Resolution & Rage: Call Your Legislators

Bush sent his new budget proposal (blueprint) to Congress on Feb. 6th, demanding new cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Blueprint in hand, our Senate agreed in March to reduce these programs while funding more tax breaks mostly beneficial to millionaires.

Congress also intends to cut essential programs, like job training, childcare, home health, food assistance, housing, and health care. For example, it will cut health benefits for veterans by nearly $7 billion. Fees veterans pay out of pocket for healthcare will triple.  

Outlay for war will be much greater. Bush calls for $50 billion more for the occupation of Iraq. We know Bush will come back for many more billions for Iraq before year-end, like he has each year...

The result is a bigger budget and bigger debt. More money borrowed for Iraq and given to profitable corporations - while disadvantaged citizens suffer even more. This year's deficit is projected to top $400 billion for the second time in history.

Our nation's fiscal health has been deteriorating rapidly without sound stewards at the helm. Since globalization has altered our economy, Reagan's "trickle down" economics no longer work the way Reagan said. Big corporate profits do little anymore to buoy the disadvantaged.

See, capitalism always has both winners and losers. Winners are made by, and dependent upon, the creation of losers. It's a system of scarcity. We've always known this. We've allowed it because it's the necessary formula for a free enterprise system. Yet, we want to be a humane nation, too. For our conscience, we've maintained safety nets preventing the less fortunate from sinking into poverty, illness, starvation, or despair.

Nowadays, our middle class is shrinking. Winners are richer and fewer. Losers are more numerous and poorer. Despite these economics, Congress is abandoning important safety nets - at the very time when they're needed most. These programs could offer helping hands to get people back on their feet.

Evidently, a slim but powerful majority of legislators wish to invoke "fiscal restraint" as a smoke screen (excuse) for cutting social support programs they have long wanted to do away with anyway.

Yet, we know these legislators are not "restraining" the budget. The only piece of the budget they want to cut is the part that helps our less fortunate neighbors. All other budget items are blown way up - and getting bigger. After all, congressional paychecks got bigger last year when they gave themselves pay raises.

Call your congressman and women. Tell them to not cut these essential programs. Inform them that they hurt earnest hardworking people by giving big gifts to mega-profitable corporations - multinational companies that pay few taxes and outsource their workers overseas anyway.

Explain to your legislators that we can no longer afford huge tax cuts that primarily reward only the richest few.

Insist that your senators and representatives put an end to no-bid government contracts and blank checks for military spending. Tell them to stop letting Bush make end runs around budget processes for ad-hoc funding of military conflicts.

Demand that your senators and representatives fully honor our collective commitments to veterans, retirees, students, and the disabled.

Make it clear that it's just plain wrong to enact budgets that expand tax breaks for the favored few, overspend on war contractors, and increase our debt - while correspondingly depriving veterans, displaced workers, and senior citizens of food, health care, and hope.

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