did this happen?? Somewhere, these got started being called "private papers" like Killian was "srapbooking" Bush memorabilia!! The BUsh Administration wants you to believe that he was writing these to himself!!
The USAF IG and Offisce of SPecial Investigations ARE REQUIRED to investigate them if theyre alleged to be false and they are shirking their clear cut duty!!
MAKE THE REPUBLICANS PROVE OR DISPROVE THESE PAPERS OFFICIALLY!! Not the Karl Rove Blogger's Court Way!! Not by releasing a bunch of bullshit talking points and having it die there!!
And the fact that the Republicans, and BUsh, with all the investrigative powers of the US government, have never shown ANY interst in finding out where they came from or if they were more should speak VOLUMES!!
They CAN'T investigate these papers, they reveal serious crimes.
Whoever reads this, help me get an investigation going!! Demand a federal investigation of these USAF documents that are alleged to be forged!! Think theyre forged? Then you should be demanding louder than me, forgery of USAF documents is a SERIOUS crime!! So is libel!!

Here is my latest demand to the USAF OSI and the IGs of the USAF and DoD--send one just likeit!! Demand that your elected representatives investigate these allegedly forged USAF documents!!
Its their duty AND IT IS THE LAW
This is the biggest scoop of the Bush Administration--and all we need to do is demand they do the right thing--investigate the CBS papers and prosecute any wrongdoing like they should have done  last September. What I am saying here is the legal, moral, law abiding thing to do. Crimes have been committed!! These important FEDERAL  (NOT private) papers are alleged to be forged and the entire federal government, including the USAF, is shirking their duty to investigate these papers.
I am going to give you now the evidence you need to spoil the rest of George Bush's whole day and the rest of the days of his administration.  This information is enough to haul Bush and his whole surviving chain of command into court. It will embarrass the Bush Administration and the fall out from the revelations about their media manipulation on these matters will damage their crediblity forever.
 I have been studying Bush's papers since they first started coming out
The Bush Administration has pulled off one of the greatest hoaxes in American History by getting the CBS Papers declared false WITHOUT ANY OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION AT ALL!!
Why no investigation?? Crimes have been committed whether these papers are forged or not!! Either someone forged documents that libel a sitting president and several USAF officers or, if the papers are real they prove conspiracy to falsify USAF documents by Bush's superiors.
THE USAF MUST INVESTIGATE THIS!! They are USAF documents!! Official USAF business, under letterhead of a USAF unit, signed or initialed by the commander of the unit in performance of his duties.
It would be easy for the federal authorities to prove or disprove these papers but so far, they have not, preferring to let the issue be decided in Blogger's Court. They have made no effort to investigate or disprove these papers, calling them "private papers. THIS IS A HUGE LIE!! They are FEDERAL documents!!
ISN'T THAT SUSPICIOUS?? Don't you think that they would prove these papers false officially--IF THEY COULD??
THEY CAN'T!!! ANY investigation of Bush's papers will show the irregularities I cite here and a lot more I don't. Contact me at the email given for the complete story, including the media manipulation, like: who decided these were "private documents, anyway? And why? (short answer: to cover Bush's and Burkett's asses)
Consider the facts: The man most libeled by these allegedly forged papers, who is also the most powerful man in the world, is not in the least curious to see where they came from or if there are any more!! Isn't THAT suspicious??
Wouldn't YOU be curious if you thought someone was circulating forged documents about YOU? Of course you would and you'd want to see them in jail!  Why doesn't Bush, the most powerful man in the world, with his party in complete control of the federal government??  Because the papers show WRONG DOING!! Serious wrongdoing, falsifying USAF documents, and defrauding the government ("...I will backdate but not rate..." Col Jerry Killian)
Why haven't they gone after Bill Burkett if the papers are forged??? They know FOR SURE that's where CBS got the papers. The answer to that is that Burkett is holding "the goods" on Bush. But Burkett has committed crimes here, one way or another--he either passed forged federal documents if the papers are false or STOLEN federal documents if the papers are real. WHY ISN'T THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION  INVESTIGATIING THIS??
The Bush people know right now whether these papers are real or not--they HAVE to, they've been in control of Bush's files for decades. It is ridiculous to think that someone thought he could forge documents about an event  that never happened but that's what they got everyone thinking--without ever proving a thing!!.
The Bush people led the media around by the nose on this whole issue, getting the story killed--stopped cold dead in its tracks and turned back on CBS--WITHOUT EVER PROVING A THING!!
And without George Bush EVER denying it!! The man who should know the most about about his own career NEVER DENIED THEY WERE REAL!!  BECAUSE HE CAN'T!!
The reason that the USAF and the feds aren't investigating this is obvious--when this comes out it will be the biggest scandal the USAF has ever seen. George Bush's superiors committed fraud on the USAF, falsifying USAF documents to hide Bush's dereliction of duty--his refusal to take his physical--and to cover their own: their failed duty to punish George Bush.
Bush should have been disciplined for not taking his physical but his superiors falsified documents to show he left their unit before they could take required action.
 George Bush and his superiors colluded to commit fraud on the USAF, his paperwork proves it--that's why they jumbled it up so much at their "document dump" in Feb 2004. They scrambled his papers throroughly--you don't do that to a record you're REALLY proud of.

Here is the SECOND demand i sent to the USAF IG and USAF OSI
HELP ME GET THESE PAPERS INVESTIGATED!! It's the legal, moral, law abiding thing to do, the RIGHT thing to do!! What do we pay the FBI for?? DON'T LET THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION WIN WITHOUT EVER PROVING A THING!!
And they won't get it from the Bush Administration--stand up for America and our party!
this could be the most important thing you ever do!!
I have reams and reams of evidence like this I have developed that I want to bring to an investigation. George Bush and his superiors committed fraud on the USAF and the American government. He was paid and discharged fraudulently!
Anybody interested in seeing it can contact me at:
Or read these Daily KOS diaries of mine

Inspector General Department of Defense
Inspector General, Us Air Force
US Air Force Office of Special Investigations

Dear sirs
I write again to you to demand an immediate investigation of the CBS papers [ http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2004-09-09bushdocs.pdf ] These are better described as the papers purporting to be George Bush's suspension papers, an order for him to take his physical and other correspondence pertaining to these events. They are official US Air Force documents.
You may consider this to be another formal complaint.As of this writing, 7/8/05 there has been no official investigation of these remarkable documents. The public trust in you has been violated in that you have not investigated these papers over 9 months after their emergence. And will continue to be violated until you do your clear cut duty and investigate these allegedly forged USAF documents and prosecute any wrongdoing revealed.
These are official USAF documents: three of them have the letterhead of a USAF unit (the 111th FIS) they involve official USAF business and they are signed (or initialed) by the commander of the 111th FIS in the performance of his duties.
By no stretch of the imagination can these be considered "private documents" as they are portrayed. These are federal documents, official USAF orders and communications that have been alleged to be false [ http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1213508/posts ]
You are the agencies that are responsible for verifying official USAF orders, to determine if they are genuine or not. It is your duty and your mission to do so, and nobody else's more than yours. Yet surprisingly you have not investigated these allegedly forged USAF documents or told the public the truth about them, if you have. You have a responsibility to the public to do your duty to investigate these documents and you have not.
This is surprising because, if forged or false as this website states, someone has committed a major crime: forging official USAF orders and communications that libel the President of the United States--at the time of the documents a serving US Air Force officer--and several other USAF officers now retired including General Walter Staudt and General Bobby Hodges. The papers allege that they conspired with Col Jerry Killian to alter USAF documents (ie:"I will backdate but not rate..." Col Killian)
If these documents are real, they show crimes being committed by George Bush's superiors: falsifying USAF documents and conspiracy to do so.
It is further surprising because these documents would be easy for you to verify or deny: who has better access to USAF records than you? Or more explicit duty and powers to investigate allegedly forged USAF documents than you? Many of the people involved in this story are still alive and can be interviewed including the most central figure: George W Bush and his chain of command.. All that really has to be done is to put George W Bush under oath and ask him if these are the suspension orders that Col Killian read to him on August 1st, 1972 and gave him a copy of. Somewhere in your files is a copy of George Bush's original suspension orders--when you find it the whole case will be solved.
That IS what happened according to this document http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/grounded.gif According to this statement "...verbal orders from the commander..." Col Killian personally delivered orders to Lt Bush concerning his suspension face to face on August 1st, 1972 and then had Lt Bush sign for them as specified in AFM 35-13 para 2-10b2 "...will be acknowledged by the person concerned..."
Are these the real orders? If not, where are the real orders and what do they say? Why aren't they in George Bush's files that have been released so far? Those are the questions you are evading investigating and I know why.
You have shirked your duty to the American people for obvious political reasons and will, no doubt continue to do so. But someday the truth will come out. Some day you'll be held to account for letting America down. Shame on you for not doing your duty regardless of political consequences.
It is your duty to America that you investigate, you can't hide from this forever.

According to http://www.awolbush.com/documents/BushGuardaugust1.pdf --the only known version of original orders concerning this event--Col Killian further called for remedies under AFM35-13 para 2-29 m as this document http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/grounded.gif confirms, as this document does also:
http://www.usatoday.com/news/bushdocs/11-4_2004_Personnel_File.pdf .
All of George Bush's chain of command called for remedies under para2-29m AFM 35-13 (http://www.glcq.com/regs/35-13_1971.pdf )--that there be an official investigation and that his commanders convene a flight board. This was never done--why not? How was this flight board quashed?
Answer: His superiors protected themselves from the consequences of their dereliction of not punishing him by falsifying paperwork showing he left their unit before they took action, but it was too late. The paper trail proves that Bush was in their unit until Sep 15 1972, was suspended by Killian and that Killian and Hodges were responsible for disciplining Bush but did not--which was dereliction of duty on their part and involved falsification of USAF documents , undoubtedly for political favor. Others were involved also.
In http://www.usatoday.com/news/bushdocs/11-4_2004_Personnel_File.pdf
document #11, then-Col Bobby Hodges and then-Maj Rufus Martin approve Killian's original order. Colonel Hodges and Maj Rufus Martin's version is a confirmation of Killian's suspension. It can't be the original because it doesn't say anything about "verbal orders" having been given. Killian would have been the one to suspend Bush as his company grade commanding officer-procedures wouldn't let him be jumped over in the chain of command. This is also not the original suspension order because its not the right date--AFM 35-13 requires the suspension to be done expediently and this is over a month after the event took place. Killian had it all ready for Lt Bush on Aug 1st, he was required to do so.

Col Jerry Killian did suspend George Bush face to face on August 1st 1972 and he did write a memo or some other official document about it which he forwarded up the chain of command. The two confirmatio0n documents prove he did just that. He had George Bush sign for it, as required, and gave Bush a copy.
Where is the original order that Killian wrote and delivered to Bush on that day? The one the confirmation documents are based on? And why is it not in Bush's files that were released over 2004?
Killian's original orders for Bush's suspension should have been in Bush's files--but they are not. If someone removed those orders (and other documents) they seriously altered public, USAF documents--this is a crime!
And so should the order for him to take his physical, if it's real.
Please regard it:
Is this order authentic or not? It is YOUR duty (which you have evaded!) to investigate this! Can it be doubted that it purports to be an official USAF document? It has the letterhead of a USAF unit, it is official USAF business, a direct order and it is signed full signature by Col Jerry Killian, the commander of the 111th FIS in his performance of his duties. It is an official USAF document in every meaning of the words!
Procedure (AFM35-13 para2-29m) required Col Killian to suspend George W Bush, he did it and wrote orders and memos about it. His whole chain of command was aware of it as the confirmation documents prove.
George Bush, when directly questioned about this by the Associated Press did not answer the question: "were you ordered to take your physical?" ("The White House did not answer whether Bush disobeyed a direct order to take the exam."http://www.topplebush.com/article32_military.shtml ) He didn't answer because the truth is: he was. No one should know this better than the people reading this.
If George Bush was ordered to take his physical, where is the order? And if this order is forged or in any way false, why haven't you investigated it, found the forgers and prosecuted them?
The answer is that you know more about this than anyone, yet have obviously chosen not to let the American people in on the secret. This is dereliction of duty. It is your duty to the American people to investigate the circumstances of these papers and tell the American people the truth.
I know why youre evading an investigation: any investigation will reveal the wrongdoing by Bush's superiors, like falsifying documents and conspiracy. This will lead to the greatest USAF scandal ever and rightfully so--the falsification done here by USAF officers for political gain is outrageous!. George Bush and his superiors corrupted the public record and Air Force procedure and defrauded the USAF and the federal government.
When these orders are proven real, it will tear the whole top off of the corrupt little "gentleman's club" known as the Texas Air National Guard, a direct responsibility of the US Air Force.. It will show how much George Bush gamed the system and how corrupt Air Force officers let him get away with it--and still are!
The TANG leadership ran their own little show, running things as politically as they wanted. They altered USAF documents with impunity, secure that no one would ever investigate their misdoings, least of all the people charged with doing so: the USAF OSI and the USAF IG. The corruption in this matter goes all the way to the top. The USAF will only investigate this against your will, which is why I'm demanding an investigation and offering the proof. You can't run away from your duty forever!
Part of the proof:
Page1: http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc4.gif
Page 2: http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc9.gif
Again. this is an official USAF form with the letterhead of the 111th at the top.
In it, Col Jerry Killian and Lt Col William Harris state that George Bush left their unit on May 15th, 1972. This is false and they knew it. That is why they didn't sign it. There's no signature for Bobby Hodges either, like the three had signed his other OETRs. George Bush was indisputably in their unit until at least Sep 15th when his "orders" to Alabama finally came through. ( http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc11.gif )That these were most probably illegal orders will be proven later.
There is at least a 10 document record of George Bush's contacts with his superiors in the 111th and 147th during the time his superiors say he wasn't there:
document #11
And others.
Why are George Bush's superiors saying he wasn't there when the paper trail proves he was? Because George Bush's superiors were trying to shield George Bush from the consequences of not obeying this order: http://www.awolbush.com/documents/BushGuardmay4.pdf And so far, they have been successful.
Is that order real or not? George Bush won't say, even when asked directly, although he must know for sure. He did see his own suspension orders. Killian couldn't have been so lax as not to give him a copy and he most certainly read them to Bush, had him sign for them and gave him a copy. Every USAF officer reading this knows that's exactly what happened. Where are those orders and what do they say?
We, the American Public don't know because so far the USAF won't validate or invalidate their own documents, shamefully leaving such matters of Public Record to be decided by "bloggers" instead of by an official investigation which the law and their duty demands.
George Bush was most certainly in the 111th and 147th officially until Sep 15th, yet there is no record of him in either of these units again! What explains this discrepancy? Surely not any of his existing posted record. There are no orders or any documentation excusing or explaining this: the only validation of his attendance is in his own records, not the records of the units he was supposed to be in! How is THAT discrepancy explained? The answer: the responsible authorities are looking the other way, pretending these are "private documents.".
Then we come to the matter of his pay records covering this time: http://news.findlaw.com/hdocs/docs/gwbush/gwb72-73milpay-p1.html
Amazingly, these pay records show no attendance at all for over 6 months: April 16th, 1972 to October 28th, 1972.
This is indeed amazing because we know from the cited paper trail that George Bush was absolutely, no questions about it, part of the 111th (and the 147th) and in contact with his superiors through at least part of this time. . George Bush's superiors were aware that he was supposed to be there in their unit--yet they didn't require him to attend training meetings, indeed falsified documents to make it appear as if he had left their unit earlier than he did.
Col Killian confesses to this in the 7th document of the disputed--but not disproven!--CBS papers: http://www.awolbush.com/documents/BushGuardaugust18.pdf
The US Air Force Inspector General and USAF OSI must understand the implications of this document as well or better than I do: Col Jerry Killian is confessing to altering USAF documents, agreeing to alter USAF documents because of political pressure from his superiors. "...I will backdate but not rate..."
The "backdating but not rating" he refers to is what he did on the 72-73 OETR previously cited. He backdated George Bush's exit from the 111th on this OETR to, as he says "sugarcoat" it. This is a crime! Backdating but not rating in this case is a clear falsification of USAF documents--a commander can't enter information on an official document he clearly knows to be false, as Killian and Harris did here. And that Killian confesses to in the document cited above.
He also refuses to rate George Bush as a pilot--how could he? Bush hadn't flown in over a year and had been suspended for most of it. Killian himself performed the suspension. Yet Killian and Harris clearly avoid putting that information down. Why, if the suspension was an innocent administrative move as claimed?
Killian and Harris falsified information on this document, the proof is ironclad: they say Bush was not in their unit when he unquestionably was. They knew it was false--that's why they didn't sign it like they'd so eagerly signed his previous 2 glowing OETRs. Harris didn't sign it either.This itself should instigate an investigation.
The legitimacy of the rest of this year is well under question also. The pay records previously cited show that Bush was paid for alleged attendance on 6 days in Oct and Nov 72. These are completely different days than specified on his "orders" dated 9/15/72: http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc11.gif Some of the days he was paid for weren't even training days. There was a 10 step procedure for getting training days changed yet there is no paperwork for this. It has been alleged publicly, but never answered officially, that George Bush was not in attendance these days and the records of the 187th do not show him at all.
How was George Bush getting paid as a pilot as shown on his records for training on days which weren't even training days? What authorization was there for payment, from whom, and what was it based on? If George Bush was not attending meetings in either of these units, as his commander, Col Killian alleges in http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2004-09-09bushdocs.pdf then someone committed serious fraud on the US government, and George Bush was a knowing party to it if he cashed the paychecks for duty he didn't perform.
Document#6 ibid:
"Neither Lt Col Harris or I feel we can rate Lt Bush since he was not training with the 111th F.I.S. since April 1972 (24 Jun73)
and #7 ibid
"...Bush wasn't here during rating period and I don't have any feedback from the 187th in Alabama..."(18Aug73)
If these documents are proven true, then this is damning evidence of conspiracy by George Bush and his superiors, all USAF officers on official duty time, to falsify documents on his behalf to hide his dereliction of duty: his refusal to take his physical and resulting suspension.
The most questionable days of this year are the days his pay records show he was paid for in January and April of 1973.
Where was George Bush on these days that his country paid him for? Alabama or Texas? And what was he doing to earn his pilots pay, after he'd been suspended from flying? There is nothing in Bush's records but an incomplete dental form to justify 6 days of pilot duty pay. According to the 187th's records, and the commander of the the 187th, he never showed up there. His attendance there is only in his own pay records--NOT the records of the 187th. And according to his superiors in the 111th, he wasn't there either. How did George Bush get paid for these days, what did he do? With both units that he could possibly have been assigned to denying he was there, he committed fraud when he cashed the checks, if he didn't perform the duty he was paid for. Who authorized payment and based on what for these days? Whoever authorized payment committed fraud also.
Documents #6 and #7 cry out for an official investigation. Col Killian gives names and specifics of a conspiracy to alter USAF documents, the meaning could not be clearer.
In document #6, Killian is obviously responding to a request to rate Lt Bush as a pilot--this was an illegal request and Killian knows he can not do it. The recipient of this has to be then-Col Bobby Hodges, Killian's commander. If this is real and it is Hodges, it is evidence of conspiracy between them to alter Bush's documents.
Document #7, the "CYA" document is the most incriminating for the people named if it is authentic. The fact that Killian called it CYA is particularly incriminating. People don't keep a CYA file if they're behaving legally, its to cover irregularities. Killian "was covering his ass" by keeping the real correspondence about this event in case he was caught on his falsifications. He could then pass the buck to Hodges, who is right in the middle and knows every detail of Bush's suspension--he's on record confirming Killian's original order on Sep5, 1972 and his name is on many other questionable documents.
If document #7 is real, it details, in no uncertain terms the conspiracy and the main actors. "...Staudt has obviously pressured Hodges more about Bush....Harris gave me a message today from Grp [Hodges}regarding Bush's OETR and Staudt is pushing to sugarcoat it....Bush wasn't here during rating period and I don't have any feedback form the 187th in Alabama...I will backdate but won't rate. Harris agrees..."
The crime of falsification of USAF documents is truly revealed in Bush's posted papers and Killian confesses to it and implicates others in this document. If this is forged, how did the forger know what Killian and Hodges were doing?
If this document is real, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt conspiracy to alter USAF documents by George Bush's superiors. The USAF should be investigating the crimes inherent in these documents--they (and the American Public) are the aggrieved party but evidently they have no interest in seeing if these documents are real or not and investigating their implications.

The investigative agencies of the federal government should have investigated these papers authenticity and the crimes they reveal, either forged or not, when they emerged last September. The reason your agencies are not investigating these important USAF documents is readily obvious but the USAF and the federal government are required to maintain the integrity of their documents even when its politically embarrassing. It is your duty and you must quit shirking it!
(Signed my real name and address)


Here's more from past correspondence and diaries
This story is complex and multilayered--I'll give you an outline of my study of the situation from the very beginning all the way up to the present day, then the storyline and then a lengthy amplification including references to Bush's documents. I would be glad to present this information in any way that suits you so long as the facts and narrative remain the same. Please ask for further amplification or references if you like.
Study outline
>Bush's flight suspension
    The reason for it
    Analysis of all the known paperwork
    The pressure to "sugarcoat" it
>The coverup of Bush's suspension
    The falsification of his documents
        Lechliter's report: http://www.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/opinion/lechliter.pdf
        Other obvious falsities
    The way the coverup worked
    The main characters of the coverup and their parts
        What they said about it then
        What they say about it now and why.
>The CBS/Killian/Bush suspension documents release by CBS
    Bush and his Administration's amazing nonresponse
    Analysis of the papers, their meaning and mesh into the known paper trail.
    Why and how they became "private papers" instead of the  federal, military documents that they actually are
    The media and internet blitz
    The false allegations of falsity
        Why they are false
        Where they came from
            Burkett and his first story
            Burkett and subsequent stories
    The inadequacies of the CBS "investigation"
>The lack of any federal investigation and why
>The resulting discrediting of the Mainstream media and the elevation of conservative bloggers to the role of "facts checkers"

As you can see, this is a complex, multilayered story that covers a lot of time--decades, and hundreds of pages of text and testimony. It is the unraveling of a complex record that has been confused, altered and lied about by highly paid experts for years.
But the truth is there at the bottom. And the proof.
This, as briefly as possible, is the outline of the story:
 Despite starting his career as a pilot with every advantage a son of a wealthy Congressman could have, George Bush ended his career as a pilot suspended from flying, stripped of his qualifications and medals, after completing only 5 years, 4 months and 5 days of a 6 year obligation as it plainly states on his discharge. He did not fly at all the last year and a half of his service (April 15, 1972 to Oct1st, 1973.) and was suspended for over a year of that. (see it on his discharge: http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/ANG22.gif )
He was suspended for "failing to take his physical," which was his duty--to fail to do your duty is dereliction of duty. The obvious reason for his refusal to take his physical is that it would have revealed drug abuse, most probably cocaine. If his physical had revealed drug abuse, automatic procedures would have resulted that ended his career as a pilot in disgrace. There is no legitimate reason for Bush's suspension in his paperwork.
Instead of convening a Flight Evaluation Board and disciplining Bush as per orders and procedures, his superiors falsified documents that showed him kept on the books of the 111th as a pilot until his discharge although he never flew after 4/15/72. He is only listed as a pilot, with no hint of "equivalent service" throughout,  and his discharge proves he had no other skill. His superiors falsification of his documents kept him paid as a pilot (with flight pay) for over a year after he was suspended from flying, when he should have been reclassified and disciplined, and allowed him to be honorably discharged as a pilot, awarding him points for pilot duty he never performed--could not have performed because he was suspended from doing so.
Bush has always been dishonest about his service, refusing to give any details of his suspension personally. He has only had his surrogates and aides  defend his record, never taking part himself, although he obviously has more first hand knowledge of events in his career than anyone else. He has never given a full account of this although it ended his career as a pilot..
He obviously took part in the process of his suspension.  He did not acknowledge it in his autobiography, saying he flew with his unit for "several years"--he did not, unless  22 months is counted as "several years." The reasons for his suspension as given by his aides are false, such as the notion that he was suspended because his aircraft was being phased out, or that he wanted his family doctor to do it. Bush has NO ONE to back up his story and all his paper work to discredit it.
The Bush Administration, only under intense public pressure, released most of his documents on Feb 11, 2004. They presented them to the media in a completely jumbled mess, in no order including and especially chronologically, many of them repetitive, on a Friday afternoon on the end of the news week, which is their favorite tactic when they want to bury some news. They did this to hide what was there, what wasn't there, and to confuse analysis.
Confirmation of Bush's suspension was acknowledged then, although his aides are on record as denying it previously. The September 29th confirmation emerged into the public eye then but not Hodges and Martin's Sep 5 confirmation of it. This is still unknown among most websites (reference given below) and is a smoking gun because it proves that Hodges and Martin had personal knowledge of Killian's written order--theyre confirming it! And so does Bush, it's incredible to suggest he doesn't know what his own suspension order looked like nor that he didn't speak to Killian about it.
On Sep 9, 2004, CBS broadcast it's now famous (or infamous) segment on the Killian Papers. Almost immediately--within hours--in a massive media and internet blitz,over 50 allegations of the documents falsity emerged--complex, detailed analysis, and supposedly written only a few hours from the papers release. But not from the White House, this came from conservative bloggers and they were evidently passed through Jeff Gannon and other known Republican political operatives.
George Bush and his administration at NO time called these documents false, although they--and only they--have first hand knowledge of the true circumstances of Bush's suspension. They could have just come out front with Bush and his surviving chain of command (Hodges and Martin) and given their alternate version of the event--which they all participated in--but they did not, nor have they ever. The WH only said that, if true, they show that the President was working with his superiors to perform his duty" They have not denied them to be real to this day nor, amazingly, have they called for any official investigation of these allegedly  forged federal documents which, if forged, libel Bush in the extreme(and Killian, Staudt and Hodges also)
Somewhere, either CBS or the Administration started calling them "private papers" of Jerry Killian from a "secret CYA file" (Cover Your Ass) he allegedly kept.
Using nothing but the bloggers allegations of falsity (fonts, signature blocks, etc) the Conservative bloggers and theBush Administration got the CBS report completely retracted (but NOT disproved!)and the responsible people fired. CBS had their own investigation which did not prove or disprove the Killian documents, only fired the responsible people for "rushing to judgement" and for not knowing the source of the documents.
Because of these documents alleged falsity, the mainstream media took a tremendous blow to their credibility, from which they have never recovered, which sank even further down after the Newsweek "Koran Debacle"
And all without any official investigation at all. The Bush Administration has won completely--without ever proving a thing.

Why would they NOT investigate these papers, that allegedly libel the President? What possible reason could there be for not investigating them? The Republicans control the federal government completely, including all investigative agencies, like the FBI and the USAF Office of Special Investigations.
The answer can only be because they are real and very incriminating to Bush and his surviving chain of command.. And that is what I can and will prove.
The Bush Administration has pulled off one of the biggest hoaxes ever on the American people by getting these papers declared false without any official investigation that the gravity of the situation demands. These are allegedly forged USAF orders that, if forged, libel the President of the United States! And no Republican has even suggested an official investigation of allegedly false papers that libel their beloved president!
"I smell a rat in Denmark." Shakespeare

    The Amplification
Let me start with what the world already knows well: George Bush was suspended from flying on Aug 1st 1972 by his commander, Jerry Killian. Killian wrote a memo about this stating what he did and his reasons, calling for convening of a flight board and forwarded it up the chain of command, as he was required to do.
These 2 documents are confirmation documents of Killian's suspension: http://www.usatoday.com/news/bushdocs/11-4_2004_Personnel_File.pdf  document #11 and http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/grounded.gif
In the first, dated 9/5/72 Then-Col Bobby Hodges and Then-Major Rufus Martin confirm the date of Bush's suspension-Aug 1st, 1972 and call for a flight Board to be convened and orders to be published as per Para 2-29m AFM 35-13.  The second confirmation also gives us the date:8/1/72, also calls for a Flight Evaluation Board but also tells us that the suspension was done  by his commander verbally (i.e. face to face). on that date: 8/1/72. This would have to be Killian. Hodges confirmation is dated over a month afterward and did not state that he delivered the orders verbally, as the Sep 29th one says happened Hodges wouldn't have been the one to suspend Bush, it would have been his immediate commander: Killian. If Hodges had written the original suspension orders, he would have given his reasons and his actions--like Killian did.
Conservative bloggers and talk people denied that AFM 35-13 even exists as debunked in my Kos Diary: Debunkers Debunked: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/1/7/114253/7435 Point#50
It did indeed exist (the numbering is different now) and here it is: http://www.glcq.com/regs/35-13_1971.pdf
So both of the confirming documents call for remedies under Para 2-29m AFM 35-13--that a flight board be convened or a report written and action taken
And so does Jerry Killian: http://www.awolbush.com/documents/BushGuardaugust1.pdf
But the flight board evidently never happened--who quashed it and why? How was the flight board gotten around? I will cover this later (short answer: they cooked the books)
Bobby Hodges' confirmation is an Air Force order. The ARPC confirmation is a US Air Force order. And so is the one I cited above, Jerry Killian's, either real or forged, it is a US Air Force order and the USAF and the federal government are responsible for its accuracy. They must confirm or deny it officially..
Look closely at it: It has letterhead of a US Air Force unit, the 111th FIS, it describes official US Air Force communication and procedures and it is initialed by the commander of the 111th FIS in performance of his duty as commander of that unit. This is a US Air Force document, forged or not and the US Air Force--and the entire Federal Government-- is shirking its duty to maintain the integrity of its documents by not investigating it and verifying or denying it and prosecuting the forgers.
Forgery of federal, military documents and passing them is a serious federal offense. Is the US Air Force good to go about someone typing the letterhead of a USAF unit on a document, falsifying important information about one of the world's  most important recent historical figures(who was then an Air Force officer) and then forging the commanders initials on it?? (full signature on other documents) Aren't they going to even investigate this? It passes belief but evidently so. This is amazing!! Bizarre!!
One thing we know for sure is that George Bush knew the minute he looked at it (actually before) whether this was real or not--he's seen it before: on August 1st, 1972. Or the real ones if these are false. The second confirmation , datedSep 29, 1972, puts Bush in the same room as Killian on Aug 1st, 1972 ("verbal order from the commander...") going over his suspension. So George Bush has to know what his real suspension papers looked like-he talked to Killian about it--"verbally." Air Force procedure would have had Killian reading the orders to Bush, then having Bush sign for them. And then forwarding them up the chain of command as the confirmation documents prove did happen
There's NO way that George Bush can say that he wasn't there on Aug 1st, 1972 for his flight suspension--and he never has. George Bush has not denied that these are real YET! Over 9 months after these papers came out! And neither has anyone else in his administration.
This also passes belief--if the papers are forged.
This will be covered further, also.
So we know for sure that George Bush was suspended by his commander, Jerry Killian on Aug 1st, 1972. Killian had to write a memo to his superiors concerning his actions on that day--it is the base document that these 2 confirmation orders are confirming.
WHERE IS THE REAL KILLIAN DOCUMENT IF THIS ONE IS FALSE AND WHAT DOES IT SAY? Why is it not in George Bush's files? Why has the Air Force (and the whole federal government) completely ignored these purportedly forged  USAF orders?
Because the Bush administration, and most of the media  are calling them "private Papers" like Killian was scrapbooking Bush memorabilia. This is part of the media manipulation and I will answer these questions in this report.
This claim is absurd--they obviously represent US Air Force suspension orders and the importance of them in the situation is as USAF suspension orders--part of the public record. Its not like Bush  getting caught with crib notes at an exam, these documents comprise almost the whole narrative of Bush's quitting flying, getting suspended, and details some of the falsifying of documents done on Bush's behalf: ("I will backdate but not rate....") Jerry Killian.

The proof that Bush's superiors altered his records to hide the consequences of his dereliction of duty--refusing to take his physical-- is overwhelming. I refer here first , in part, to Lt Col Gerald Lechliter's report for the New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/opinion/lechliter.pdf which proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Bush's superiors "cooked his books" i.e.falsified documents and defrauded the government. This is a must read for anyone studying the Bush military record, it gives complete details of the fraud. The media, other than the NY Times, ignored this almost completely, preferring to repeat the lies of the SwiftBoat faction and giving George Bush's service record no scrutiny at all.
The surest, most ironclad proof that Bush's superiors altered his record is in his OETR of May 1973, covering his previous year. During this year, Bush did not fly once and was suspended from flying for failing to take his physical for 8 months of it.
Pg 1: http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc4.gif
Pg 2: http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc9.gif
It says: "Lt Bush has not been observed at this unit during the time of this report. A civilian occupation made it necessary for him to move to Montgomery Alabama He cleared this base on 15 May, 1972 and has been performing equivalent training in a nonflying status with the 187th Tac Recon grp, Donnelly AFB, Alabama."
This is obviously false which is almost certainly the reason that Harris and Killian didn't sign it--they knew it was false. They had to, there was a paper trail showing Bush clearly in the 111th until Sept 15th, 1972, when Bush's "orders" for Alabama came. There are 8 other documents showing Bush in the 111th until then including :
http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc7.gif Bush's first request for transfer may  24th, 1972
http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc6.gif Al ANG's approval
http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc25.gif TX ANG's approval6/72 date obscure
http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc5.gif AFHQ turns down his request (date obscure, probably early June)
http://www.awolbush.com/documents/BushGuardaugust1.pdf Killian's suspension of Bush 8/1/72
http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc2.gif Bush's 2d request for transfer 9/5/72
http://www.usatoday.com/news/bushdocs/11-4_2004_Personnel_File.pdf document #11 Also--and suspiciously--dated 9/5/72Hodges and Martin's confirmation of Bush's suspension on 8/1/72. These 2 events, the confirmation and transfer request happened ON THE SAME DAY!  At the same address!
http://www.cis.net/~coldfeet/doc11.gif Bush's :orders to Alabama 9/15/72
http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/grounded.gif ARPC's confirmation of Killian's suspension.
Dated, 9/29/72, they think Bush is still in the 111th, indicating they weren't advised of his transfer, like they were required to be. This indicates that Bush's transfer request did NOT go through the chain of command like before, meaning that, if ARPC was not advised of the transfer, it was illegal.
Notice that George Bush always got every one of his requests acted on within days of his requests, something that will confound any  military veteran and that his superiors always agreed with his requests instantly, even when they were illegal.. This is just one of  many examples of special treatment Bush got. Everybody else had to wait months for transfer requests.
There are 8 documents of the paper trail proving Bush was in their unit, and supposed to be in their unit until Sep 15, 1972 but Harris and Killian have their name on a document that says Bush wasn't there during this time. And, not surprisingly, Bush's pay records agree with them: http://news.findlaw.com/hdocs/docs/gwbush/gwb72-73milpay-p1.html
George Bush was not paid for any days from 4/16/72 through 10/28/72, over 6 months. No records of the 111th show him attending any training, nor does the 187th in contradiction to his pay records.
So he wasn't attending training and  he wasn't getting paid. But he was in contact with his superiors: they were handling his paperwork, approving his transfer requests, suspending him and confirming his suspension.  So the statement that Lt Bush has not been observed at this unit during this time is completely false in that aspect. This is highly suspicious: Killian and Harris have their names on a falsified document (but NOT, suspiciously, SIGNED!) Hodges name is also not on these papers like Bush's 2 previous glowing OETR reports. They, and Hodges and Martin are parties to fraud, undertaken no doubt, because of political influence on their careers.
Further: Bush is listed as a pilot: "Pilot. Fighter Interceptor level Pilots F102 aircraft and performs airborne intercepts as required by assigned missions." Again false and completely misleading. Bush didn't fly at all during this whole year and was suspended for 8 months of it, and they knew it, but he is still listed as a pilot--and is getting paid as a pilot for over a year after he was suspended from  flying--this is fraud! Killian and Harris know he was suspended but there's no mention of it at all. They are trying to ignore the suspension and keep him listed as a pilot when he was clearly not.
It also shoots down Bush's claim of "equivalent service" it should be listed here if he did anything but be a pilot
Now we come to the absolute incriminating part for George Bush.: if this document is taken at face value, it proves George Bush never came back from Alabama after he left. No paper yet has emerged that extends Bush's stay in Alabama other than the 2 weekends in Oct and Nov:
But Bush was paid--as a Pilot!--for 6 days in Jan 1973 and 2 days in April 1973.
Where was George Bush on these days, Alabama or Texas?? Neither unit has any record of him at all, the only backup he has is in his own pay records. Alabama has no record of him and his 111th superiors completely disavow him during this period. So how was he getting paid as a pilot? From which unit? And for doing what??
I agree with Lechliters' much more thorough report:George Bush was fraudulently paid for pilot duty he did not perform--could NOT have performed. And he was discharged based on points given to him for these and other fraudulent days, thereby making his discharge a fraud.
His superiors falsified documents to keep him on the books as a pilot and to give him credit for duty he did not perform. His discharge was obtained fraudulently. And George Bush colluded with his superiors every step of the way.

The reason that the White House peremptorily dropped Bush's papers on the public in a completely jumbled fashion on Feb 10, 2004, with no explanation or narrative, can only be that they wanted to further confuse the record. The simple,  honorable way to explain any discrepancies in your record is to gather it all in a logical way, give a narrative and  explain any discrepancies. This is what any honorable person who was proud of his record would do. Why then the Jumble and the Stonewall? They were trying to hide what isn't there (which may have been removed illegally) and to confuse further analysis of what IS there. Why do this to a record you say you're proud of--if you really ARE proud of it? The answer can only be that they are trying to hide something.
What are they trying to hide? The first thing to do is print out all the Bush records, every one of them and then put them in chronological order. Then you understand.
Killian's original order for Bush's suspension--which HAD to be written, is missing. The 2 confirmation documents are there but not the document the other 2 are based on.

I will now have to backtrack to  demonstrate how the Killian documents mesh with Bush's known record. I wanted to get solid proof of Bush's superiors falsifications out front. I will return to them later
The Killian documents are given at: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2004-09-09bushdocs.pdf 
#1 is the memo to Harris asking for an update on Bush and Bath's flight status. Not uncoincidently, both these men were later suspended from flying for failing to take their physicals.
 Bath is worth study himself, I believe much could be answered from an FOIA on his records--How was his suspension handled, and more importantly, what typewriter was it written on and what did Killian say about that? Bath later became very involved with Bush politically and in business.
In considering the veracity of this document, we must ask: why would someone forge it? Why would someone forge an innocent document? The answer could be that they were trying to forge a whole chain of memos, giving a narrative of  a certain incident in Bush's life but this is highly improbable. Only someone who had the supreme self confidence that he could produce a series of forgeries that would confound all the investigative agencies of the federal government would have tried that, Whoever forged it could not have known in advance that the federal government would refuse to investigate it..  In addition, he would have to know a good deal about Bush's military history, his commanders and AF SOP that only a few people would have known. He would have had to be a real intimate to the situation and given that we know the main characters involved in the situation, it is highly unlikely that any of them would be able to do it.
The document indicates that Killian had advance notice that Bush was going to have trouble passing his physical. Notice it has his initials on it for forensic verification. The USAF and FBI--ALL federal investigative agencies have big departments created to investigate forged federal documents but surprisingly, have evinced no interest in this.
#2 is the first of the highly incriminating ones for Bush--the order to take his physical. It is important to note that, like the Suspension order, it has letterhead of a USAF unit, it is official USAF communications and is signed full signature of the commander of that unit in performance of his duty--yet the White House and the compliant media call it a "private document" and the USAF nor anyone else in the federal government have not investigated it as a forgery. They may know something most of the rest of the world doesn't: it's real.
This must have happened and the person most verifying it is Bush:
from http://www.topplebush.com/article32_military.shtml ."The White House did not answer whether Bush disobeyed a direct order to take the exam. Bush won final approval to train for three months with an Alabama unit a month after he had already been suspended as a pilot. " [actually 6 weeks] (same quote at: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/09/30/politics/main646621.shtml )
Why did he leave that one unanswered? Because it is one of the keys to the whole mess. George Bush would have answered in the negative if there was any way he could!
Dan Bartlett's obfuscation is a classic example of beating around the bush about the order: http://www.washingtontimes.com/national/20040914-123012-3759r.htm I won't spend much time here refuting it, though I will if asked--it's a classic example of White House spin about this--just notice how many times he tries to use the Killian documents to exonerate Bush and mislead about their meaning and importance. Notice also how although the article says "Bush says he did not disobey direct order," it is in fact Bartlett who is saying it--and being very confusing about it. Bush doesn't say it, nor has he ever! A simple Yes or No would have sufficed--either he did or he didn't!--  but look how well Bartlett casts doubt and confuses the issue without saying either one. And the Moonie owned WT says Bush said it--this is an excellent example of the spin around this issue. Why wouldn't Bush just come out and say "Of Course not!" if he could? Answer: he couldn't!
So Bush refused to answer the question: was he ordered to take his physical? The ONLY reason why he left that unanswered has to be because he was. And no one would know better than George Bush.
If he WAS ordered to take his physical, then we must take this  as genuine until proven false  because it is the only known representation of that order and it appears genuine. He MUST answer that question--or have it answered for him. America has a right to know if their President disobeyed a direct order to take his physical--and it has not been answered yet.
The fact that this AP quote was buried at the bottom in all the articles tells how well the placement of it worked--the media ignored it and the public never became aware of it. And the WT says Bush denied it, though he never did. Bartlett didn't even deny it convincingly, he could only use misinterpretation of the Killian documents to explain it.
If George Bush was ordered to take his physical, he disobeyed that direct order. He never took his physical again. Bush's strategy all along is to depict his flight suspension as normal military procedure but then why the falsification of documents and the unexplained absences if the suspension was innocent?
Because one thing important to remember here is during the entire 6+ months from April 16th 1972 to October 28th, Bush was not getting paid, (http://news.findlaw.com/hdocs/docs/gwbush/gwb72-73milpay-p1.html ) nor was he attending training meetings, including the 12 day annual in August--yet records already given prove he was in contact with his superiors this whole time. And there's the issue of his immediate commanders saying he wasn't there the whole year, including this time--when they are on record as communicating with him--suspending him, approving his requests.
At some point, George Bush HAD to tell his commanders that he was not going to take his physical. Bartlett, in the WT article given above, says he talked about it to his commanders in advance and he probably did--that's the meaning of the first document in this sequence: Killian knew what was coming. That in no way negates document # 3.
The trouble with trying to disprove this document is that every word is true and could only have been written by a real intimate to the situation.
Taken line by line:
(1)"Discussed options of how Bush can get out of coming to drill from now until November" This is what the record shows happened. George Bush's posted pay records http://news.findlaw.com/hdocs/docs/gwbush/gwb72-73milpay-p1.html show no pay from April 16, 1972 through Oct 28, 1972, more than 6 full months. ANG records do not show him participating in ANY capacity in ANY ANG unit until his discharge Oct 1st, 1973 (reference given above)  Bush has to answer to where he was during this 6 months, there is nothing in his record to indicate participation. This itself should launch an investigation--a serviceman has to be able to account for his time if he was serving honorably!
(2)"Says he wants to transfer to Alabama to any unit he can get into. Says he is working on another campaign for his dad" Again, this is the record as his subsequent requests for transfer, dated 5/24/72 and 9/5/72, show. He requested transfer twice to nonflying units and his stated reason was to work on an Alabama Senatorial campaign
(3)" We talked about his getting his flight physical situation fixed before his date.

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you are so 2004...
man...you have a lot of time...how long did that post take you to write?  have you been writing this since last summer?

keep up the good work!

by chanupi 2005-07-14 08:37AM | 0 recs
Its the end of all things Bush!!
I'm a lrrp on a mission!! If I can get an investigation going on this, it will show the world the truth about Bush  like nothing ever before or since.
This is the issue that will sink his little boat
And all our side has to do is make the Rpublicans prove or disprove these papers officially AS THEY ARE REQUIRED TO DO!!
Do the right thing!!
by exlrrp 2005-07-14 09:08AM | 0 recs
Part II
This is the 2d part of the above report

At some point, George Bush HAD to tell his commanders that he was not going to take his physical. Bartlett, in the WT article given above, says he talked about it to his commanders in advance and he probably did--that's the meaning of the first document in this sequence: Killian knew what was coming. That in no way negates document # 3.
The trouble with trying to disprove this document is that every word is true and could only have been written by a real intimate to the situation.
Taken line by line:
(1)"Discussed options of how Bush can get out of coming to drill from now until November"  This is what the record shows happened. George Bush's posted pay records http://news.findlaw.com/hdocs/docs/gwbush/gwb72-73milpay-p1.html show no pay from April 16, 1972 through Oct 28, 1972, more than 6 full months. ANG records do not show him participating in ANY capacity in ANY ANG unit until his discharge Oct 1st, 1973 (reference given above)  Bush has to answer to where he was during this 6 months, there is nothing in his record to indicate participation. This itself should launch an investigation--a serviceman has to be able to account for his time if he was serving honorably!
(2)"Says he wants to transfer to Alabama to any unit he can get into. Says he is working on another campaign for his dad" Again, this is the record as his subsequent requests for transfer, dated 5/24/72 and 9/5/72, show. He requested transfer twice to nonflying units and his stated reason was to work on an Alabama Senatorial campaign
(3)" We talked about his getting his flight physical situation fixed before his date." This is again the actual fact: that Bush DID have a "flight physical situation" that needed fixing. An AF pilot can't just decide he doesn't want to fly anymore and refuse to take his physical--its not his decision to make. Bush was REQUIRED to take his physical and the record shows that he never did after April 1972.
(D) "He.....may not have the time. I advised him of our investment in him and our commitment." Killian is probably being sarcastic here: if a commander has to advise a subordinate of "our investment in him and our commitment" this is not a happy conversation for the subordinate nor anyone who knows the meaning of patriotism. This line, if real, proves that Bush was trying to get out of his flying duties to work on a Senate campaign. To keep this in perspective one should bear in mind that every part of Alabama is not a full days drive from Ellington AFB (closer than El Paso or Amarillo!) and that they only wanted him one weekend a month. George HW Bush owned an airplane.
(E) "He's been working with staff to come up with options and identified a unit that might accept him" This is exactly what happened. By "working with the staff to come up with options" Bush did indeed "identify a unit that might accept him." He filed his first request 5 days after this conversation, as given below
(F) "I told him I had to have written acceptance before he would be transferred but I think he's been talking to someone upstairs" Killian appears to be doubtful here that Bush would get approval without help from upstairs. Bush does not get the full written approval as detailed below
How could someone forge this who was not a real intimate to the situation? It possibly could have been done by someone who had printed out Bush's papers in chronological order, came to understand them fully and what they implied--a criminal conspiracy to alter federal documents and then forged a series of subtly incriminating memo's but this does not seem likely. (it also ignores the issue of altered federal documents by Bush's superiors and conspiracy to alter them) They would have had to understand what Killian was doing: falsifying documents, and known all of Bush's chain of command so that they could give appropriate names and make appropriate implications. And they would have had to have real confidence that the documents weren't going to be investigated by the federal authorities because they forged a lot of them which makes disproving them easier.. Very unlikely, much more likely is the fact that they are real, especially when the rest of the documents are considered and especially when you consider that the allegations of the documents' falsity  themselves are false..
Just like the memo says, Bush found a unit that would take a flier that would not take his physical, the 9921 Alabama ANG http://www.cis.net/~coldfeet/doc7.gif  5/24/72
TX ANG  approves http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc25.gif  Notice that neither of the two officers whose name is on this document SIGNED it--this was to give them a "deniability" factor because they knew this was an illegal or at least inappropriate request.
Two days later, on May 26, 1972,Killian signed the last OETR he signed for Bush. http://www.usatoday.com/news/bushdocs/11-3_2004_Personnel_File.pdf documents 16 and 17 (Bush's first OETR is documents14, 15) What is really significant is that Killian and Harris state: "....Lt Bush should be retained in his present assignment....." There is nothing about any impending Alabama transfer, nor any oncoming "obsolescence" of the F102a--its all about how good he is at it.. If Bush is trying to claim his superiors felt he could quit flying and go to Alabama, he is lying: they wanted him to stay where he was. But suspiciously, Killian signs for his transfer twice over the next 3 months.
ARPC (ANG headquarters) sure thought the transfer was illegal or at least inappropriate. http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc5.gif They say in no uncertain terms that George Bush has an obligation until May 1974 and that they expect him to stay that long at the job they pay him for doing  and for which they paid a lot of training: flying an F102a.  This document proves Bartlett (and Bush, if its an accurate quote) is falsifying in the WT article above: ""He remembers not taking the flight exam, obviously, but he said, 'It wasn't a big deal because I was going to Alabama where I wasn't going to be flying,' " Mr. Bartlett said." --but at the time of George Bush's suspension, the Air Force headquarters (ARPC) had turned him down for transfer and expected him  to stay where he was. He did not get his Alabama orders until Sept 15th. The proof that he knew this is that he had to re request transfer on Sep 5th (given below) Bush was required to get his physical because otherwise he would be suspended on August 1st, the first day of the month following his birthday. (reference para 2-29m AFM35-13: http://www.glcq.com/regs/35-13_1971.pdf )And on Aug 1st, 1972, when he was suspended, he had been turned down for his inappropriate (illegal?)request for transfer. So he WASN'T going to Alabama then. This document proves that Bush had no orders at all for Alabama when he was suspended.
 On August 1st, 1972, Killian suspended Bush from flight status.
This event did happen--HAD to happen according to regulations given here and Killian did write a memo about it. The date is significant: according to para 2-29m AFM 35-13 (http://www.glcq.com/regs/35-13_1971.pdf ) The first day of the month following his birthmonth. So Killian HAD to suspend Bush on that day, he was required to do so by para2-29m afm 35-13, which he cites.
Document #4: The Killian suspension.
We know this had to happen on this date by the regulation cited above. We know it did happen because we have 2 confirmation documents of this event. Killian had to write a memo concerning his action on this day and the reasons for it. This is the only--repeat--THE ONLY version of the order and memo to emerge so far, that HAD to be written on that day according to regulations already cited.
If this is not the real one, then where is the real one? Marian Knox, former secretary to Killian said that memos giving THE SAME information as these, but somehow different were typed by her and sent up the chain of command, likewise with a memo covering the order to take his physical. Where are THOSE orders if that was what happened? There was no followthrough at all on this last fall, they dropped the ball completely.
The real one is not in Bush's files, which is what one comes to understand when one has put Bush's papers in chronological order. But the real one HAD to be there at some time, it is the one that the two confirming documents are confirming!
WHERE IS THE REAL KILLIAN SUSPENSION IF THIS ONE IS FALSE?? And why is it not in George Bush's files. THAT is what any investigative reporter worthy of the  name  needs to be asking. It had to be removed and there is evidence--sworn testimony--that it was. Whoever removed it (best guess: Bartlett and Daniel James) committed a federal crime by altering public records.
And why is George Bush pretending he didn't see it?  George Bush HAD to see his real suspension order, the confirmation order of Sep 29th puts him in the same room as Killian on 8/1/72 getting suspended by by Killian . Killian read the order to him, gave him a copy and forwarded it up the chain of command as the 2 confirmation orders prove: "Verbal orders from the commander on 1 Aug 72....are confirmed...." It tells us in simple language that George Bush's commander gave him verbal (i.e. face to face) orders on Aug 1st, 1972.
And it wasn't Hodges. Hodges was next up from Killian in the chain of command  and he would have had to approve. And he does, in a separate document, dated a month later (given below).
Document #4 is the ONLY representation of Bush's suspension order from Killian to surface yet. We know  this HAD to be written as per regulation and we Know it WAS written. And we also know that every word of it is true and accurately reflects the situation as laid out in the previously referenced paper trail.
(1)    "On this date I ordered that 1st Lt Bush be suspended from flight status due to failure to perform to USAF TXANG standards and failure to meet annual physical examination (flight) as required." Once again, entirely consistent to the record. This is not an attack on Bush, simply stating the facts. The failure to meet standards means disobedience of a direct order, an order which HAD to be given, as per AF SOP,  The proof of that is that Bush never took his physical and AF SOP demands that a commander order a pilot to do this. Remember that George Bush ducked the question of whether he was ordered to take his physical or not. This is one of the most damaging lines of all because it proves that his suspension was not at all as he has described it previously. There's nothing honorable about not meeting one's unit's standards, it's a disgrace.
(2)    "I conveyed my verbal orders to commander, 147th Fgter Intrcp Grp, with requests for orders for suspension and convening of a flight review board IAW AFM 35-13. The conservatives deny that AFM 35-13 even existed, despite the fact that both the confirmation documents cited it also. (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1213508/posts Point # 50) It does exist: http://www.glcq.com/regs/35-13_1971.pdf and is relevant. They also said it was the wrong regulation, that the one governing medical exams was AFM160-1. But AFM 35-13 has specific language concerning when an officer FAILS to accomplish his physical. This is what happened. This tells us that Killian passed his orders up the chain of command as the confirmation documents prove.
(3)    "I recommended transfer of this officer to 9921st Air Reserve Squadron in May and forwarded his AF Form 1288 to 147 Fgtr Intrcp headquarters. The transfer was not allowed." This is again, EXACTLY what happened as the Paper Trail thus far has proven. The confirmation of the disallowal of the request is significant as is the reference to "forwarding" Other units must have corresponding paperwork and its obvious the rest of the chain of command knew what was happening. It's also obvious from this that on the day of his suspension, George Bush knew VERY well that he was not going to Alabama.
"Officer has made no attempt to meet his training certification or flight physical. Office expresses desire to transfer out of state including assignments to nonflying billets." Again, this IS the record as viewed through the Paper Trail and/or lack of a Paper Trail where appropriate. TANG records show he was not there (although communicating with his superiors!) His payroll records that were posted 2/10/04 show no pay from May 1st through Oct 28, 1972. How is THAT explained?
(4) `On recommendations of Harris, I also suggested we fill this billet with a more experienced pilot from the list of qualified Vietnam pilots that have rotated. Recommendations were received but not confirmed. And that's the truth: George Bush's pilot's job didn't go away when George Bush did. They had to get another pilot to fill the slot--that Bush wants to say he was forced out of because of the "obsolescence" of the F102a.  Col Bobby Hodges said it best: "If he had come back to Houston, I would have kept him flying the 102 until he got out, but I don't remember him coming back at all." (http://www.democraticunderground.com/articles/04/08/10_military.html)
If you haven't taken your physical when required, haven't been at training and are not getting paid for being at training, its impossible to say you were trying to keep up your commitments. The meaning of this  is devastating to Bush--it absolutely shows, if true, that he did NOT meet TANG standards, which are, at minimum, that one show up when required and that orders be followed. Not to show up for 6 months could well be considered AWOL or desertion, with or without the collusion of one's superiors.
And if true, it proves that his desire to quit flying and take the suspension rather than take the physical was his own volition, against the true wishes of his superiors--that he continue to fly "...Lt Bush should be retained in his present assignment..." (ibid)

http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/doc2.gif  9/5/72 Never the one to let a flight suspension get in the way of his father's political influence, George Bush applied for transfer AGAIN on  Sep 5th, 1972. This proves again that he knew when he was suspended that his first request was turned down because he re requested another transfer. This not a formal request for transfer, it is on the lines of a personal note, first name basis, etc. This request never went through channels all the way up to ARPC like the first one did--and it has no cc's, because it would have been rejected the same as the first one was. ARPC in the Sep 29 confirmation document is entirely unaware of Bush's transfer, it still puts Bush in the 111th. If this was not approved by the ARPC, it was unauthorized and illegal. Bush should have been reclassified and disciplined as later study of the paperwork proves.

http://www.usatoday.com/news/bushdocs/11-4_2004_Personnel_File.pdf   document #11  dated 9/5/72  Hodges'confirmation of Killian's suspension order. We know that this is a confirmation order, not the original order because it would have been written over a month late. The TANG was required to suspend Bush on the first day of the month following his birth month. If Bush or Hodges is claiming this is the original suspension order  they are falsifying again.(Hodges has claimed earlier, in the late 90s that HE had suspended Bush) Major Rufus Martin also signs this document.
This proves that Hodges and Martin had first hand knowledge of Killian's REAL suspension order--they saw it and passed it on, calling for remedies under para 2-29m AFM 35-13, the same as Killian, the same as the ARPC.
From the free republic site cited above: "53. Retired Maj. General Hodges, Killian's supervisor at the Grd, tells ABC News that he feels CBS misled him about the documents they uncovered. According to Hodges, CBS told him the documents were "handwritten" and after CBS read him excerpts he said, "well if he WROTE them that's what he felt." Hodges also said he did not see the documents in the 70's and he cannot authenticate the documents or the contents. His personal belief is that the documents have been "computer generated" and are a "fraud""
This confirmation document proves that Hodges HAD to see Killian's original order and it passes belief that Hodges isn't intimate with every detail of Bush's suspension.
How then could he possibly say he didn't see Bush's suspension orders in 1972 and that he can't verify it?? He ( and Bush) should have taken one look at them and said whether they were real or not. Thats why he had CBS read them to him over the phone, Hodges to this day has never looked at the Killian documents (on the record) and denied them. He would most certainly know if they were forged or not--according to this signed document, he saw the real one. So did Rufus Martin. And he would know for sure that Killian wouldn't handwrite a suspension order that would be passed up the chain of command. Hodges is trying to mislead about the nature of these documents, he knows that they are official suspension orders--and he saw the real ones--but he never says it.
http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/grounded.gif  9/29/72  ARPC's confirmation of the Killian order on 1st Aug, 1972 (NOT Hodges order, dated 9/5/72)
This order still  has Bush in the 111th (the 111th is a division of the 147th) This order puts Bush in the same room as his commander, Killian, on August 1st, 1972, being suspended.  A memo HAD to be written about this event on Aug 1st, 1972 because  this order confirms it.
Couldn't be Hodges, Hodges didn't say he did it verbally and give his reasons and didn't write the memo on Aug 1st. Doing it a month after this time would be dereliction  of duty. Hodges order is a confirmation of Killian's the same as this one.
As I am specifically addressing the issue of the CBS papers, I will skip chronologically over some events to get to the last Killian document. Earlier in this report, I proved the falsity of the OETR of May1973, so I will focus here on the. relevance of the last Killian document, #5
The report that went out over Killian and Harris's name was rife with falsehoods: Bush was certainly in their unit during the first 4 months that they say he wasn't the paper trail proves it. But they have backdated his exit to May 15th and they did not rate them.
"I will backdate but not rate...." Jerry Killian. Killian is confessing to a crime--falsification of documents i.e. entering information that he knows to be false--Bush was certainly in his unit for at least part of the time. That's why Killian and Harris didn't SIGN it, it would have axed their careers if discovered. They were trying to pretend that Bush had cleared their unit before he was suspended so they would not be held liable for not disciplining him, as they were required to do. Their way of shifting the responsibility for this dereliction on their part was to falsely state that Bush had left their unit in May. They knew then that there was a paper trail showing Bush in their unit.
Hodges didn't sign it either, as he had the first 2. Compare these to Bush's 2 previous OETRs (reference given above)

The Bush administration HAS to have these declared false without an investigation, any investigation will find these falsifications.  There's tons of evidence and it can't be ignored.

Burkett's story as given at: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/archives/individual/2004_02/003280.php tells us all we really need to know about where the documents came from:
*    "Ten days later, Burkett's friend and fellow guardsman, George Conn, led him to the base museum, which was run by General Scribner. Once there, Burkett saw a trashcan sitting on a table, and when he looked in he saw 20 to 40 pages of documents with George Bush's name on them."
Here we have, according to Burkett, Conn and Burkett standing in the museum, (alone?)looking at 20-40 pages of incriminating stuff about Bush. They know its incriminating because Burkett heard 2 conversations where officials were saying to clean the stuff up and.because theyre both  TANG officers--i.e.They know what the documents signify. Conn  wouldn't have led Burkett to a trashcan with just Bush's old laundry lists and insurance forms in it--there was some really juicy things in there (Like Killian's original suspension order!! And more!!). Burkett has disliked Bush forever because Burkett knows how Bush weaseled out of his pilot duty, knows crimes were committed in Bush's behalf--just check his prior statements. (He knows  what I've told you before about the falsification of documents by Bush's superiors, and a lot, lot more)
So here we have Burkett and Conn staring at a trash can with incriminating documents against Bush.  Burkett, well known as a "hard charger," intensely dislikes Bush. Hmmm----What to do, what to do? The statement ends there, but what does your understanding of human nature tell you HAD to happen  next?? Of Course!! B and/or C (probably B) took them out of the trash can!! I'd bet the whole farm on it!! If they didn't, the whole story would have ended right there. And if C stood and watched B do it without reporting it, he's as guilty as B!
But they can't say it!! Because then they'd be confessing to STEALING the documents!! Taking stuff out of federal wastebaskets is the same as stealing them--just check the Daniel Ellsburg Pentagon Papers case!! You betcha!! (And throwing them INTO the waste basket when they shouldn't be is another federal crime, you betcha!)
Think Burkett doesn't know that??? Think Conn doesn't know that?? Think the Bush administration doesn't know that?? Think the TANG and the USAF don't know that?? Then go back to covering high school graduations and flower shows if you do!!
That's where the CBS papers came from or at least it is the most likely scenario--and they were only 7 pages out of "20-40" Burkett was telling Bush ( and the TANG) he had a lot more in that statement. And that's why he hasn't even been investigated yet! Nor Conn either! I'd bet the farm again: Burkett has some dropdead incriminating stuff even now that he's saving for Doomsday Defense. The Holy Grail for Bush military history devotees is the rumored document where Killian calls Bush "unreliable" for nuclear duty..
Every single one of the players in this knows the stakes--and theyre HUGE!! They could not be bigger--for Burkett, for Conn---or for Bush. If those papers are real, they're going to disgrace Bush, the TANG, the USAF for not dealing with this and the whole Bush Administration Media Manipulation Machine!!  If these papers are real, they're going to blow the whole lid off the way the Bush Administration  manipulates the media--the MSM, the internet, conservative bloggers,  ALL of it!!
It also means disgrace, possibly jail for all of Bush's chain of command that committed all these falsifications, like Hodges and Martin--theyre guilty of defrauding the government in many ways--so is Bush! It's going to mean disgrace and consequences for whoever took those papers out of Bush's file--Dan Bartlett and Gen Daniel James, according to Burkett.
And unfortunately, because I like Burkett and think he's an honest man caught between a rock and a hard place, it's going to sink him, too. But he's a big boy and he knew what he was doing when he took those papers out of the trash can.
This is where "Lucy Ramirez" comes in. The "Lucy Ramirez" story  takes Conn and Burkett off the hook for stealing the papers anyway--but not Burkett for passing them. We have B&C standing in the room with the papers and now we're expected to believe that someone ELSE took the papers out?? You can see why B&C want the world to think this.
This would be much deeper than a firing for Burkett and Conn if they took the papers. Stealing federal papers is a serious federal offense or was up until this time. Go over the Pentagon Papers case for verification, Ellsburg also took them out of the trash.
Prosecution for stealing these (or even passing them) would wind up in a court martial for both of them, they could lose their pensions, benefits and do some serious jail time--regardless of whether the papers are real or not.
Burkett is the one who passed them. I'm sure when he passed them to CBS he expected to remain in the background and justifiably so--CBS should have verified the documents which would have been easy to do: just keep Dan Rather standing up front with the Killian suspension paper in his hand, asking:"Is this your suspension order Mr President?? Where is the real one if this is false?" And demanding that the FBI and the USAF verify or disprove them. Because Bush's suspension DID happen on 8/1/72(see previous reports) and there HAD to be a memo written about it and it HAD to be in Bush's files. And Bush HAS to have seen it.. Bush knows exactly what happened on Aug 1st, 1972, he was there. But amazingly, CBS went with the bizarre idea that Bush, or Bush's chain of command, couldn't verify his own suspension document. CBS's conduct during this was the most cowardly of any news organization I've ever seen. They could have proved their story true or forced the federal government to do it for them--but they caved in like a rotten tomato.
What happened was that CBS completely dropped the ball on verifying them and the story turned back on them. They should have started demanding a federal investigation right then--these are allegedly forged USAF orders that, if forged, libel the President!!--And it would have saved them. And changed the election.
CBS went with the story that they came out of a "secret file" of Killian. This may be remotely possible but much  more likely, considering the fact that we KNOW they came from Burkett, and that Burkett has stated he was in the same room with incriminating documents, is that they came right out of Bush's files as detailed above. The chain of possession is clear. From the file to the "cleansers"  to the trash can to Burkett to  CBS.  The secret file allegation alone should have instigated an investigation--wouldn't Bush want to see what was in the rest of the file?? I sure would if I knew that someone in the military had been keeping a secret file on me! Not so, evidently for Bush-- this can only mean he already knows what could be in it--and doesn't WANT to see it! After all, who's more powerful than the President?
The greatest hoax pulled over in my lifetime is that the Bush Administration got these declared false without ANY official investigation at all. The reason for this is obvious for even the simplest of researchers: Any investigation will uncover all the falsification of documents Ive listed in previous reports--and more. Why else would they refuse to investigate allegedly forged federal documents that libel the President?
And then the proverbial shit will hit the proverbial fan! As I've laid out above the stakes are HUGE!! Bush would be thoroughly discredited, as would be the conservative response to the papers when they came out.
Burkett is right in the middle, between a rock and a hard place. The TANG and the USAF should have investigated his claims when they came out--the fact that they didn't tells us once again that the papers are real--they would have investigated this and shut Burkett up long ago--if they could have. Instead they allowed this all to go on without any resolution. Burkett was making some serious charges against the TANG in his statements given at the WashMonthly article I cited above--those themselves should have led to an investigation -but NOT!!
I say again: KEEP DEMANDING A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION OF THE CBS PAPERS!! They are the key to the whole situation. Are they real or not? Make the Bush Administration verify these or deny them instead of getting them declared false only in  "Blogger's Court"
I am ashamed of my country and government for not doing so--many, many people are shirking their  duty here and avoiding the obvious--for reasons that are obvious!
Do the right thing and help America! Demand an investigation!! Just stand up there in front and keep asking: Are these your suspension documents or not, Mr President? Where are the real ones if these are false?? And why haven't you investigated these if they are false?"

The most important thing to remember about Burkett for now is that he's committed a federal crime and the Bush Administration is suspiciously not investigating it! He either passed stolen documents or forged ones to CBS--most probably stolen, that is, removed from the wastebasket that he and Conn stood there staring at in the base museum, as he states in the account  given. There's an extremely good chance he "stole" the papers himself--i.e. took them out of the wastebasket. I think that's what happened, it's the most obvious scenario, anyway. That makes the papers real!
Forget all the rest for now, that statement is the most important. Burkett tells us in it that he was in the room looking at potentially incriminating documents about Bush in a trash can. And then what? He took them out of the trashcan, well, duh! There's your chain of possession right there--from the files to the "cleansers" to the trashcan to Burkett.--no "Lucy Ramirez." Burkett tells us that, plus our knowledge of human nature tells us he took them out of the waste basket. Burkett, well known as a "hard charger" has always disliked Bush.  Burkett will never say he took them out of the waste basket because that would be confessing to stealing them--and he could lose everything. He still can, which is why he's hiding out on this. Visualize Burkett whistling through a graveyard right now, he's in big trouble--if anyone ever figures this out besides me and the Bush administration and the TANG and the USAF.
This account in no way contradicts the claim that they came from Killian's files. They most probably did. The cleansers would have looked in his files along with Bush's. Killian would have kept copies of his communications about this to "CYA' i.e. cover his ass. He spells it out on one of the papers, the CYA one. CYA is a Vietnam era term meaning to keep something around that may help you out in Doomsday Defense, the Silver Bullet that deflects the blame--which is what Killian was doing. I'll analyze this document more fully later. Killian and Bush's other superiors had committed crimes by falsifying Bush's documents, they were jeopardizing their careers for Bush, and they knew it. Killian--by all accounts a real pro-- would have kept something to prove he was acting on his superiors wishes in case the fraud was ever discovered--he could say he was "only following orders." So he tucked it away in the back of his files. And I'll bet he wasn't the only one keeping a CYA file.
So the best bet is that the CBS papers did come from Killian's files--the CYA memo and other internal memos wouldn't have been in Bush's files. But the order to take his physical was and the Killian original suspension order. (or the real ones if these are false) and whoever removed them committed a major federal crime--altering government documents.(think: Dan Bartlett and Gen D James)
So there's the chain of possession if you figure that Burkett took them out of the wastebasket--which he pretty much HAD to. From the files to the "cleansers" to the waste basket to Burkett. He pulled them out and looked at them, anyway, maybe could  even have  made copies and put the originals back in the wastebasket--but its still stealing them.
Burkett in that statement also tells us (and the Bush people!) there's more: "20 to 40 pages" and we've only seen 6.
The "Holy Grail" for Bush military history researchers has long been the document where Killian calls Bush "unreliable" for nuclear duty which is  rumored to exist--I bet Burkett is keeping it and several other juicy things as CYA for Doomsday Defense--if this goes to an investigation, he'll drop Bush in his tracks and that will mean the whole cover comes off everything--that's REAL bad news for Bush's old chain of command and the whole TANG. (Remember if it happens you read it here first) Bush and his people  know what Burkett has, of course--that's why the federal government has totally ignored the fact that he committed either the crime of passing forged documents or stolen ones and have evinced NO curiosity about any more documents or where they came from . They have Burkett dead to rights, he's been a thorn in their side for years, this is their chance to put him away--and theyre doing.... NOTHING??!! Very suspicious??
This is why any investigation should start with Burkett--he knows ALL--and is not putting anything out for fear of prosecution, perhaps a deal cut with the Bush people. Did that suit he had with the TANG settle in his favor? That might have been the payoff for changing the story,.
Why hasn't the FBI or the USAF OSI interviewed Burkett under oath to determine where they came from? As you can see, these are extremely significant federal documents, either forged or stolen.
Because the concerted media and internet blitz, the stonewalling, confusion and false leads put out by the White House succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The WH got everything they wanted in their "Blogger's Court" so that's as far as they think it needs to go. The papers discredited and CBS blown out of the water, the mainstream media's credibility took a tremendous hit and conservative bloggers elevated to the role of "factscheckers" to the MSM--and the election won!. It could not have ended better for them!! Consider how well they have used this formula ever since--the bloggers crying down the significance of everything, confusing the issue, with no denial or investigation at all from the Bush people ever (like the Downing street memo)
And all without Bush or his people EVER denying that the CBS papers were real and without any official investigation that the gravity of the situation, respect for the law and common sense demand: a federal investigation of allegedly  forged federal documents, that, if forged, libel the President and several TANG officers.
If federal documents are alleged to be forged, the federal government MUST investigate them and prosecute any criminal activity. It's their DUTY! That's why they have huge sections and departments set up specifically to detect, investigate and prosecute false federal documents!! Are these people all on vacation?? If Clinton had done this there would be a media and Congressional feeding frenzy!

I'm going to go out of sequence again and talk about the Bush adminstration's nonresponse to these papers.
Let's start with the very clear reality that George Bush(and his people) HAD to know whether these papers were real or not the moment they looked at them. Take it from there and study their "nonresponse." Think about it: If someone came to you with papers proving a whole different story then the version of your military service that you've told all these years, how long would it take you to know if they were false or not? Of course!! You'd know the moment you looked at them if they were real or not: either the events happened just that way and the papers are real, or the events happened different (or didn't happen) and the papers are false. There's no 3d choice! You wouldn't even have to look at them you would KNOW whether they were false (or not) just by hearing the details of them! Either it happened that way or it didn't! George Bush was THERE for his suspension on 8/1/'72-- he had to be and talk about it with Killian ("verbal orders from the commander..." http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/grounded.gif )  Real orders HAD to be written about this and Bush HAD to see it and talk to Killian about it. And those orders had to be in Bush's files.
So Bush knew for sure if these were real or not, the minute he looked at them (actually before)  and Bartlett says he "doesn't remember seeing them" That's NOT a denial!! He has a purposely bad memory!! So.......where was the outrage? Was Bush on tranquilizers when he looked at them? And the rest of his family ? Why no outrage? No outrage even from his wife or mommy!! Wouldn't you think it's outrageous if someone forged documents about you?? Wouldn't you even want to know if there were  more?? Or where they came from? Not George W Bush--.the most powerful man in the world, with all the investigative powers of The US Government to back him up. Not even a little curious. He only pretended they were private documents, like they had nothing to do with him and sent his surrogates to fight his battles for him. That's not HARDLY the response of a man who's been confronted with possibly forged documents about him.  And the world let him get away with it.
 Suppose they were false?
What would you do, if, in the middle of a close election, someone appeared with federal documents about your past, supposedly signed by your commander that he kept in a secret file, that you knew for sure  were false? (or not!) Would you, as Bush did, have your people return them to the media "uncommented on?" Certainly not!! You'd be down to the FBI and the Pentagon with your lawyer and then to CBS for an injunction to make them stop and then start suing CBS and you would OWN CBS when you were through or a good chunk of it. And you would want to know where those papers came from and you would want to see those people dancing The Perpwalk all the way to the federal pen!!  The Bush people got  the book Fortunate Son removed from the shelves--why not these papers? Why didn't they do ANY of this?
If confronted by false papers about one's past, the very FIRST thing one would do is deny theyre real--this the Bush Administration has NEVER done, especially Bush!! Very suspiciously!! Forging documents about someone is outrageous!! So where's the outrage? They've only come up with spin like: http://www.washingtontimes.com/national/20040914-123012-3759r.htm  
Why wouldn't someone just organize his papers, come out front with his surviving chain of command, like Hodges and Martin and explain the suspension--if it was an innocent administrative move as claimed?
Answer: because that's not what the paperwork shows at all. Bush CAN'T refer to exonerating paperwork because there is none--and the paperwork he has is  largely falsified. So all he does is have his aides wave around his "honorable discharge" like it proves all. It doesn't--it only demands more questions like: how did someone who has been stripped of all medals and qualifications and has been suspended from flying--his ONLY military qualification--for his last year and a half get an honorable discharge? Answer: it was fraudulently obtained. And: what did he do to earn his pay the last year and a half--and where? That's what America needs to know!! We paid him as pilot for 47 days after he'd been suspended--what did we get for our money?

Want to see what we got for our money? Let's break here and  LOOK at his "honorable" discharge: http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/ANG22.gif  First: It shows he was stripped of all qualifications. That's what having "NONE" in your qualifications box means. But Bush DID have qualifications at one time--he was qualified to fly a plane! Now there's "NONE"--they spell it right out; ergo: Bush was stripped of ALL his qualifications. Our commander in Chief left the service completely unqualified to do ANYTHING in the military  after over 5 years!! That something to brag about?? Whats up with that??
He has no medals either! TAFMS and TAFCS are NOT medals: they are (suspiciously) incompleted tallies of training days (Total AF Military Service and Total AF Civilian Service, there should be a colon and a number after each of them signifying days in category--there are, suspiciously, none)  Despite having supposedly been a hotshot fighter pilot for over 5 years, George Bush does not have the medals a basic trainee with 6 months experience has!! That something to brag about? Whats up with THAT??
"officer has a six year service obligation..... and has completed 5 years, 4 months and 5 days...." What does THAT tell you but that Bush did not complete his 6 year commitment?? (see it at: http://www.awolbush.com/documents/statement_of_understanding.pdf  Item E) He only served 5 years, 4 months and 5 days of it!! This is a "Kiss of Death" discharge as anyone who served in the US military will say. No wonder he didn't even show up to sign it!!
So, according to his "honorable" discharge, we have a commander in chief that left the service completely unqualified, with no medals at all after serving only 5 years, 4 months and 5 days of a 6 year commitment. Don't take my word for it, read it right off the page! After he'd been suspended from flying his entire last year and a half! And no one in the American media has the guts to call him on it!
That's not a very good record, it's a really LOUSY record by ANYONE'S standards! The worst Presidential military record in the history of America!! And this is all he has to wave around to prove his "honorable service!!"  The fact that no one has even pointed out the obvious about this shows how well the Bush Administration has America--and the media-- buffaloed.
Question--if he was stripped of all military qualifications when suspended, what did he actually DO to earn his pay thereafter (over a year and a half!) And how did he beat a Silver Star winner with 3 Purple Hearts with a record like this, the worst military record of any President who ever served in the military?? (answer: the best smoke and mirrors job ever)

So they have to get the CBS papers declared false without ANY official investigation at all--which they did and probably succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Who would have guessed, could have possibly imagined,  that they could get away with it without denying ANYTHING and without ANY official investigation at all??
How did they do this??
One of the most obvious ways was to elevate Bush above the fray entirely--we heard from Laura Bush--we heard from Barabara Bush-- but not from the one man in the world that everybody in the world agrees knows the whole truth about the Bush suspension: George W Bush. But who else should be at the forefront defending himself against false documents?? Who else has more and better personal knowledge of his own career? Not one word from George Bush directly about these documents--ever!!
Suspicious? You betcha, especially knowing what Ive already told you about these documents!
What they did was to release, through Jeff Gannon and other political operatives these allegations of the documents forgery: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1213508/posts  I debunked these charges in a Kos diary: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/1/7/114253/7435 written in January and have updated the info since--every allegation I could check against the known record was false. I am not a fonts expert and neither are these people so I leave the fonts arguments to the people who SHOULD be investigating this: the FBI and USAF OSI
Example point #50:
"50. The manual cited in the first forged document on line 2 of the first point #1 of "AFM 35-13" doesn't exist. That line of text reads: "to conduct annual physical examination (flight) IAW AFM 35-13". "IAW" means "In Accordance With" and "AFM 35-13" would mean Air Force Manual 35-13". There is no such Air Force Manual 35-13.
>Here it is: http://www.glcq.com/regs/35-13_1971.pdf  Para 2-29m, AFM 35-13: "When a Rated Officer Fails To Accomplish a Medical Examination Prescribed by AFM 160-1 [emphasis added] ...(1)The local commander who has authority to convene a Flying Evaluation Board will direct an investigation as to why the individual failed to accomplish the medical examination. After reviewing the findings of the investigation, the local commander may convene a Flying Evaluation Board or forward through command channels a detailed report of the circumstances which resulted in the officer's failure to accomplish a medical examination, along with a recommendation that the suspension be removed. (2) The individual's major command will forward the report along with the command recommendation to USAFMPC/DPMAJD, Randolph AFB TX 78148 for final determination."
The references to AFM 35-13 and its different aspects are all over the confirming documents to Bush's suspension, both Hodges and Martin's approval dated Sep5th, 1972 and the confirmation from ARPC dated Sep 29th, 1972. This is the reference to investigative board proceeding that should have followed Bush's suspension but apparently did not. His superiors were derelict in their duty for not following the proper procedures.
http://www.usatoday.com/news/bushdocs/11-4_2004_Personnel_File.pdf  document #11

The references to that AFM 35-13 are on the confirming documents--who are you going to believe--conservative bloggers or Killian  and Bush's superiors? (actually, they're ALL liars!)When every one of these allegations that I was able to check was false, why should we believe all the fonts talk? Who checks the "Factscheckers?" Evidently, nobody but me. This is NOT accidental.

by exlrrp 2005-07-14 09:03AM | 0 recs
I've always thought this has all the hallmarks of a Rove operation.
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