Netroots should take up PR Statehood issue

One of the most overlooked civil rights issues remains the issue of statehood for Puerto Rico. While all Puerto Rican residents are United States citizens, they are denied representation in Congress and are essentially a second-class citizen group. This issue has the potential to be a political boon, but in order to practice what we preach, the netroots should definitely fight for equal rights, and therefore statehood, for Puerto Rico. Polls have shown that an overwhelming majority, 70%, of Puerto Ricans favor statehood. It's time, after 100+ years as "lesser-citizens", for them to be granted equal rights. For more information, visit the U.S. Council for Puerto Rican Statehood. p

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PR Statehood issue

This isn't an issue for the Netroots, it's an issue for Puerto Ricans.  And it is an issue they took up twice and rejected twice between 1988 and 1998, the last time a vote was held on statehood. torico/say.htm

The plebiscite was Puerto Rico's third in less than 30 years, all losses for statehood. In 1993, shortly after starting his first term as governor, Rossello backed a status plebiscite in which commonwealth defeated statehood by 48 to 46 percent, with most of the rest of votes for independence.

Statehood also was defeated in a 1967 plebiscite on Puerto Rico's status, a defeat that split the existing pro-statehood party and led to the birth of the NPP.

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Re: Netroots should take up PR Statehood issue

Actually, the plebiscite of 1998 was considered a poor measure, due to the fact that confusion caused many people to select 'None of the above'. The following is from the U.S. Council for Puerto Rican Statehood:

In December 1998, a non-binding plebiscite on status was held in Puerto Rico, but due to the alternatives presented the voters, little in the way of definite conclusions can be drawn.  In addition to the normal alternatives, of statehood, commonwealth, and independence, voters were given the alternatives of "None of The Above" and "Free Association."  Because of the confusion on the ballot with definitions of status provided, the "None of The Above" alternative won the majority (50.2%) votes cast. Statehood won the plurality of votes cast for the actual alternatives decisively (46.5%), followed by Independence (2.5%); Free Association (0.2%; and Commonwealth (0.1%).

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Re: Netroots should take up PR Statehood issue

El partido popular urged voters to vote in favor of the None of the Above option. Statehood has been dealt losses in the plebescites, even though it's for the best.

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Re: Netroots should take up PR Statehood issue

I think Puerto Rican statehood would be greatly beneficial to the island, and to the Democratic Party.  It's the same size as Connecticut and is almost guaranteed to be a Democratic state.  Eventually it will happen.

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Re: Netroots should take up PR Statehood issue

Statehood, or at least congressional voting rights, for the taxpaying citizens of the District of Columbia would be nice too.

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